WCIA — Illinois was never out of the game Friday night per se, as Nebraska never had more than a two score lead all evening. But the Illini never seemed in it as the Cornhuskers paced the entire game.

Momentum swung violently back to Nebraska on the first drive when Illinois took it all the way to the one yard line and failed to convert attempts on both third and fourth down, turning it over the the Huskers. Illinois did not get back into the red zone until the final drive of the game. The final was only 20-7, and it certainly stings as Bret Bielema’s squad falls to 2-4 with three losses in the Big Ten.

“The game itself, extremely infuriating. To start off offensively taking it done the length of the field, to stall out on the half yard line with two consecutive plays,” Bielema said. “In 15 years of coaching, never been in this position where we can’t gain a half a yard.”

“That’s five guys letting the whole team down,” right tackle Isaiah Adams said. “[Offensive line coach Bart Miller] does too good of a job with us, works too hard. I feel like we let him down. Coach B as well, all the guys for sure when we can’t get six inches in two plays.”

Illinois now heads out east to take on 5-1 Maryland on Saturday. Kickoff is at 2:30 p.m.