CHICAGO (WCIA) — Kofi Cockburn is betting on himself. The former Illini All-American center turned pro for the third time last month, ending his college career. After getting an invite to the NBA Combine for the second consecutive year, the 7-footer decided he was all in on his NBA dream.

“My goal has been to go to the NBA for a very long time and I think that I’m ready right now and I’m willing to chase it regardless,” Cockburn said. “It’s about long term success and I think if I leave right now I put myself in a greater position to be successful for a longer time and be able to get a head start. If I go back to school that’s one more year, not wasted, but one more year delayed my improvement for the next level.”

Cockburn could have made a lot of money if he returned to college through name, image and likeness deals. The Jamaican could have also broke the Illinois all-time career scoring and rebounding records with one more year in an Illini uniform but decided he was ready to make a run at the NBA.

“I’m always betting on myself and I wouldn’t put a price on my dream. For me to go back to college and knowing that I’m ready right now, that would be putting a price on my dream basically.”

The NBA Draft is June 23rd.