Ag Answers: Tree Planting Season

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Now that Spring is here, planting season is upon us. Dave Shiley from the U of I Extension has some tips before you get to work.

 Spring Tree Planting


1.Is the spring season the best time to plant trees in Central Illinois?

Best time to plant seedling sized trees which are removed from a nursery and shipped with no soil around their roots. “ referred to as bare-root planting stock”

2.  When planting a tree, how deep should it be planted?

3.  When planting a larger tree,  is it necessary to remove the burlap and wire basket that is around the ball of roots and soil?

4. I often see a layer of wood mulch on the ground surrounding a tree that has been recently planted. Is that a recommended planting practice? How much should be used ?

5. If I have more questions, how can I contact the University of Illinois Extension? 217-333-7672 or visit

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