WESTVILLE (WCIA) — Landen Haurez is taking on whatever role is needed of him, even playing a new position the Westville senior hasn’t suited up at since his freshman year.

“Anything that we throw at him he’s handled,” Westville head coach Guy Goodlove said. “We’ve got great confidence in him and he’s done a great job for us.”

Haurez has been the Tigers quarterback the past two weeks, stepping in for junior Drew Wichtowski, who went down with an injury. Landen started the season at receiver but was happy to make the switch to help the team.

“It’s just one last go around,” Haurez said. “You ain’t going to get nothing back. Just play and hope nothing goes wrong.”

“He’s a very, very good athlete and when you combine intelligence with athletic ability, you’re somebody the coaches look to for leadership and to get things done,” Goodlove added.

In his first two games at QB, Haurez has 181 yards on the ground and 6 touchdowns in their run based offense. Goodlove says Landen’s flexibility to do whatever is needed also applies to defense, where he plays multiple positions, even holding snaps on special teams.

“Anything that we’ve needed him to do, he’s certainly done it and done it well,” said Goodlove. “He’s done fabulous. It’s been easy for him. He pretty much knew the offense before Drew went down.”

“He’s been doing good,” Westville senior running back Craig Johnson. “He’s been trying his best to fill in for Drew. It’s hard sometimes, but he’s been doing his best.”

“It’s been good,” Haurez said. “He just kind of been there and knows where to put the ball where I’ll be able to catch it so it’s definitely been different not having him here.”

Haurez will only be QB1 for one more game before handing the title back back to Drew for Week 9. And he’ll get a big test against undefeated Bismarck-Henning-Rossville-Alvin in the Friday Football Fever Spotlight Game of the Week.