CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Zuppke Field at Memorial Stadium looks a little different than it did a few weeks ago.

It cost the university more than $850,000 to rip up the previous turf and install the new one. The project started after the stadium hosted commencement ceremonies and recently concluded.

Some things are still the same. The Block I remains at midfield surrounded by an outline of the State of Illinois. The endzones are still painted orange with “Illinois” printed in blue letters.

But the field is now brighter and has some different colors. The field’s shade of green changes every five yards and the sidelines between the goal line and 20-yard-line are now orange. In a video posted to Twitter, head coach Bret Bielema explained this was to make the field visually “pop” and to express pride in the university’s primary color of orange.

“Got to be proud of our colors and recognize that orange everywhere we can,” Bielema said.

The new sideline paint pattern mimics the pattern that is painted at the Rose Bowl stadium for the famous bowl game, the game Bielema said “is the ultimate place we’re trying to get to.”

Within the new orange blocks on the sidelines are printed “Zuppke Field” and “Familly,” the motto the football program has adopted under Bielema’s direction. “Familly” is also printed in larger letters in the southern end of the stadium past the endzone.

Incoming students and freshmen will get a chance to check the field out during the annual Sights and Sounds event scheduled for August 18. The first game that will be played on the new turf will be against Wyoming on August 27. Tickets for that game and for the rest of the season are now on sale.