CAMPUS TRAFFIC: Move-in days

The Morning Show

Why is this segment timely and/or important to viewers?

– Increase in community traffic

– Change in traffic patterns

Please share four talking points or subjects you would like included in the interview. (NOTE: These should be “big picture” points that give context to the interview).

1: Major Move-In Dates (Largest on Aug 22)

2: Number of Residents and Where (Buildings)

3: Traffic and Patterns (Traffic coming from major highways) – Also at restaurants and retail locations

4: I-Guides

University Housing Move-In Dates: 

International Student Move-In: August 16
Early Move-In: August 18
Living Learning Community Move-In: August 20
New Student Move-In: August 22
Returning Student Move-In: August 24

Number of residents:

Aim to get all of these students moved in and situated prior to Welcome Days events.

Important to the Community because:

  • Increase in traffic
  • Starting from I-74; I-57/I-72
  • Neal Street
  • Kirby Avenue
  • 4th Street
  • Lincoln Ave
  • Change in traffic patterns (August 20 and 22)
  • Illinois Street – Going East (August 20 and 22) (Between Goodwin and Lincoln)
  • Peabody Drive – Going West (August 20 and 22) (Between 1st and 4th)
  • First Street – Going North (August 22) (Between Kirby and Gregory)
  • Nevada Street – Going East (August 22) (Between Goodwin and Lincoln)
  • Maryland Drive – Going North (August 22) (Between Florida and Pennsylvania)


70-year tradition. To help assist with traffic control, the unloading of vehicles, and working refreshment stations we have over 600 student, faculty, and staff volunteers.

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