CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — As we continue to maneuver the pandemic, we find many of our previous routines have been shaken up or halted altogether. This left many families, children, even non-profit organizations scrambling to maintain stability and success. But since 2018, a service organization has tried to alleviate that in one place called Lodgic Everyday Community.

Located at the corner of Neil Street and Fox Drive, the facility is tucked away in the Illini Plaza and boasts four enticing but supportive amenities. Those include two eateries, a cafe, meeting and event spaces, a gym and kid’s camp for childcare. The best part though is 100% of sales at their branded establishments go back into the community. Specifically, non-profit organizations who can also apply for access grants through Lodgic, which you can do online by clicking here.

Lodgic is actually underneath the umbrella of Moose International, one of the oldest and longest service organizations worldwide. But over the years their mission remains the same. Provide the resources and care at risk families and their children need to overcome tragedy or trauma. The founder, James J. Davis, created Mooseheart in 1906 and Lodgic continues to uphold his legacy. That includes creating Tommy Moose in 2001, a plush toy that is used to offer comfort to kids during emergency situations. Over 100,000 have done just that at shelters, hospitals and he’ll even ride along with first responders. But you’ll also find Tommy Moose living in Kid’s Camp.

“The pieces that really hold on to our heart involve the children in Kid’s Camp. When you see them come in as littles a few months old then they go through our classrooms and we have them until kindergarten or maybe they come back for Friday night care for older kids. Just seeing how we’re able to support those parents,” says Teresa Brown, Managing Director.

Teresa shared with me that Kid’s Camp offers local parents either full-time, part-time or anytime childcare at a price. But that comes with licensed DCFS educators for kids up to age 12-years-old in classrooms with a play-to learn curriculum. Like many other learning facilities, they are in need of more teachers. Along with cafe workers. If you’re interested in applying, you can do that here. But while your kids are learning, you can workout at their gym facility Pursuit Fitness through a partnership they have. Or utilize modernized work spaces for meetings, hold events and more.

Much of that has helped draw in people of all walks of life, including University of Illinois student Alex Gagliano. He’s pursuing a PHD in astronomy, specializing in how the stars explode in space. He’s used the Clever Moose Cafe for over a year now and has seen firsthand the different ways people can benefit from the site. Most importantly, he appreciates their mission to serve others.

“Part of studying space is that it feels pretty disconnected from every day life. There is something about wanting to find greater connectivity through the pandemic and my research. Just seeing people come in with their kids, working out nearby, seeing how much activity there is in a space like this helps me feel more rooted to the community.”

A few examples of Lodgic’s efforts to stand behind other non-profits includes participating in Angel Tree sites with Cunningham Children’s Home and the 12 Days of Giving through the Eastern Illinois Foodbank. Champaign is also not the only home to a Lodgic Everyday Community. There are two more in Madison, Wisconsin and Louisville, Kentucky.

Just keep in mind if you plan to utilize Lodgic’s amenities, the public can take advantage of the eateries and event spaces anytime. But the gym and co-working spaces require a membership.

For more on Lodgic Everyday Community and its worldwide mission, click here.