Swanson Roofing began in 1996 when owner/operator Cory Swanson began installing roofs for General Contractors building homes. The quality reputation of the company began to grow, and soon homeowners began to recognize Swanson Roofing as a top-notch choice for installing a new roof on their homes.

Swanson Roofing then began to focus exclusively on the homeowner and installing new roofs on existing homes. Their track record of great installation and outstanding customer service soon lead to a customer base that has elevated Swanson Roofing to be the premier roofing contractor in Central Illinois.

Throughout the years, the company has accumulated an employee base of the industry’s best people. The employees of the company are treated extremely well, creating an environment where the employees form a “team” and create a stability within the company that translates into a perfect job for the homeowner.

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