CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — This Saturday, you’ll most likely notice a lot of buzz swirling at Central High School, and may even find it hard to get inside. It’s for a good reason though.

This Saturday August 5th, the second annual Coleman Carrodine Alumni Basketball Game returns for a jam-packed day of fun and inspiration. So this morning we invited the primary coordinator for the game, Sonny Walker, to the Morning Show. Bursting with excitement, he shared why it’s such a unique experience that truly honors Coleman’s impact on Champaign.

“Coleman Carrodine, a long-time coach at Central and Centennial. He was an Assistant at Central first and then Head Coach at Centennial. He was a pillar with the community, especially the black community. He helped a lot of us African-American kids get to practice and made sure we had scholarships and things of that nature. So he was a great man,” says Sonny, Dean of Students at Edison Middle School.

With that in mind, Sonny also shared that the focus of the game is not only to support alumni but also the youth. Like Coleman believed, every child deserves a chance at education and the brightest of futures. Hence the reason two scholarships will be given to two student athletes, both male and female, based on GPA scores. Superintendent Shelia Boozer will present them.

Beside Sonny this morning sat Javae’ Wright, CEO of “Leadaz Sports,” a company that sells athletic footwear and was started in Champaign-Urbana. Javae’ shared it all started by selling headbands and wristbands out of the trunk of his car. Thanks to God, it’s continued for 20 years. Fast forward, his merchandise is now NCAA certified. You’ll see that in Illini bookstores in the fall.

“One of the reasons I got behind this amazing opportunity is because of Sonny’s vision. I had to get behind Unit 4 Schools because they’ve really supported the Leadaz brand and myself over the years. One of the ways we give back is through Lead for Life. We go in and teach students the importance of vision, never giving up, having a plan for your life and the fundamental things they need to do to find success in life.”

So keep in mind, if you want to attend this alumni game, Sonny says get your tickets FAST because seating will be based on who has their tickets. They go on sale today, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. You can also get them for $10 at the door of Central High School.

Sonny says you can expect a three-point shootout contest at 5:00 and so much more!

If you need further information on the annual alumni game, click here.

For more on Javae’ Wright’s “Leadaz Sports,” click here to visit his website.