Back to school anxiety

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Jessica Nemecz of Two Roads Wellness Clinic in Champaign & Danville joins us today to learn about coping with back to school anxiety. 

How can parents tell if a child is anxious about going back to school?

· Headaches, stomachaches

· Trouble sleeping

· Acting out

· Questions or clam up

What can parents do to help children and teens in this situation?

· Ask questions

· Offer reassurance

· Tour or visit school

· Coping techniques

Kids likely aren’t the only ones with back-to-school anxiety. What advice would Two Roads Wellness Clinic give parents and even teachers who are nervous?

· Talk openly

· Relaxation techniques

· Nurture yourself

· Set reasonable goals

Feeling anxious and having clinical anxiety are different. What do you suggest when people are having trouble coping on their own?

· Talk with friends, family

· Consider counseling

· Be honest and open

· Progress can take time

And if people would like more information about Two Roads Wellness Clinic in Champaign and Danville, what can they do?


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