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Jonathon Manuel of the Champaign County Soil and Water Conservation District stopped by to tell us about an upcoming pond management workshop and more. That’s in this week’s Ag Answers.

Today we see a lot of ponds in subdivisions and near country homes; do these ponds need special care?

A pond is a lot of work. If a pond is left alone you will lose all the benefits that you bought it for. Ponds that are not taken care of can become very stagnate and a possible misquote breading ground. So it is very important for a pond to be maintained.

We hear there is a Pond Management Workshop coming up can you tell us more?

Yes, the Vermilion County Soil and Water Conservation District has planned a wonderful Pond management workshop for Thursday September 6th. It will be outside of Georgetown. Mike Garthaus with IDNR will be shocking the pond and talking about stocking. If you have never seen a pond shocked this is a really neat thing to see. They then have Dave Shiley which I know you know form other Ag Answers talking about Pond ecology. Then they have Tim hold with Aquatic Control speaking about aeration systems. I really recommend this one for a lot of the ponds.

Should people call some place to RSVP or get more information?

I really do recommend that you RSVP to the Vermilion County SWCD at 217/442-8511 Ext. 3 I think they would be happy to still have you. Its just a lot nicer if you RSVP. Also remember to bring a comfortable lawn Chair as these types of workshops are at the edge of a pond.

Now you also wanted to mention something about Windbreaks?

I have been contacted by Mr. Douglass from the U of I and he is looking for a few CRP Windbreaks and shelterbelts that they can review for some research. They need about 8 hours of time out of a year to get some data for a research project. If you are interested In helping out please call out office or stop in and we will get you in touch with Mr. Douglass.

Now you did mention that your website has something for farmers ready to go this year as well?

Yes, our new Saving Tomorrows Agriculture Resources form is up and ready to be filled out. This is a great way for a land owner or farmer to take just 3 minutes to see how they are doing on working towards the goals of the Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy. I really in courage every land owner and Farmer to pick just one field and fill out the form. Send it in and we will let you know how many STARs your field has made this year.

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