Ag Answers: Pesticide Applicator Training

The Morning Show

Doug Gucker from the U of I extension office joins the Morning Show to discuss a few upcoming pesticide applicator training sessions.

For farmers and landowners, the Univ. of IL Extension will be hosting two upcoming Private Pesticide Applicator Training Clinics. In addition, for people needing Commercial Pesticide Training and Certification there will also be 2 training clinics. The Private Applicator clinics will be: Nov 27 in Springfield & Dec. 8 in Champaign. The commercial clinics are two-day trainings – Nov. 28-29 in Springfield & Dec. 18-19 in Champaign. People need to register for any of these clinics and there is a fee.

For individuals not needing to take training or are willing to study on their own. We are hosting two Private Applicator Certification Test-Only sessions in the next few weeks. One in DeWitt County on Dec. 1, and the other Dec. 6 in Iroquois County. There is no fee for these sessions, since there is no training. It is strictly an opportunity to take the Illinois Private Pesticide Applicator Certification test.

Anyone who applies restricted-use pesticides on lands they own or control in the production of an agricultural commodity, they need a Private Applicators license issued by the State of Illinois.

Anyone who applies any pesticide (General Use and/or Restricted Use) and they are an employee of a governmental agency or unit who applies any pesticides in the normal course of your duties and/or applies any pesticides (General Use and/or Restricted Use) to property of your employer only and/or applies any pesticides (General Use and/or Restricted Use) for hire. This group needs a Commercial Applicator license.)

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