WCIA — Former Illini Kofi Cockburn’s first professional game is in the books. The Utah Jazz center scored five points and grabbed seven rebounds in a 98-77 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder Tuesday night in the Salt Lake City Summer League. Cockburn was not selected in last month’s NBA Draft but was signed by the Jazz shortly after, he’s now getting his first shot to try and make a professional roster after back-to-back All-American seasons at Illinois.

“I’m ready whenever you pass it to score it or whatever I need to do,” Cockburn said at the NBA Combine in May in Chicago about his role at the next level. “It gives me relief knowing that okay you got to go get that rebound, you got to make sure that you’re doing something to show these guys that you belong on the floor. I think going into the league, I’ll be a rookie, I don’t know a team that’s going to put me as a star player. I’m going to have to find my role, playing defense, talking, bringing positive energy and rebounding, you know.”