LINCOLN, Neb. (WCIA) — Despite falling down 9-6 in the second quarter against Nebraska on Saturday, Illinois (7-1, 4-1) stepped up on both sides of the ball to hold the Huskers scoreless from there and take the win 26-9.

“I talked all week that you’ve got to buckle up buttercup,” Bielema said. “This is going to be a tough game, a road environment. I’ve been over here, I understand how hard it is to win here. Everyone is telling them how good they are and I think this group just continues to go to work.”

The Illini jumped out to an early lead with Tommy DeVito finding Isaiah Williams on a 45-yard touchdown pass on the opening drive. DeVito had 179 yards while Williams led the team in receiving with 93 yards. Chase Brown struggled to find room early in the game before scoring two touchdowns in the second quarter, one on the ground and one through the air.

Safety Quan Martin grabbed a pick on the Cornhuskers first possession of the game, setting the tone for the defense for the game. Senior Sydney Brown would grab two more later in the game, making it two weeks in a row for each to have an interception.

“I even put the high step in there to show you the Chase Brown in me but it’s just a brotherhood you know what I mean?” Sydney said after the game. “We support each other, we compete against each other. You know he deserves all the attention he gets.”

“You know one always wants to be better than the other,” Martin said. “It’s definitely a competition between those two.”

“I’m kinda jealous, now I wish I had a twin cause I see the way they push themselves, the way they handle their business like professionals,” DeVito said. “Taking care of their body and extra work and film and all the extra stuff, I’m jealous.”

Illinois will next host Michigan State Saturday, Nov. 5.