BUTTERFLY BLITZ: What’s Happening

The Morning Show

The Charleston Butterfly Blitz is happening this week – it runs through Sunday, August 4th . 1: Urban Butterfly Initiative is a community-service organization that is working to create butterfly habitat in urban green spaces. In the process we are trying to save cities money while beautifying the area, connecting people with nature, and increasing butterfly populations (and biodiversity in general). We originated in India and have some projects there, and are working on a new project in Belize, but most of our work has been done in central Illinois – Coles County, in particular. 2: Earlier this year, Charleston was recognized as the “Butterfly Capital of Illinois” by the Charleston City Council and the Urban Butterfly Initiative for its community-wide efforts in promoting butterfly habitat, awareness, and education. 3: We are currently running the Charleston Butterfly Blitz, which is a citizen science project that has people submit photos to the iNaturalist app so we can see what butterflies are currently flying in Coles County. It’s also a way to connect people to nature and butterflies in particular. So far we’ve had about 500 photos submitted of around 40 different species of butterflies. 4: In April, we made a free e-guide available which covers the 25 most common butterflies in our area. We made it with the beginner in mind, so it’s not intimidating and gives a clear explanations of how to identify those 25 plus other information about butterfly biology. All of this information – as well as how to contact us – is available on our web site: urbanbutterflies.org

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