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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — An unexpected pregnancy can produce various challenges.

However, the local non-profit Birthright of Champaign aims to meet women’s needs.

Especially in times when it’s hard to access similar services like during a pandemic.

“As soon as we were able to we opened our doors back up. Our clients were really appreciative of that because they were like there are so many places that aren’t open now and we can’t get help from and we really appreciate that you were here to help us.”

Christine Walsh is the Co-Director at Birthright of Champaign.

She says their services cover a wide range of free supportive resources.

Including 12 diapers a month and three outfits every couple of months.

The non-profit also provides a starter kit with bottles, a pacifier, one to two bibs and more.

Walsh says regardless of a woman’s situation, these services are open to all.

But one thing that has changed, Walsh tells us, is the reason women are coming to them.

“Some of the women who come to us now are actually hopeful to be pregnant which is interesting also and they’re kind of excited when their test comes out positive and that’s interesting too.”

Even still, Walsh says there isn’t always a sense of joy when women reach out.

“Sometimes they’re like it doesn’t seem so bad once I say it out loud and I think that’s a big key to it. A lot of times when you keep things bottled up inside things seems worse than what they are. Just having someone to talk to really helps especially in this day and age even with social media. A lot of times women feel very unconnected.”

So for women to stay connected, they can utilize Birthright of Champaign’s 24/7 help hotline.

There’s also a live chat option through their website.

But Walsh says volunteers, who do receive training on how to counsel, are always needed.

For information on how to do that, visit

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