CHARLESTON (WCIA) — After a 2.5 hour weather delay in Charleston, girls track and field state finals were finally able to get underway.

Tuscola senior Alyssa Williams couldn’t have asked for a better way to end her high school career. A state champion in the 200 and with her best friend Lia Patterson finishing second.

“It means the world,” Alyssa Williams said. “I don’t care biological or anything, she’s my family, she’s my little sister and finishing one-two, it’s moments like these I’ll never forget. I’ll tell this story until the day I die and it’s never going to get old.”

Williams and Patterson led the way for the Warriors in multiple events. Williams also got third in the long jump, with the Murray State signee running the opening leg of the 4×200 that won gold and set a new school record. Patterson ran the anchor leg of the relay in her first state meet.

“As soon as I got that baton, I was like, ‘I got to run my butt off, I got to run as hard as I can and leave it all out,” Lia Patterson said.

Mt. Zion’s 4×800 team got another strong anchor leg from Sofia Munoz on the way to a first place finish, improving their time by 16 seconds from the prelims.

“We just came in all with the right attitude and mindset and honestly it’s still kind of a surprise that we even won,” Sofia Munoz said.

Lincoln’s Becca Heitzig set a new state record in the 800 clocking in at 2:10.73. In the pole vault, Maroa-Forsyth’s Livia Bender got the crowd clapping going into her final attempt at 3.74 meters. She couldn’t clear it but was the only one still standing to take gold clearing a new PR of 3.55 meters

“It’s surreal right now,” Livia Bender said. “I feel like I’m living in a fantasy or a dream right now. The fact that the whole crowd was clapping and cheering for me, that was really surreal, that was awesome.”

The boys state finals are next weekend. Here’s a look at the results from the girls state finals:

Girls Class 1A State Final Results

Womens 1A 100 Meters

1.12Alyssa Williams12.31a (-0.5)Tuscola
2.11Kaylin Moreland12.65a (-0.5)Macon (Meridian)
3.10Kiara Wesseh12.79a (-0.5)Newark
4.10Kaitlyn Vahling12.80a (-0.5)Teutopolis
5.12Taylor Jones12.86a (-0.5)Downs (Tri-Valley)
6.9Emma Crawford13.06a (-0.5)Virden (North Mac)
7.12Lauren Mahoney13.09a (-0.5)Fulton
8.12Halle Rueter13.15a (-0.5)Nashville
9.12Nakeita Kessling13.20a (-0.5)Henry (H.-Senachwine)

Womens 1A 200 Meters

1.12Alyssa Williams25.04a (0.5)Tuscola
2.9Lia Patterson25.53a (0.5)PRTuscola
3.10Grace Nelson25.99a (0.5)Altamont
4.11Cambria Geyer26.06a (0.5)PRTremont
5.10Kaitlyn Vahling26.19a (0.5)Teutopolis
6.9Emma Randecker26.48a (0.5)Savanna (West Carroll)
7.12Kelsie Minkie26.58a (0.5)Dakota
8.11Kaylin Moreland26.63a (0.5)Macon (Meridian)
9.12Taylor Jones27.67a (0.5)Downs (Tri-Valley)
1.9Andrea Ritchey44.79a (0.5)PRBelleville (West)
2.12Megan Sporny56.18a (0.5)PRAurora (West Aurora)
3.11MaKenna Peed1:41.94a (0.5)Kewanee (H.S.)
4.11Abeer Sweis1:42.35a (0.5)Tinley Pk AND – Abeer Sweis
5.10Peyton Manigo1:46.61a (0.5)Joliet (Central)

Womens 1A 400 Meters

1.12Nakeita Kessling58.42aHenry (H.-Senachwine)
2.11Avery Demo59.02aRockford (R. Christian)
3.12Grace Alongi59.61a PRDuQuoin
4.10Kaitlyn Vahling59.83aTeutopolis
5.12Kelsie Minkie59.85aDakota
6.10Giavanna Buscema1:00.34aRockford (R. Christian)
7.12Lauren Althaus1:00.66a PRAmboy
8.10Emma Leslie1:01.16aElgin (Harvest Christian Academy)
9.9Lily Woolery1:01.64aShelbyville

Womens 1A 800 Meters

1.10Ahry Comer2:16.07aGolconda (Pope County)
2.11Grace Erb2:16.57a PRWinnebago
3.10Kaitlyn Hatley2:18.18a PRGlen Carbon (Father McGivney)
4.11Trixie Johnson2:18.23a PRPaxton (P.-Buckley-Loda)
5.12Olivia Phillips2:18.23aDuQuoin
6.10Kennady Anderson2:18.50aKewanee (Wethersfield)
7.9Abigail Wolters2:20.33a PRPleasant Plains
8.12Carly Manchester2:21.09aElmhurst (IC Catholic)
9.9Aly Douglass2:21.81a PRBethany (Okaw Valley)
10.12Riley Packer2:22.14a PRErie-Prophetstown
11.10Macie Russell2:27.92aCatlin (Salt Fork)
12.11Isabel Arthur2:34.08aMarshall
1.9Andrea Ritchey3:18.32a PRBelleville (West)
2.12Megan Sporny4:34.65aAurora (West Aurora)

Womens 1A 1600 Meters

1.9Elena Rybak4:59.82aGlen Carbon (Father McGivney)
2.11Kate Ahmari5:10.29aUrbana (University)
3.11Kaylee Woolery5:11.88a PRWinnebago
4.10Kennady Anderson5:12.23aKewanee (Wethersfield)
5.11Maris Roggensack5:13.63aWinnebago – Maris Roggensack
6.9Savanna Franzen5:13.71a PRSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
7.11Nora Brady5:13.88a PRCentral Catholic (Bloomington)
8.12Anna Perry5:14.71aEureka
9.10Ahry Comer5:16.09aGolconda (Pope County)
10.11Eden Mueller5:31.87aAledo (Mercer County)
11.9Nellie Melick5:36.64aEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
12Carly ManchesterDNSElmhurst (IC Catholic)

Womens 1A 3200 Meters

1.12Anna Perry10:49.98a SREureka
2.10Ahry Comer10:57.60a PRGolconda (Pope County)
3.10Kennady Anderson10:57.69a PRKewanee (Wethersfield)
4.11Kate Ahmari11:01.62a PRUrbana (University)
5.12Carly Manchester11:07.67a PRElmhurst (IC Catholic)
6.11Nora Brady11:20.94a PRCentral Catholic (Bloomington)
7.11Brooklyn Bender11:26.67aMarshall
8.10Arianna Neisen11:29.03a PRLiberty
9.9Louisa Wilson11:32.24a PRWilliamsville
10.11Jolee Larson11:33.12a PRShabbona (Indian Creek)
11.11Eden Mueller11:35.33a PRAledo (Mercer County)
12.12Sophia Martino11:39.04a PRWinnebago
13.11Isabel Arthur11:42.65a PRMarshall
14.12Kelly Giardina11:47.14a PRRockford (R. Christian)
15.11Francoise Lechner11:48.21a PRDes Plaines (Willows Academy)
16.9Nellie Melick12:03.63a PREl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
17.10Aleigha Garrison12:04.09a SRChampaign (Judah Christian)
18.10Olivia Thomsen12:14.90a PROrion
19.11Alexis Kampwerth12:22.13a PRBreese (Mater Dei)
20.9Paige Stark12:24.66a PRChampaign (St. Thomas More)
21.9Maggie Kellerman12:46.00aDuQuoin
22.12Brook Schutt12:50.25a PRShelbyville
23.11Ellie Stahr13:08.14aDecatur (St. Teresa)
24.11Olivia Thoroman13:21.92aVirden (North Mac)
25.9Rylee Brammeier13:31.18a PRCentralia (Christ Our Rock Lutheran)
26.9Jane Potter13:35.28a PRDes Plaines (Willows Academy)
27.12Kylee Eiting13:42.19aLitchfield
11Anna EnderleDNSPalos Heights (Chicago Christian)

Womens 1A 100m Hurdles

Finals – 33″
1.10Grace Nelson14.19a (1.0)Altamont
2.11Cambria Geyer14.66a (1.0)Tremont
3.12Megan Williams15.06a (1.0)PRNewark
4.11Shelby Mcgee15.38a (1.0)Catlin (Salt Fork)
5.9Lia Patterson15.44a (1.0)Tuscola
6.10Kiara Wesseh15.75a (1.0)Newark
7.10Elly Jones15.80a (1.0)SRAmboy
8.9Maisie Kull15.97a (1.0)Shelbyville
9.10Makhiya Stephen18.10a (1.0)Maroa (M.-Forsyth)

Womens 1A 300m Hurdles

Finals – 30″
1.11Cambria Geyer44.43a PRTremont
2.10Grace Nelson44.81aAltamont
3.9Lia Patterson45.83aTuscola
4.12Shannon O’Neil47.00aLiberty
5.12Elynn Peterson47.12aElmwood
6.9Mya Strahm47.18aElmwood
7.12Renee Rittmeyer47.29a PRWinnebago
8.12Carly Guinn48.23aLitchfield
9.11Campbell Schrank48.67aWinnebago

Womens 1A 4×100 Relay

  Kaci McKnight, Alana Julian, Megan Jackson, Ava Milburn
2.Maroa (M.-Forsyth)49.81a
  Leah Adlaf, Lillian Amettis, Makhiya Stephen, Livia Binder
  Shelby Thorson, Emma VanHise, Talanie Kozuszek, Halle Rueter
4.Rockford (R. Christian)50.13a
  Mandy Nelson, Kendall Turner, Paige Gardner, Avery Demo
  Caitlyn O’Boyle, Emma Smith, Taylor Draves, Faith Deering
6.Virden (North Mac)51.03a
  Emma Crawford, Addison Earley, Kaelyn Swift, Alexis Bowman
7.Monmouth (United)51.23a
  Alycia Haun, Emrick Huston, Katie Flynn, Reece Bertelsen
  Madalyn Booker, Cassidy Short, Alaina Moore, Jalexis Barrett
9.Mackinaw (Deer Creek-M.)51.84a
  Gracie Bontemps, Madyson Salisbury, Wendy Paddock, Hannah Whalen

Womens 1A 4×200 Relay

  Alyssa Williams, Mia Hausmann, Jillian Alexander, Lia Patterson
  Addison Ness, Lindsey Hatteberg, Megan Williams, Kiara Wesseh
  Shelby Thorson, Paityn Matecki, Talanie Kozuszek, Halle Rueter
  Kaci McKnight, Alana Julian, Megan Jackson, Ava Milburn
  Abbigail Thyne, Annaka Hackett, Mikayla Gazo, Lauren Mahoney
6.Maroa (M.-Forsyth)1:46.07a
  Leah Adlaf, Lillian Amettis, Makhiya Stephen, Livia Binder
7.Monmouth (United)1:46.86a
  Alycia Haun, Rosie Flynn, Katie Flynn, Reece Bertelsen
  Kelsey Hutchins, Lauren Copeland, Sarah Neal, Lillian Russell
  Grace Wegner, Kayleigh Tharp, Sophia Musselman, Laurel Munson

Womens 1A 4×800 Relay

  Marissa Roggensack, Katherine Erb, Kaylee Woolery, Grace Erb
2.Glen Carbon (Father McGivney)9:43.90a
  Kaitlyn Hatley, Jane Cummins, Alyssa Terhaar, Elena Rybak
  Lauren Heape, Grace Alongi, Kallie Oestreicher, Olivia Phillips
4.St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)9:49.37a
  Ava Knap, Chloe Burkhalter, Kailyn Ingram, Savanna Franzen
5.Central Catholic (Bloomington)9:56.40a
  Anna Zlatic, Megan Becker, Kaylie Eckhoff, Nora Brady
  Sophie Stark, Katelyn Jones, Elizabeth Shea, Ella Tingley
  Elle Knapp, Meika Bender, Grace Wegner, Callie Schumacher
  Evelyn O’Connor, Ashley Alsvig, Gracie Steffes, Clara Bruno
9.Elgin (Harvest Christian Academy)10:08.38a
  Emma Leslie, Eva Camp, Caitlyn Terrien, Ella Richter
  Beth Churchill, Hailie Shemek, Madisyn Skelley, Madison Mathis
11.Pleasant Plains10:13.45a
  Abigail Wolters, Teagen Galloway, Megan Derrick, Jaidynn Albers
  Mackenzie Rader, Addi McKee, Kynlee Stearns, Kailee Shreeves

Womens 1A Shot Put

Finals – 4kg
1.12Jenae Bothe13.17mOregon
2.12Kayla Braun12.21mSparta
3.12Olivia Birge11.83mCatlin (Salt Fork)
4.12Olivia Campbell11.75m SRPittsfield
5.10Sydni Badertscher11.37mForreston
6.12Cassidy Miller11.37mKewanee (Wethersfield)
7.10Etta Wagner11.30mElmwood
8.12Ebony Thompson11.17mBiggsville (West Central)
9.12Jolie Foreman11.10mRiverton
10.12Hannah Logan11.07mWinnebago
11.11Jazzi Hicks10.99mCerro Gordo-Bement
12.12Cassidy Clark10.76mMt. Pulaski
1.11Abeer Sweis3.24mTinley Pk AND – Abeer Sweis
2.9Zoe Eisenberg2.92mGalena (H.S.)
3.11MaKenna Peed2.24mKewanee (H.S.)

Womens 1A Discus

Finals – 1kg
1.12Olivia Campbell42.47mPittsfield
2.12Charlotte Frere41.40mSherrard
3.12Cassidy Clark40.98mMt. Pulaski
4.12Aubrey Brinkman40.52mGlasford (Illini Bluffs)
5.11Laney Lester37.37mHenry (H.-Senachwine)
6.12Alyssa Cole37.07m PRNashville
7.12Hannah Logan37.00mWinnebago
8.11Olivia Meskan36.69mSherrard
9.11Anna Webel35.83mFarmington
10.12Olivia Birge35.83mCatlin (Salt Fork)
11.12Kamee Lytle35.59mBridgeport (Red Hill)
12.11Amanda Gustafson35.56m PRWinnebago
1.9Zoe Eisenberg9.49mGalena (H.S.)
2.11Abeer Sweis9.38mTinley Pk AND – Abeer Sweis
3.11MaKenna Peed6.10mKewanee (H.S.)
4.10Peyton Manigo3.57mJoliet (Central)

Womens 1A High Jump

1.12Brooke Probst1.72m PRShabbona (Indian Creek)
2.10Kiara Wesseh1.69mNewark
3.12Kaci Papin1.63m SRHillsboro
4.12Kylie Periman1.63m SRNew Berlin
5.9Mia Range1.60mGlen Carbon (Father McGivney)
6.11Addie McWhorter1.57mBrownstown
6.10Letresse Buisker1.57mForreston
8.12Brooke Oakley1.57m SRWarrensburg (W.-Latham)
8.11Alexis Wike1.57mFarmer City (Blue Ridge)
10.12Rebekah Hannah1.52mVirden (North Mac)
11.12Mia Harris1.52mBethany (Okaw Valley)
12.11Sophie Hill1.47mDuQuoin

Womens 1A Pole Vault

1.11Livia Binder3.55m PRMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
2.9Mya Strahm3.50m PRElmwood
2.12Isabelle Hemmen3.50mTeutopolis
2.12Kylie Stauder3.50mBethany (Okaw Valley)
5.12Brynlee Keeran3.50mCatlin (Salt Fork)
6.12Sophia Sumer3.40mTremont
7.12Karlie Stauder3.40mBethany (Okaw Valley)
8.10Payton Carter3.40m PRSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
9.10Kylee Weber3.25mRobinson
9.12Miranda Hursey3.25mFarmington
11.10Allison Geen3.25mEffingham (St. Anthony)
12.10Haley Carlton3.10mGeorgetown (G.-Ridge Farm)
13.12Ryleigh Warden3.10mWinnebago
14.10Reagan Gibson2.95mShabbona (Indian Creek)

Womens 1A Long Jump

1.12Megan Williams5.66m PRNewark
2.12Nakeita Kessling5.44mHenry (H.-Senachwine)
3.12Alyssa Williams5.27mTuscola
4.12Kate McCann5.24mWilmington
5.11Laurel Munson5.22mEureka
6.12Bella Zigler5.19mCerro Gordo-Bement
7.11Cassidy Short5.13mSullivan
8.11Leah Adlaf5.13mMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
9.11Jennifer Bonnett5.10mHavana
10.11Addi Swadinsky5.07mMackinaw (Deer Creek-M.)
11.11Lacie Schultz5.03mGreenview
12.9Maisie Kull5.00mShelbyville

Womens 1A Triple Jump

1.12Megan Williams11.28mNewark
2.12Brynlee Keeran11.06mCatlin (Salt Fork)
3.11Kelsey Hutchins10.66mSherrard
4.11Shelby Mcgee10.58mCatlin (Salt Fork)
5.12Bailey Barber10.58mWarsaw (Hamilton-West Hancock)
6.11Alexis Hetzer10.55mNewton
7.11Anna Lopez10.45mPeru (St. Bede)
8.10Laney Nelson10.43mDowns (Tri-Valley)
9.10Elly Jones10.35mAmboy
10.12Brooke Probst10.27mShabbona (Indian Creek)
11.12Grace Alongi10.27mDuQuoin
12.12Trinity Wade10.07mShelbyville
13.12Emma Terwische10.04mJacksonville (Routt)
14.12Alexa Miller10.04mArthur (A.-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond)

Girls Class 2A State Final Results

Womens 2A 100 Meters

1.11Emmi Scales12.32a (-1.5)Arlington Heights (St. Viator)
2.10Lamonyca Bryant12.47a (-1.5)Chicago (Westinghouse College Prep)
3.11Nevaeh Lowe12.68a (-1.5)Kankakee (Sr.)
4.9Lena Jackson12.69a (-1.5)Peoria (Richwoods)
5.10Alaina Lester12.75a (-1.5)Belleville (Althoff Catholic)
6.10Symone Frison12.78a (-1.5)Chicago (Lindblom)
7.10Kayda Austin12.79a (-1.5)Cahokia (H.S.)
8.11Anna Barr12.82a (-1.5)Normal (University)
9.12Hana Ling12.99a (-1.5)Chicago (Payton)

Womens 2A 200 Meters

1.9Naomi Bey-Osborne25.22a (0.1)PRKankakee (Sr.)
2.10Kayda Austin25.60a (0.1)Cahokia (H.S.)
3.11Nevaeh Lowe25.75a (0.1)Kankakee (Sr.)
4.10Alaina Lester25.82a (0.1)Belleville (Althoff Catholic)
5.12Makenna McBride25.87a (0.1)Charleston
6.11Kayla Nelson26.20a (0.1)Tolono (Unity)
7.10Keymora Hayes26.23a (0.1)Cahokia (H.S.)
8.12Lilly Alberts26.73a (0.1)Richmond (R.-Burton)
9.FrSyniyah Quenga26.86a (0.1)Urbana

Womens 2A 400 Meters

1.9Naomi Bey-Osborne56.53a PRKankakee (Sr.)
2.10Mia Rodriguez57.59a PRChicago Heights (Marian)
3.11Isabella Orozco58.85a PRAurora (Central Catholic)
4.12Lilly Alberts59.12aRichmond (R.-Burton)
5.10Rachel Ogunleye59.16a PRNormal (University)
6.11Rose Talbert59.60aMonticello
7.11Kiala Colbert1:01.09aChicago (Westinghouse College Prep)
10Aniya LewisDQKankakee (Sr.)
12Ja Breah LiddellDNSMt. Vernon (H.S.)

Womens 2A 800 Meters

1.10Becca Heitzig2:09.99a PRLincoln
2.11Colleen Zeibert2:13.83a PRRochester
3.11Isabella Orozco2:16.24a PRAurora (Central Catholic)
4.12Ashleigh Anderson2:16.72a PRMt. Zion
5.10Gabrielle Walker2:17.14a PRChicago (DePaul College Prep)
6.11Mabry Bruhn2:18.64a PRMonticello
7.9Mia Menendez2:20.38a PROak Park (Fenwick)
8.11Brodie Denny2:21.11a SRAnna (A.-Jonesboro)
9.9Brooke Zeibert2:22.00a PRRochester
10.11Madison Perez2:22.68a PRLake Villa (Lakes)
11.11Hannah Steinmeyer2:23.87aDixon (H.S.)
12.10Kerrigan Vandel2:26.33aEast Peoria

Womens 2A 1600 Meters

1.11Tatum David4:47.52a PROlney (Richland County)
2.12Ava Parekh4:49.22a PRChicago (Latin)
3.12Mary Grace Hegberg4:49.50aArlington Heights (St. Viator)
4.12Elia Ton-That4:55.59a PRChicago (Northside)
5.12Lianna Surtz5:04.78a SRAurora (Rosary)
6.9Mia Kotler5:05.17a PRChicago (Latin)
7.11Louisa Diamond5:06.85aLisle (Benet Academy)
8.12Delaney Fitzgerald5:09.01aNormal (University)
9.11Hannah Meiser5:09.06a PRBethalto (Civic Memorial)
10.9Zoe Carter5:10.00a PRNormal (University)
11.10Emma Smith5:11.93a PRDixon (H.S.)
12.12Emma Skinner5:24.54aMorton

Womens 2A 3200 Meters

1.11Tatum David10:04.02aOlney (Richland County)
2.12Elia Ton-That10:12.45a PRChicago (Northside)
3.12Mary Grace Hegberg10:14.58aArlington Heights (St. Viator)
4.9Mia Kotler10:28.03a PRChicago (Latin)
5.12Delaney Fitzgerald10:39.21aNormal (University)
6.12Lianna Surtz10:47.71aAurora (Rosary)
7.11Louisa Diamond10:49.53a PRLisle (Benet Academy)
8.12Emma Skinner10:50.43a PRMorton
9.9Zoe Carter10:51.20a PRNormal (University)
10.9Ellie Anderson10:54.26a PRChicago (Latin)
11.10Paige-Elicia Caruth11:21.00aLake Villa (Lakes)
12.11Jolene Cashmore11:21.56a PRJohnsburg
13.11Bella Daley11:23.11a PROak Park (Fenwick)
14.11Hannah Meiser11:30.09a PRBethalto (Civic Memorial)
15.9Chiara Surtz11:31.32a PRAurora (Rosary)
16.11Eris Nelson11:34.07a SRBelleville (Althoff Catholic)
17.10Erica Woodard11:36.99aTolono (Unity)
18.10Avery Lynn Engle11:52.23a PRGalena (H.S.)
19.11Vivian Rahmel12:09.72aSpringfield (Sacred Heart-Griffin)
20.12Kayden Gilmore12:29.89aMurphysboro
21.11Joy Dudley12:52.36aMorris
22.10Kathryn Hammel13:21.54a PRJoliet (Catholic Academy)
23.11Chloe Proffitt13:35.30aManteno
24.9Samantha Soto14:39.71aChicago (De La Salle)
25.9Sofia Picciola15:44.04aChicago (University)

Womens 2A 100m Hurdles

Finals – 33″
1.11Emmi Scales14.01a (0.4)PRArlington Heights (St. Viator)
2.11Brianna Dixon14.25a (0.4)PRRantoul
3.11Kennedy Ross15.04a (0.4)Chicago (Lindblom)
4.12Ali Rapps15.07a (0.4)Geneseo
5.11Anna Barr15.22a (0.4)Normal (University)
6.11Gianna Huerta15.74a (0.4)Glen Ellyn (Glenbard South)
7.11Mia Jackson15.83a (0.4)Peoria (Richwoods)
8.11Joycelyn Crum15.90a (0.4)Lake Villa (Lakes)
9.10Bre’Air Starkley16.32a (0.4)Richton Park (Southland College Prep)

Womens 2A 300m Hurdles

Finals – 30″
1.11Emmi Scales42.81a PRArlington Heights (St. Viator)
2.12Ali Rapps44.01a PRGeneseo
3.11Gianna Huerta44.38a PRGlen Ellyn (Glenbard South)
4.11Brianna Dixon44.89a PRRantoul
5.11Annie Wirth45.35aGeneseo
6.11Kennedy Ross46.08aChicago (Lindblom)
7.11Anna Barr46.37a PRNormal (University)
8.12Brianna Jones47.02aSpringfield (Southeast)
9.10Alivia Henkel47.17aRochelle

Womens 2A 4×100 Relay

1.Kankakee (Sr.)48.35a
  Saniah Stewart, Nevaeh Lowe, Sydney Ramsey, Naomi Bey-Osborne
2.Mt. Vernon (H.S.)49.05a
  Tiara Johnson, Ja Breah Liddell, Saryah Dixon, Kamaree Pollard
3.Normal (University)49.12a
  Jade Carthans, Reese Mitchell, Jersey Jones, Karianna Merriweather
4.Peoria (Richwoods)49.58a
  Mariah Cade, Brenna Huff, Olivia Skibinski, Lena Jackson
5.Chicago (Westinghouse College Prep)49.86a
  Kiala Colbert, Gabriela Vargas, Angelena Bullocks, Lamonyca Bryant
6.Tinley Park49.97a
  Taylor Holland, Kaylah Forrest, Janiyah Oglesby, Gabby Graham
7.Chicago (Lindblom)50.30a
  Kennedy Ross, Chloe Brown, Kayla Holmes, Symone Frison
  Janae Maxwell, Kaydence Kelly, Olivia Hartwell, Bailey Williams
9.Galesburg (H.S.)50.67a
  Emma Wilson, Syriah Boyd, Ava Morales, Kaylee Allen

Womens 2A 4×200 Relay

1.Kankakee (Sr.)1:41.65a
  Saniah Stewart, Sydney Ramsey, Jakia Autman, Nevaeh Lowe
2.Peoria (Richwoods)1:43.73a
  A’yiana Maxwell, Brenna Huff, Olivia Skibinski, Lena Jackson
3.Normal (University)1:44.35a
  Jade Carthans, Naomi Elliott, Karianna Merriweather, Jersey Jones
4.Galesburg (H.S.)1:44.58a
  Syriah Boyd, Ava Morales, Taylor Raska, Kaylee Allen
  Addison Pischke, Annie Wirth, Phoebe Shoemaker, Sierra Krueger
  Shamera Moore, Isabella Wallis, Syniyah Quenga, Tiarra Townsend-cooper
7.Mundelein (Carmel)1:46.56a
  Ella Dicara, Nora Christensen, Abby Hartzer, Anna Kegel
8.Burlington (Central)1:46.63a
  Izzy Solomon, Danica Wiegel, Kenzie Andersen, Paige Greenhagel
9.Champaign (Central)1:46.67a
  Nour Hijab, Narmeen Chahal, Kelecia Mangue, Kyla Canales

Womens 2A 4×400 Relay

1.Kankakee (Sr.)3:57.93a
  Sydney Ramsey, Aniya Lewis, Jakia Autman, Naomi Bey-Osborne
  Mallory Short, Reese McCuan, Alyssa Company, Becca Heitzig
3.Peoria (Notre Dame)3:59.20a
  Aliza Welker, Mya Wardle, Molly Rickey, Gillian McDaniel
  Sierra Krueger, Addison Pischke, Phoebe Shoemaker, Ali Rapps
5.Tolono (Unity)4:04.40a
  Ashlyn Denney, Josephine Cler, Bri Ritchie, Arianna Pruitt-LeFairve
6.Normal (University)4:05.64a
  Naomi Elliott, Allie Zastrow, Rachel Ogunleye, Jersey Jones
  Jayda Williams, Amelia Martin, Tatum Maschhoff, Natalie Drain
8.Lake Villa (Lakes)4:07.15a
  Amelia Plohg, Becca Runyan, Shelby Stall, Madison Perez
9.Springfield (Sacred Heart-Griffin)4:09.35a
  Maggie Fleischli, Kaitlyn Lee, Macie Rolf, Sterling Scarlette

Womens 2A 4×800 Relay

1.Mt. Zion9:38.04a
  Camille Mavis, Emma Mallory, Emma Crowley, Sofia Munoz
2.Lake Villa (Lakes)9:39.84a
  Madison Twarling, Madison Perez, Paige-Elicia Caruth, Becca Runyan
3.Chicago (Northside)9:45.52a
  Arianna Holbrook, Zuzana Bielak, Allison Feeney, Lucia Ton-That
4.Tolono (Unity)9:46.47a
  Josephine Cler, Emily Decker, Ashlyn Denney, Arianna Pruitt-LeFairve
5.Springfield (Sacred Heart-Griffin)9:48.51a
  Sterling Scarlette, Ava Hancock, Maggie Fleischli, Kaitlyn Lee
  Clara Rudolph, Mabry Bruhn, Kyara Welter, Rachel Koon
7.Chicago (Payton)9:54.51a
  Cyriana Lara, Veronica Fuller, Kaylen Cheng, Caitlyn Fardy
8.Dixon (H.S.)9:56.91a
  Hannah Steinmeyer, Emma Smith, Keeley Mick, Kait Knipple
  Abby Tudeen, Maggie Diefenthaler, Dakota Rousseau, Saniya Mathew
10.Waterloo (H.S.)10:04.94a
  Danielle Mudd, Angelynn Kanyuck, Cameron Crump, Kamryn Rader
  Trinity Hicks, Brooke Zeibert, Addi Schmedeke, Colleen Zeibert
12.Peoria (Notre Dame)10:15.78a
  Mary Breitbach, Corrina Fassino, Meghan Zopel, Julia Mingus

Womens 2A Shot Put

Finals – 4kg
1.11Madelyn Bishop13.13mRockford (Boylan Catholic)
2.11Madyson Swope12.97mCarbondale (H.S.)
3.12Maryiah Menicucci12.61mMarion
4.12Josie Hapack12.49mHighland
5.10Carmyn Huston12.00mMonmouth (M.-Roseville)
6.11Claire Allen11.79mSandwich
7.12Desire Poole11.47mEast St. Louis (Sr.)
8.12Chloe Benz11.24mJohnsburg
9.11Alayna Earle11.11mClinton
10.12Paige Chapin11.06mMorton
11.11Alice Mihas10.74mChicago (Latin)
12.11Tessa Myatt10.67mChicago (Northside)

Womens 2A Discus

Finals – 1kg
1.11Madyson Swope39.92mCarbondale (H.S.)
2.11Claire Allen39.82mSandwich
3.12Josie Hapack39.66mHighland
4.12Desire Poole39.46mEast St. Louis (Sr.)
5.12Danielle Crockett39.04mChicago Heights (Marian)
6.11Madelyn Bishop38.25m PRRockford (Boylan Catholic)
7.12Theresa Flor36.80mMundelein (Carmel)
8.12Maryiah Menicucci36.11mMarion
9.12Elizabeth Woodruff36.03mMascoutah
10.11Alice Mihas35.44mChicago (Latin)
11.12Claire Bremer34.97mMetropolis (Massac County)
12.10Olivia Marshall34.58mGeneseo

Womens 2A High Jump

1.11Annie Wirth1.78m PRGeneseo
2.11Brianna Dixon1.72m PRRantoul
3.11Molly Grohmann1.66mWaterloo (H.S.)
4.11Paige Greenhagel1.63mBurlington (Central)
5.10Valerie Sarros1.60mLisle (Benet Academy)
6.11Karlee Zumstein1.60m PRCanton
6.12Harper Smith1.60m SRDunlap
8.12Rhiannon Marshall1.57mMt. Zion
9.11Lily Bures1.57m PRWoodstock (Marian)
10.12Morgan Ahle1.57m SRBreese (Central)
11.12Teagan Meyers1.52mRochelle
11.10Lexi Hansen1.52mWoodstock (North)
13.11Karissa Clawson1.52mSycamore
13.11Larissa Meyer1.52mKewanee (H.S.)
15.11Michaela Almeida1.52mMarengo

Womens 2A Pole Vault

1.12Sydnee Scott3.55m PRNormal (University)
2.11Natalie Papes3.50mNew Lenox (Providence Catholic)
3.11Jessica Phillipp3.50mMaple Park (Kaneland)
4.11Libby Saloga3.50m SRAurora (Rosary)
5.11Nicole Grimes3.45mLisle (Benet Academy)
6.10Chelsea Wetzel3.35m PRDunlap
7.11Kyla Canales3.25mChampaign (Central)
7.9Alexa Weter3.25mMt. Zion
9.11Joycelyn Crum3.10mLake Villa (Lakes)
9.11Kailani Egli3.10mMetamora
11.11Sasha Helfgott-Waters2.95m PRPlano
12.12Morgan Noyes2.95mTroy (Triad)

Womens 2A Long Jump

1.10Na’Kyrah Cooks5.44mKankakee (Sr.)
2.12Hana Ling5.39mChicago (Payton)
3.11Annie Wirth5.38mGeneseo
4.11Abby Venhaus5.35mColumbia
5.10Teagan Sullivan5.35mDunlap
6.11Bailey Williams5.29mMarion
7.11Braelyn Alexander5.24mChampaign (Central)
8.11Bella Zecchin5.23mWoodstock (Marian)
9.11Janiyah Brown5.21mEast St. Louis (Sr.)
10.11Paige Greenhagel5.16mBurlington (Central)
11.10Addison Albrecht5.14mGalena (H.S.)
12.11Tashay Jackson Roper5.03mRantoul

Womens 2A Triple Jump

1.11Alice Sotelo11.36m PRSterling (H.S.)
2.12Reese McCuan11.30m PRLincoln
3.10Karli Mann11.26mHerrin (H.S.)
4.10Alaina Lester11.08m PRBelleville (Althoff Catholic)
5.11Haneefa Adam11.02mWilmette (Regina Dominican)
6.11Abby Venhaus10.99m PRColumbia
7.12Kylie Gormann10.93mCentralia
8.11Kennedy Ross10.83m PRChicago (Lindblom)
9.11Mariah Cade10.82mPeoria (Richwoods)
10.10Madelyn Mucci10.66mBurlington (Central)
11.12Emily Strehl10.62mLaSalle (L.-Peru)
12.12Hannah Sago10.57mMt. Zion

Girls Class 3A State Finals Results

Womens 3A 100 Meters

1.12Rachel Robinson12.03a (-1.2)Chicago (Whitney Young)
2.12Sydney Robinson12.08a (-1.2)Chicago (Whitney Young)
3.9Katelyn Lehnen12.23a (-1.2)Chatham (Glenwood)
4.12Alexandria Edison12.36a (-1.2)Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
5.12Renee Raglin12.48a (-1.2)Alton (Sr.)
6.12Daria Tersina12.49a (-1.2)Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
7.10Essence Horton-Graves12.66a (-1.2)Rockford (Auburn)
8.12Janiya Bowman12.73a (-1.2)Plainfield (South)
9.11Alexandria Johnson12.73a (-1.2)Huntley

Womens 3A 200 Meters

1.9Katelyn Lehnen24.75a (-0.1)Chatham (Glenwood)
2.12Sydney Robinson24.77a (-0.1)Chicago (Whitney Young)
3.12Rachel Robinson24.90a (-0.1)Chicago (Whitney Young)
4.12Alexandria Edison25.02a (-0.1)Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
5.10Zawadi Brown25.17a (-0.1)Naperville (Neuqua Valley)
6.12Janiya Bowman25.22a (-0.1)Plainfield (South)
7.12Maidson Hardamon25.45a (-0.1)PREvanston (Twp.)
8.10Kali Waller25.54a (-0.1)SRWest Chicago (H.S.)
9.12Daria Tersina25.83a (-0.1)Mt. Prospect (Prospect)

Womens 3A 400 Meters

1.10Allison Ince55.25a PRNormal (Community)
2.12Alexandria Edison55.50a PRFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
3.9Katelyn Lehnen56.43a PRChatham (Glenwood)
4.12Maidson Hardamon56.97a PREvanston (Twp.)
5.10Zawadi Brown56.99a PRNaperville (Neuqua Valley)
6.12Ashley Oliver57.02aHoffman Estates (H.S.)
7.11Rylee Lydon57.18aCrystal Lake (Prairie Ridge)
8.12Allison Valladay58.20aRichton Park (Rich Township)
9.10Kyla Harris1:00.47aAurora (Metea Valley)

Womens 3A 800 Meters

1.10Allison Ince2:10.22aNormal (Community)
2.11Catie McCabe2:14.21a PRHinsdale (Central)
3.10Bella Domier2:14.22a SRGrayslake (Central)
4.11Brooke Berger2:14.82a PRElmhurst (York)
5.12Audrey Ginsberg2:15.02a SRMt. Prospect (Prospect)
6.10Lily Ginsberg2:15.04aMt. Prospect (Prospect)
7.12Jordyn Miller2:15.40a SRMundelein (H.S.)
8.12Naomi Ruff2:16.11a SRSouth Elgin
9.10Isabella Marsico2:16.45a PRLake Forest (H.S.)
10.12Annie Macabobby2:18.77aWheaton (W. Warrenville South)
11.11Katie Melzer2:20.97aYorkville (H.S.)
12.12Anna Schuering2:21.21aQuincy (Sr.)

Womens 3A 1600 Meters

1.12Audrey Allman4:49.81a PRGlen Ellyn (Glenbard West)
2.12Sophia McNerney4:57.13aDowners Grove (South)
3.12Josephine Welin4:57.19a SROak Park (O.P.-River Forest)
4.11Brooke Johnston4:57.41aLake Zurich
5.12Naomi Ruff4:58.05a SRSouth Elgin
6.12Peyton Schieppe4:58.57aO’Fallon (H.S.)
7.11Carissa Hamilton4:58.80a PRNaperville (Neuqua Valley)
8.11Mia Pasha4:59.07aGurnee (Warren)
9.12Katrina Schlenker5:01.79aBatavia
10.11Rachel Soukup5:04.45a SRCrystal Lake (Prairie Ridge)
11.9Juliet Frum5:09.60a PRNorthbrook (Glenbrook North)
12.11Catherine Sommerfeld5:11.58aLaGrange (Lyons)

Womens 3A 3200 Meters

1.11Grace Schager10:17.12aCarol Stream (Glenbard North)
2.12Aly Negovetich10:24.65a PRFox Lake (Grant)
3.11Brooke Johnston10:26.67a PRLake Zurich
4.12Katrina Schlenker10:26.96a PRBatavia
5.12Sophia McNerney10:29.74a PRDowners Grove (South)
6.12Josephine Welin10:33.31a SROak Park (O.P.-River Forest)
7.11Catherine Sommerfeld10:35.21a PRLaGrange (Lyons)
8.12Peyton Schieppe10:36.58a PRO’Fallon (H.S.)
9.11Audra Soderlind10:40.51a PROswego
10.12Katelyn Winton10:41.32a PRElmhurst (York)
11.11Anna Harden10:42.48a PRArlington Heights (Hersey)
12.10Ava Hendren10:45.58a PRNaperville (Central)
13.11Evelyn Hett10:46.90a PRChicago (Jones)
14.11Sarah Fischer10:50.72a PRHinsdale (Central)
15.9Sofia Arcuri10:50.82a PRPark Ridge (Maine South)
16.10Julie Piot10:51.92a PRNaperville (North)
17.12Jenna Buchanan10:52.67a PRBartlett
18.10Katie Stabb10:57.61a PROak Park (O.P.-River Forest)
19.11Bria Bennis10:57.98aElmhurst (York)
20.12Anna Schuering11:02.61aQuincy (Sr.)
21.12Sarah Maggio11:09.55aAurora (Metea Valley)
22.10Morgan Mackie11:10.53aWilmette (Loyola Academy)
23.11Breanna Burak11:17.63aHuntley
24.11Isabella Gonzalez11:24.22aCrystal Lake (South)
25.11Nikki Chopra11:25.95a PRChicago (Whitney Young)
26.12Jocelyn Host11:26.32aMinooka
27.11Claire Pyne11:26.60aDowners Grove (North)
28.11Gabriella McCollom12:09.65aMinooka
11Carissa HamiltonDNSNaperville (Neuqua Valley)
9Scout StormsDNSBarrington

Womens 3A 100m Hurdles

Finals – 33″
1.11Ana-Liese Torian13.82a (0.8)Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
2.12Macee Rivers14.19a (0.8)PRBelleville (West)
3.12Sophia Barnard14.55a (0.8)Frankfort (Lincoln-Way East)
4.12Janaysia Byrd14.57a (0.8)Belleville (West)
5.10Inara Ukawuba14.64a (0.8)Naperville (Neuqua Valley)
6.11Ashley Derrick14.83a (0.8)Waukegan
7.12Paulina Lucer15.12a (0.8)Roselle (Lake Park)
8.11Corynn Holmes15.30a (0.8)Moline
9.11Damya Williams15.33a (0.8)South Holland (Thornwood)

Womens 3A 300m Hurdles

Finals – 30″
1.11Ana-Liese Torian42.88a PRFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
2.11Abrielle Artley44.04aEvanston (Twp.)
3.11Ashley Derrick44.89a PRWaukegan
4.12Breanne Dunn44.99a PRBarrington
5.12Sophia Barnard45.25aFrankfort (Lincoln-Way East)
6.11Indigo Sterud46.11a PRRockton (Hononegah)
7.11Elyssa Chandler46.53aHinsdale (Central)
8.10Inara Ukawuba47.36aNaperville (Neuqua Valley)
9.9Nickiya Shields47.51aDanville (H.S.)

Womens 3A 4×100 Relay

1.Chicago (Whitney Young)47.84a
  Rachel Robinson, London Gibson-Purcell, Jayden Eickhoff-Brown, Sydney Robinson
2.Chicago (Kenwood)48.81a
  Sydney Weaver, Jaliyah Shepherd, Kee’Lani Whitlock, Harmony Brown
3.Naperville (Neuqua Valley)48.82a
  Tolu Aremu, Chioma Anyaegbunam, Inara Ukawuba, Zawadi Brown
4.Evanston (Twp.)48.86a
  Rikki Gray, Jacklynn Okereke, Dystonae Clark, Maidson Hardamon
5.Belleville (West)49.09a
  Janaysia Byrd, Makenzie Melvin, Aya Dunn, Macee Rivers
  Skylar Sandoval, Isabelle Taylor, Madison Wilson, Jessica Newburn
7.Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)49.89a
  Kyla Smith, Angela Alozie, Ana-Liese Torian, Alexandria Edison
  Mia Adeoti, Sariyah Watson, Ilanie Castorena, Heaven Williams
  Victoria Evtimov, Alexandria Johnson, Jessie Ozzauto, Melissa Aninagyei-Bonsu

Womens 3A 4×200 Relay

1.Chicago (Whitney Young)1:40.06a
  Rachel Robinson, London Gibson-Purcell, Jayden Eickhoff-Brown, Sydney Robinson
2.Evanston (Twp.)1:41.87a
  Rikki Gray, Jacklynn Okereke, Dystonae Clark, Dawson Wright
3.Chicago (Kenwood)1:42.21a
  Sydney Weaver, Harmony Brown, Kee’Lani Whitlock, Jaliyah Shepherd
4.Belleville (East)1:43.20a
  DeAndranay Chism, Zariah Armour, JaKariah Bacon, Takia Tiller
5.Naperville (North)1:43.24a
  Ashley Kushner, Lily Longenbaugh, Denise Hernandez, Christina Gu
  Skylar Sandoval, Isabelle Taylor, Mariah Wilson, Jessica Newburn
  Victoria Evtimov, Dominique Johnson, Jessie Ozzauto, Melissa Aninagyei-Bonsu
8.Plainfield (East)1:44.40a
  Ava Mabry-Spencer, Elissa Perkins, D’aria Christian, Ally Wojciechowski
9.Palatine (Fremd)1:47.71a
  Tammi Foreman, Katie Kuehn, Maria Esquivel, Kiera White

Womens 3A 4×400 Relay

1.Evanston (Twp.)3:47.45a
  Abrielle Artley, Dystonae Clark, Rikki Gray, Jacklynn Okereke
2.Mt. Prospect (Prospect)3:57.60a
  Audrey Ginsberg, Hailey Erickson, Cameron Kalaway, Lily Ginsberg
3.Normal (Community)3:57.82a
  Abigail Ziemer, Carina Engst, Jordynn Griffin, Allison Ince
4.Chicago (Kenwood)3:58.87a
  Aniyah Landing, Jaliyah Shepherd, Asia Thomas, Harmony Brown
  Sariyah Watson, Korima Gonzalez, Ilanie Castorena, Heaven Williams
  Jessica Newburn, Mariah Wilson, Isabelle Taylor, Katrina Schlenker
7.Plainfield (North)4:01.16a
  Lauren Dellangelo, Taylor Green, Alex Eydenberg, Natalie Liapis
8.Frankfort (Lincoln-Way East)4:02.79a
  Sophia Barnard, Kendall Crossley, Olivia Donaldson, Paige Watson
9.Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)4:13.37a
  Daija Brown, Lonyea Farrell, Adia Douglas, Angela Alozie

Womens 3A 4×800 Relay

1.Mt. Prospect (Prospect)9:10.38a
  Cameron Kalaway, Hailey Erickson, Audrey Ginsberg, Lily Ginsberg
2.Naperville (North)9:21.38a
  Jackie Liu, Sydney Day, Christina Gu, Emma Berres
3.Elmhurst (York)9:22.78a
  Katherine Klimek, Margaret Owens, Allison Fitzgibbons, Brooke Berger
4.Yorkville (H.S.)9:23.74a
  Anna Hunter, Margaret Hunter, Allegra Triner, Katie Melzer
5.St. Charles (East)9:27.80a
  Amelia Bellizzi, Gia Klasa, Laci Chivari, Marley Andelman
6.Arlington Heights (Hersey)9:28.79a
  Emily Lifka, Mackenzie Ginder, Catherine Hany, Natalia Plewa
7.Wilmette (Loyola Academy)9:30.26a
  Jane Lynch, Ellie Grammas, Maeve Norman, Morgan Mackie
8.LaGrange (Lyons)9:32.05a
  Scarlett Lestina, Anna Bylsma, Kristina Findley, Shannon Cranny
9.Oswego (East)9:33.62a
  Ana Barroso, Angeles Mendoza, Madison Zarembski, Sydney Williams
10.Chicago (Lane)9:45.33a
  Kate Roarty, Charlotte Muller, Caroline McCarthy, Sophie Mullins
  Cassie Fuhrman, Gabrielle Kics, Audrey Boles, Kathryn Cichon
12.Chatham (Glenwood)10:00.39a
  Nia Gibson, Rachael Behrens, Lydia Gurnsey, Grace Hopper

Womens 3A Shot Put

Finals – 4kg
1.12Ella O’Neall13.68mLincolnshire (Stevenson)
2.11Maeve Kelly13.35m PRWinnetka (New Trier)
3.12Becca Caliendo13.28m PRArlington Heights (Hersey)
4.9Courtney Clabough12.76m PRYorkville (H.S.)
5.11Jaclyn Riedl12.44mDes Plaines (Maine West)
6.12Madison Payne12.36mMt. Prospect (Prospect)
7.10Emily Sykes12.35mGranite City
8.11Amaya Hendrickson12.23mHoffman Estates (H.S.)
9.11Antenise Williams12.20mSchaumburg
10.10Sofiabe Amirante12.13mBarrington – Sofiabe Amirante
11.12Chinemerem Iwuagwu11.94m PRArlington Heights (Hersey)
12.11Kayden Porter11.62mPalos Heights (Shepard)

Womens 3A Discus

Finals – 1kg
1.12Marla Hayes42.81mNew Lenox (Lincoln-Way Central)
2.11Maeve Kelly41.71m PRWinnetka (New Trier)
3.9Courtney Clabough40.13mYorkville (H.S.)
4.12Ella O’Neall39.59mLincolnshire (Stevenson)
5.11Reese Garland39.18m PROak Park (O.P.-River Forest)
6.11Kaitl Morningstar39.11mEdwardsville (H.S.) – Kaitl Morningstar
7.12Becca Caliendo38.03mArlington Heights (Hersey)
8.11Jaclyn Riedl37.34m PRDes Plaines (Maine West)
9.12Lillian Lucansky37.00mMt. Prospect (Prospect)
10.11Ally Panzloff36.13m PRHuntley
11.12Gabby Saye35.28mEdwardsville (H.S.)
12.11Mercedes Herrera34.19mBurbank (Reavis)

Womens 3A High Jump

1.11Rylee Lydon1.68mCrystal Lake (Prairie Ridge)
2.10Baelyn Zitzmann1.65mLake Zurich
3.12Eveline Reno1.65m PRHarvey (Thornton)
4.12Madeline Andelbradt1.65m SRNaperville (North)
4.12Natalie Buratczuk1.65mSt. Charles (North)
6.10Annastasia Murphy1.65mAurora (Metea Valley)
7.11Corynn Holmes1.62mMoline
8.11Meghann Hartmann1.62m PRBatavia
9.12Katie Kempff1.62mSt. Charles (East)
10.12Emma Grashoff1.57mPekin
11.12Emily Berglund1.57mOak Forest
12.11Hannah Oloro1.52mRolling Meadows
12Karolina RyzkaDNSHampshire

Womens 3A Pole Vault

1.12Mia Morello3.75mGrayslake (Central)
2.10Jaiden Knoop3.70m PRFrankfort (Lincoln-Way East)
3.11Makenna Skoczylas3.70mLockport (Twp.)
4.12Paulina Lucer3.70m PRRoselle (Lake Park)
5.12Lillianna Ifft3.65mBloomington (H.S.)
6.12Tessani Foster3.55mPlainfield (Central)
7.12Emma Ponx3.45mOswego
8.11Kait McHale3.45mNaperville (Central)
9.11Alondra Ortiz-Silva3.30mBloomington (H.S.)
10.12Gwen Berenyi3.30mOswego
11.12Megan Schulhof3.15mBatavia
11.11Emilia Kubik3.15mLake Zurich
13.12Haylee Yelle3.00mCrystal Lake (Prairie Ridge)

Womens 3A Long Jump

1.11Alexandria Johnson6.00mHuntley
2.12Denise Hernandez5.86mNaperville (North)
3.11Rylee Lydon5.74mCrystal Lake (Prairie Ridge)
4.12Tajana Sims5.66mChicago Heights (Bloom Twp.)
5.9Gelena Holder-Brown5.63mChicago Heights (Bloom Twp.)
6.12Janiya Bowman5.58mPlainfield (South)
7.12Kiera White5.55mPalatine (Fremd)
8.11Makaya Phillips5.54mBloomington (H.S.)
9.9Dominique Johnson5.52mHuntley
10.10Gaby Manzano5.44mWinnetka (New Trier)
11.12Shakayla Riggins5.44mChicago (Kenwood)
12.10Morgan Gillespie5.41mCrete (C.-Monee)
13.12Christina Hall5.41mGrayslake (North)
14.12Elle Kowalski5.41mDowners Grove (North)

Womens 3A Triple Jump

1.11Alexandria Johnson12.33mHuntley
2.9Dominique Johnson12.17mHuntley
3.12Eveline Reno11.85mHarvey (Thornton)
4.12Daria Tersina11.59mMt. Prospect (Prospect)
5.12Keeli Dunaway11.45mLombard (Glenbard East)
6.10Jahnel Bowman11.37mPlainfield (South)
7.12Mazie Gierat11.30mPlainfield (East)
8.12Sydney Weaver11.26mChicago (Kenwood)
9.12Kiera White11.20mPalatine (Fremd)
10.12Kenna Nord11.18mOswego (East)
11.12Abigail Milott11.17mGlenview (Glenbrook South)
12.12Chloe Dunigan11.09mPalos Heights (Shepard)