3 Minute Grill: Planking Brie

The Morning Show


Adam Wisnewski from Breakfast, Life & Dinner joins us for 3 Minute Grill.

Recipe: Grilling Decadence – Planked Brie Cheese



Brie cheese wheel: 4-6 oz

Red onion


Balsamic Glaze

Grilled Garlic


Crusty bread



Make a melty smoked brie using a pre-soaked plank and grilled ingredients



Prep ’em!

* Soak planks for 60 min in water

* Cut small onions in half (around equator), trim ends but leave the skin on

* Trim end of garlic head, rub with oil

* Cook and crumble bacon

* Bring grill to medium hot, with direct and indirect heat zones

Cook ’em!

* Place garlic on plank on the medium grill/indirect heat for 45+ min

* Place onions on the medium grill/direct heat for 20-30 min

* Assemble brie on plank: rub with garlic, pile on the sliced onions, drizzle with balsamic, sprinkle with tarragon

* Bake brie on plank on the medium grill/indirect heat for 15-20 min

* Brown bread slices on grill in the last few minutes

Serve ’em!

* Serve hot and gooey!

* Eat with bread as an appetizer

* Serve with salmon and veggies as a dinner

* Make a dessert version with seasonal fruit, nuts, and honey 

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