WCIA — After some important offseason consulting, the Law Firm of Johnny Newton and Keith Randolph is back for another season for Illinois football. But the two did not come to that decision easily.

Randolph says the week after the Northwestern game is when discussions to leave were serious, and even got a grade back back from the NFL that says teams wanted him to be more consistent. Newton and Randolph were not necessarily a package deal, but the two kept each other in mind when making a final decision.

“He told me he was thinking about leaving and coming back, I was thinking about leaving and coming back. We talked on the phone every day, unfortunately,” Randolph joked. “We just came to the decision to come back to Illinois. Keep getting better, keep building. I feel like the first year under Coach B was us putting our first step through the door. Last year was us putting our second step in the door. Hopefully this year we can close the door and let it be known we are who we are.”