CHAMPAIGN (WCIA) — Illinois basketball coach Brad Underwood didn’t mince words to open his media availability on Friday. Unprompted, the fifth year Illini coach started his time with reporters by calling out the Naismith committee who selects the watch list names for Defensive Player of the Year. Illinois senior Trent Frazier wasn’t on the list, upsetting Underwood, who vouched for his guy to be included among the country’s top defensive players.

“I want it out there publicly it’s not a Defensive Player of the Year award in my opinion if he’s (Frazier) not on it,” Underwood said. “I’m ticked off, I’m frustrated. I’d like to know who the committee is that puts that nonsense together, it’s obviously nonintelligent people who are uninformed about styles of play and how defense truly impacts winning.”

Frazier is currently ninth in the Big Ten with 24 steals this season in 17 games, averaging 1.4 per game.