MONTICELLO, Ill. (WCIA) — These days, it’s hard to find someone whose lives haven’t been touched by cancer in some way. Whether we’ve witnessed someone battling the disease, or personally experienced it. Either way, the toll it takes on those involved can be overwhelming. That’s why one Monticello High School senior has created a not-for-profit organization. The mission behind it is to not only honor her mother, but to extend support to those who need it.

Sarah German created CureACC, or Cure (Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma) about five years ago, but the reason it was born comes after a devastating loss for her. She lost her mother, Beverly, to the very aggressive, incurable disease on June 27th, 2017. Since that day, she’s committed herself to extending the same love and support her mom received during her battle, either from friends or family. To do that, she’s partnered with small businesses worldwide to eventually create her first sellable product, the CureACC Chemo Care Package. For $50, you can receive comforting items like fuzzy socks, a beanie, stuffed animals and more. Something Sarah says can go a long way.

“I got to witness a lot of my mom’s friends have those awkward moments of my friend’s in pain, I don’t know what to do. I wanted an easy way for someone whose loved one is going through cancer to just get a quick pick-me-up gift. So I have a few small businesses around the world supporting me. We have very innovative products along with fluffy socks and a stuffed animal.”

Through CureACC, Sarah has also been able to offer custom-made shirts to honor those you may have lost to cancer. She even hosted an online giveaway Tuesday night on Instagram that will last about a month. To continue her efforts, Sarah is seeking donors and supporters who can help her financially provide grants to go to people in need of them. 100% of the proceeds from selling items from her organization go right back to fund the grants. But she’ll embrace anyone wanting to help. All you have to do is contact Sarah to learn more on what supporting looks like.

“It’s daunting starting something. But if you can find something you’re passionate about. Obviously I have an emotional tie to this. But anything you’re passionate about and enjoy let that guide you because without such a strong North Star I don’t think I could’ve gotten where I am. I get to create something that gives a little girl who’s in the same place I was in years ago something I never got. Which I’m hoping through the grants means more time with her mom.”

Sarah shares with me that even during her mom’s battle with cancer, Beverly would do her best to maintain her personality. Either by flashing a smile, sharing a laugh or simply refraining from speaking negatively on her situation. Sarah says over time, she noticed at a young age all the experiences that come with loving someone with cancer. From time at hospitals to learning how to care for her mom. Sarah now uses her personal perspective to uplift anyone who can relate. All while preparing for the next phase in her academic career during her senior year in school.

But it’s safe to say Sarah is already off to a strong start. Back in December of 2022, she and 18 other Monticello High School seniors were named Illinois State Scholars, an achievement that reflects the top 10% of senior students at 757 high schools across our state for ACT and SAT scores. Funny enough, Sarah admitted she had no idea she was awarded until I told her, all because she doesn’t seek accolades. She tries to give her best wherever life places her. Just another reason why her mother, Beverly, continues to look down on her with pride and joy.

“I’m able to reach back into who my mother was. She might’ve been the best person ever to walk this planet. She never said anything bad about cancer. Being able to say this is who affected me and who I saw battle cancer, I’m able to take who she was and put it into the business and bring it out to the entire world.”

For more on CureACC and Sarah’s mission of turning pain into positivity, click here.

To support by purchasing a CureACC Chemo Care Package or shirt, click here.