Carle Arrow Ambulance helps with flooding

The Morning Show

· Southwest of Jacksonville

· Mississippi and Illinois rivers meet

· Mutual Aid Box Alarm System process

· Levy broke, main bridge impassable

· People isolated in their own town

What is the Carle Arrow Ambulance team doing to help in Hardin?

· Advanced Life Service (ALS)

· 911 response, including air ambulance

· Supporting boat crews

· Assisting town’s small clinic

· Two EMTs, two paramedics, manager

Why is it important for Carle Arrow Ambulance to help in this way?

· Support is so essential

· We could need help someday

· Advanced skills and experience

· EMTs, paramedic = desire to help

· Switching out teams; stay until Friday

If someone is interested in becoming part of the Carle Arrow Ambulance team, what should they do?

· Eager to welcome new team members

· Need desire to help, strong teamwork

· Visit

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