(WCIA) — Illinois men’s basketball are trying to find their groove after a huge loss to Missouri this week. With a lot of new faces to the team this year, the Illini are still learning how to play with one another.

Illinois head coach Brad Underwood still wants to see a leader emerge. The freshman have continued to see lots of minutes on the court. Underwood says they need to learn to fight through adversity, which is something he says the freshman still are learning after coming out of high school.

“They’ve never gone through adversity,” Underwood said. “They’ve been told they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread. I love our freshman, they’re really good, but you got to go through it and when you come out of it, you’re always better on the other side. As point guards Jayden and Skyy and there’s a lot of accountability there at the point guard position, to lead and talk and communicate and everything starts with you. Sencire I got to keep on the court. Sencire represents everything that I’m trying to do and that’s play hard and fight and tough and gritty and not give a damn and just go hoop.”