Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of specialty food store are you?

We carry products from more than 40 countries, in addition to local goods. We look for hard-to-find items and make them easily available to you, our customers, in our store. The next time you're looking for a unique or specialty item, come visit us before going anywhere else. More than likely, you'll find what you're looking for here.

We carry ethnic foods from Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America, India, Pakistan, Africa, Asia and many other areas.

Do you cater and deliver?

We do. In fact, we just signed a contract with GrubHub, who will deliver food from our deli at your convenience.

We also cater for large and small groups. Choose from a variety of foods from our catering menu.

What kinds of cheese do you carry?

We carry more than 300 different kinds of cheese. Most of the varieties are imported, and we also carry local and domestic high-quality cheeses.

Most of our cheeses are delivered in wheels and are cut in-store as needed, so you know you're always getting a fresh item. We have the best and widest selection of cheeses in Central Illinois, as well as the best prices in the area.

Do you serve food in your store?

Yes, we have a limited but diverse menu with many vegetarian options, as well as items with meat. There is also an in-store seating area, or you can take your food to go.

Do you carry halal food?

Yes, we do. Most of it is also local, including beef, lamb, goat and chicken. We also carry local, free-range chicken, and turkey when it's in-season. We also have a large selection of halal hot dogs and burgers.

Do you carry fair trade/organic chocolate?

We carry a wide selection of fair trade, single-origin, organic, domestic and imported chocolates. We have the best selection of chocolates in town.

Do you carry extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar?

We have more than 250 varieties of extra virgin olive oil from Greece, Italy, Palestine, Turkey, Spain, the U.S. and more. The products we carry are carefully-selected and are tasted before we bring them to the store to ensure you are presented with the highest-quality items.

Our balsamic vinegars are aged 50 years and under. We carry both flavored and pure options

Do you carry raw honey?

Yes. We have a large selection of honey that is imported, domestic and local.

Do you have 00 flour?

Yes we do.

What kinds of teas and coffee do you carry?

We carry over 1,000 flavors of tea, including medicinal, herbal, organic, flavored, black and fair trade options.

We also have a large section of organic and fair trade coffee, both in bulk and pre-packaged.

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