CHAMPAIGN (WCIA) — Illinois football coach Bret Bielema has a lot of things he’d like to say about the Michigan sign-stealing accusations headlining college football but the veteran coach knows now is not the time or place. That didn’t stop the third-year Illini coach from offering a little perspective though on Thursday.

“When the point and time comes where I can say something, I’ll have a lot to say,” Bielema told reporters after practice as his team puts the final touches on its preparation for Saturday’s game against Indiana.

“If something was going on off-campus, like it’s been noted that they (Michigan) were at our games before we played that game last year that opens up a whole, it’s sickening, it’s disgusting but I’ll let them figure that part out,” Bielema said. “As coaches we’ve got to hold the integrity of the league and we’ve got to feel that everyone is playing by the same rules.”

The NCAA is currently investigating former Michigan staffer Connor Stalions’ off-campus scouting of prior opponents. The Big Ten has notified Michigan of potential discipline, with the school responding by sending a 10-page letter on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.