Ag Answers: Pesticide Tips

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Many people are getting ready for planting season here in central Illinois. Dave Shiley has some tips if you plan on using pesticides in your garden this year.

1.      Are there steps that I should follow when using a pesticide in my yard and garden?  If so, what is the first step?

Accurate identification of the pest (plant or insect)

2.      Step two, consider non-chemical control options if available in order to develop an integrated pest management approach.

3.      Step 3, Read the pesticide label’s “direction for use” section, to confirm that the pesticide is labelled for use on the area you intend to use it in, can it be used on the plant you are trying to protect, ie vegetables vs ornamental plants.

4.      Do not over apply or under apply, read the label, measure the area to be applied, more is not better.

5.      Do not forget to protect yourself and non-target areas.  Again READ the LABEL

6.      For assistance with integrated pest management options, or other gardening assistance call the University of Illinois Extension office  217-333-7672

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