Meet our Wonderful Station Dogs

Meet Boston the WCIA 3 Station Dog

Hello everyone! My name is Boston. I am WCIA 3’s favorite four legged employee. To start off with little bit about me and my family, my human parents were on a Florida vacation in 2008 holding hands walking on the beach and boom they saw their first Miniature Australian Shepard. (that’s what I am) Their love before me was an Aussie, Maddie, who sadly passed away to cancer at only 9 years old. Of course, they were devastated and grieving, but almost ready to open their hearts again. This is where I come in

It was love at first sight because we are gentle natured, friendly and sooooooo loyal. – a few months later they were on the search to find a Miniature Australian Shepard of their own. A visit to a reputable and loving breeder in Nashville and it was love at first sight. At eight weeks old, we became a family and man did I hit the jackpot with them! I keep them both young and healthy by a high level of playing! Walking, Frisbee, Chuck-it throwers, over-sized toys; you name it, I am up for it.

My dad is the Chief Engineer at WCIA 3 and one day I convinced him it was take your dog to work day! My first visit was during the pandemic and boy did I see a lot of employees having a “ruff” time. So, I did what any Miniature Australian Shepard would do and leaped into action! I would make my daily rounds, picking up treats here and there and begging someone to play catch with me down the hall. Boy, did I stay busy that first day! After some tough negotiations (more treats and hallway shenanigans) I was hired on the spot for Wednesday Weekly Station Comfort Dog Duty.

Meet Evie the WCIX 49 Station Dog

I’m Evie, a four-year-old female Greyhound; I started out my career at the racetrack before the move to television, although I spend most of the day just laying around relaxing.

I am a retired racer to be exact. I only raced a couple of times before the track closed. At the track, my name was “Everlasting” but now I go by Evie. Peter and Lora adopted me a couple years ago and brought me to Champaign, IL. They came to the rescue organization I was at in Iowa at the time, and while they met a couple other greys, I selected them.

It was an adjustment for me at first living in a home, but I learned how to go up and down stairs eventually and trained them to feed me, walk me, and give me attention. They have pictures around the house of some of the other greyhounds they have had over the years, but I think I am the prettiest with my brindle coat and golden-brown eyes. My best buddy is Sierra, a black greyhound with white paws who comes to visit when their daughter visits home. Sometimes I even get to spend the night at Sierra’s.

There is something I want to tell you about myself as many people have the idea that greyhounds are a lot of work and hyper energy. I want to let you know you have us confused with some other type of dog. We love to run… for a short period of time. A couple zooms around the yard or a walk around the block is good for me, then I will find a dog bed somewhere in the house and lounge around for the rest of the day. I can even get my people to take pictures of me by laying in different positions, either half on the bed or feet up in the air.

I occasionally get to go to the WCIA-TV studios to hangout during the day. One time I snuck out of the office I was in and into Studio A where they do WCIA 3 News. I got to see Jennifer Roscoe and Kevin Lighty that day.