WCIA — The college sports landscape is going to look different, and it is going to look different soon. USC and UCLA joining the Big Ten may just be the tip of the iceberg.

There were a lot of reasons why this move is happening, money being the most prominent one with the Big Ten in the middle of negotiations for a new television deal. But when the Bruins and Trojans join in 2024, the Big Ten will jump to a whole new level as far status. In basketball, the Big Ten will be home to the most national championships in the country with 22 total. For Illinois head coach Brad Underwood, he understands the business side but is still excited for the on the court implications.

“Kevin [Warren]’s in the middle of negotiations for TV contracts, and viewership is a big piece of that,” Underwood said. “As basketball, we know the NCAA is making their way quite nicely with TV contracts through the NCAA Tournament. I know that’s a part of it as well. Basketball and football are going to drive those choices and I’m excited about those two California schools.”

Big Ten football gets a boost as well, they will have 64 claimed titles total with the addition of UCLA and USC.