DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — When you look at the world of deejaying, you’ll come to find the majority of those positions are occupied by men. But throughout Central Illinois, one woman is blazing a new path not just for herself but our youth. That’s why Ja’Naea Modest is inviting young ladies to a camp just for them this month.

It’s called “She Spins” DJ Camp in Urbana and as of this morning, Ja’Naea says more than half of her 40 openings are already filled. Ja’Naea, who credits her mother for introducing her to the possibilities music can bring, wants to spread the success. Her week-long camp is designed to provide a space that otherwise may not be there for women like her. Being from Danville, she’s already made her presence felt across Illinois.

From being the lead Deejay for Red Hot Winter in Champaign to entertaining at the Illinois 5K Race. Ja’Naea is proud to open her talents and time to anyone and any event. Her mentality is to make the most of every experience, and she wants the same for her mentees. That includes Dkhijzha Parker, who joined us on the Morning Show today. Also from Danville, Dkhijzha wants to inspire other students like her to not be afraid.

“Be consistent with yourself. Go for it. If you like it then do it. Don’t let anyone discourage you and always have fun with it. Just jam with it,” says Dkhijzha.

Aside from the events mentioned above, Ja’Naea also gets recruited to host weddings, birthday parties and anything requiring music. She’s also deejayed for back to school events, giveaways and more. She’s also left her mark in Charleston and is open to traveling if it’s manageable. But no matter when or where you see “DJ Silkee” in Central Illinois, her focus remains constant. To catapult our youth into experiences and roles they’d never see possible for them. An alternative to the negative, especially the recent uptick in teen gun violence.

“Honestly, my main goal is so our youth can see me doing different things than having them do bad things, like fighting and stuff. I just wanna use my platform to uplift. From a lot of youth that look up to me, I was like okay I can teach them how to deejay. Especially girls. It’s a male dominated field and I want to show them it’s okay to be a female and be able to deejay and do what you need to do to get to where you wanna get to,” says Ja’Naea.

If any young ladies would like to sign up for her camp, email Ja’Naea today.

Just keep in mind, there are less than 20 spots available so send that quickly.

You can reach out to her at your earliest convenience at djsilkee@gmail.com

For more of Ja’Naea’s work and experiences, click here to reach her Facebook.