Ag Answers: Soil Sampling

The Morning Show

Doug Gucker from the U of I extension joins the Morning Show to discuss soil sampling in this week’s Ag Answers.

Fall is a great time to test your soils for pH, and nutrients. We have produced a short video, “Soil Testing 101” that explains the basic steps to taking soil samples in gardens and fields to submit for soil samples.

First the soil samples need to be taken from the top 7 inches of soil and we need to take at least 6 samples in an area to get a good representation of that soil. For more information on how to take soil samples and submitting soil samples for testing, please visit our website and click on the “Soil Testing 101”.

The University of Illinois has just completed new soil fertility research and has released new phosphorus and potassium nutrient removal levels for corn and soybeans. 
This is important to local farmers since the new research shows that current high-yielding crops are more efficient in their use of nutrients. This means that farmers will be able to reduce the amounts of P & K fertilizers they use and will not be sacrificing any yield.

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