Clean energy programs that are good for our pocketbooks

The Morning Show

-Ameren offers a whole menu of programs to cut your utility bills. For example, stores across Illinois offer discounted LED light bulbs. Also, you can get a $100 rebate on smart thermostats—devices that can cut your costs by up to 20 percent.

-A lot people in Central and Southern Illinois may think their only choice in the market is to switch to an alternative power supplier. But Ameren offers a program, Power Smart Pricing, that charges customers a rate that changes hourly. That program has cut bills by an average of 10 percent for participants.

-There’s a whole list of simple, inexpensive things (as simple as closing the shades) that people can do around the house to cut their electric bills.

-Illinois has just launched the Solar For All Program, which provides solar industry job training to qualifying individuals.

For more information:

-About energy efficiency programs and the Solar For All program: Marisa Joyce, Elevate Energy, 217-391-4272

-About working for cleaner energy in Illinois: 

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