DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — From the pandemic continuing to linger in some communities to inflation impacting almost everyone, financial stability and even longevity has only grown increasingly difficult. Imagine never knowing anything but an impoverished life. There are families enduring that as we speak. But one Pastor in Central Illinois says God gave him a mission, one he plans to further this Saturday when he hosts a financial literacy conference.

Pastor Michael Hall with City of Faith Ministries in Danville tells me he’s eager to meet the community on Saturday because he wants to bring the tools to them, a chance to achieve financial growth and understanding. So the conference will present information regarding balancing checkbooks, how to properly pay bills, purchase a car and home or even how to eliminate credit debt that’s been accumulated. Pastor Hall says he’s witnessed many of his congregation struggle to make ends meet, or just lack financial awareness, so he believes outreach efforts like this take away the excuses and set them up for a successful future too.

“The financial literacy conference will be like bringing education to them. An awareness of how to go about improving your life financially, physically and emotionally and help you feel better about yourself. We’re living in a time where a lot of people renting homes and different things. I think people would do so much better when they have the opportunity to purchase their own home and instead of have to lease a car, be able to purchase it on their own.”

Pastor Hall goes on to say, “I think it would help them feel better about themselves and help you be a better citizen in the community because your attitude is better. So I think it will help the community grow and be more successful.”

So for those looking to attend the conference, Pastor Hall says you will enjoy the wisdoms based on experience and credibility from individuals in the banking industry. Including Ollie Harrison Jr. and Tammy Wilson, both in the Community Banking branches of their institutions. You will have opportunities to hear their financial guidance and learn how to reach a debt free lifestyle, build or reestablish your credit in order to buy homes, cars and more. Overall, Pastor Hall says this is the chance for families in need to learn for themselves how to navigate financial uncertainties. But more importantly, obtain independency to live a fulfilled life and without fear of the future.

He says, “I’m excited to just know that we’re opening the doors for opportunity and if you want to help yourself please take the opportunity to come. We’re providing the help but do me a favor, come and help yourself.”

Again, the conference is May 27th from 9:00 a.m. to noon at the Danville Civic Center.

That’s located at 100 West Main Street and will be held in room 127.

For further details on this weekend’s conference and City of Faith, click here.