3 Minute Grill: Fish & Shark

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Grilling Fish

Gently cooking a whole fish on the grill!
Grilling Fish
* Keep the skin on, where you can. Helps hold the fish together
* Clean and Oil the grill
* Oil the fish, too
* Start with skin side down, cook until it easily comes away from the grill. That’s probably 70% done.
* Total cooking time will be 8-10 min per inch of thickness
* Get the right tools:
   – Big wide spatula for flipping and good tongs
   -Use a packet (tinfoil or husks),plank, skillet or basket
Instructions for a whole fish
* Remove fish from chill box, rinse fish, let sit for about 20-30 min before grilling (cold fish is more likely to stick to the grill)
* Pat dry, inside and out
* Add aromatics to cavity: garlic, greens, citrus
* Set grill for two temperature grilling
* Place fish on grill in medium-hot area, thicker part (the back) towards the heat
* Grill about 50-60% of the way done. Fish will “release” from the grill when the skin is browning and crisp
* Flip fish, finish cooking (touch test, or 135F internal temp)
* Remove fish and let rest for a few minutes

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