Election Day: Champaign County Clerk Gordy Hulten

The Morning Show

County Clerk Gordy Hulten joins the Morning Show news desk to discuss election day, early voting and registering to vote.

Early voting is open throughout the state of Illinois. Many say there is little wait time to cast your ballot. So now is a good time to head out the the polls to avoid long lines on Tuesday.
For what you need on election day: bring a form of id; a driver’s license will do.
If you’re a first time voter, you’ll need to register before election day.
Two forms of identification are required showing your name, one must show your permanent residence, such as an Illinois driver’s license, hunting or fishing license, library card, student identification, copy of a lease or rent receipt showing your address, or any piece of mail delivered to you at your residence.
If you receive mail at a PO box, please include this information with your street address.
The system that was compromised earlier this year has the do with voter registration systems, not the voting itself.
The elections themselves are also run locally–by county clerks, your neighbors, your friends. The idea that over 600 from both parties are working together to rig the election is “ludicrous.”

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