Ag Answers: Road Safety

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You’re going to be seeing more tractors and farm equipment on the roads soon. In Ag Answers, Doug Gucker has some tips for farmers and the rest of us while out on the road.

With planting season running a little behind. You would like to talk to our viewers about spring safety on the farm and the roads.

(That is right. With fewer farmers farming more acres, farm equipment has gotten bigger and newer farm equipment features a wide variety of warning systems, such as flashing lights, extremity markings and slow-moving vehicle signs. Please make sure these devices are in working order.)

·         What else should farmers be safe about?

(Everyone needs to be safe when using pesticides. It is important to read the label thoroughly. Do not overlook precautionary statements, such as those urging you to wear long sleeves or protect your eyes.)

·         You talked about wide equipment, what does that mean on rural roads?

(That is a great point, most of our rural township roads are 16 ft. or less in width. Most large 4-wheel tractors are 20 ft. wide just by themselves with no attached implements. This means people travelling on rural roads during this time of the year need to be prepared to pull over on the side of the road to get past this large equipment.)

·         Anything else you would like to mention, Doug?

(Yes, everyone needs to be patient. Farmers need to slow down to make sure that things are done properly. This can protect you from costly mistakes and accidents on the farm.  Also, drivers that are sharing the road with farm implements must display patience.  Before passing machinery, you should assess the situation and be sure that you have taken into account the speed and direction of the implement as well as the oncoming traffic.)

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