CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — The issue of homelessness has only grown in Champaign-Urbana. But thankfully, so have the resources for those in need. One non-profit, C-U at Home in Champaign, is one of them. They recently helped a man change his situation and life for the better.

Levelle McGhee was in need of a place to escape the winter chill. After trying different places, C-U at Home was the last but successful attempt. He was immediately given assistance and so much more.

However, the men’s shelter has guidelines in place that almost kept McGhee from the help he needed. The shelter takes up to 48 men each night but it’s for local residents. Still, C-U at Home made space for him.

That’s another thing I know about God. I just popped up and they accepted me. I could’ve been outside two or three days over the weekend. It was nice and cold with snow on the ground. They accepted me with open arms.”

Thanks to C-U at Home, McGhee received snacks and wrap around case management services to set him on the right path. There’s also the Phoenix Day Center where McGhee can do creative writing, games and more.

But he quickly picked up the same helpful habits he received from the staff. Now, McGhee looks for opportunities to return the kindness when and where he can.

“I learned a lot of that here. Spiritual growth, community growth. I got a garden going out there. I love to give back to the community. I go and pick up outside. Anytime I can I’ll volunteer to the best of my abilities.”

A moment of growth that C-U at Home staff couldn’t be more proud of. That includes Rob Dalhaus, the Community Outreach and Development Director. Dalhaus says McGhee has shown tremendous change for the better, a mission they aim to achieve with everyone using their services.

“Levelle’s one of those guys that, he comes up in our staff meeting pretty frequently just because he is taking a lot of steps forward. Helping out in the mini gardens out front, finding ways to help himself move forward and finding ways for us to help him move forward.”

McGhee helps to clean the shelter, he uses the mini gardens to plant and he’s ultimately making C-U at home a positive place for others in need.

If you know someone in need of the C-U at Home men’s shelter like McGhee did, click here for more info.

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C-U at Home will be hosting its One Winter Night event in February to demonstrate what many, like McGhee, endure when there’s nowhere else. To learn more about that experience, click here.