(WCIA) — After a quarterfinal exit in the NCAA tournament this week, Michael Feagles and Giovanni Taddiotto are saying goodbye to their Illini careers. They returned to the program for a fifth season to help lead the Illinois Golf program to match play of the national championship for the second time in their careers.

Both guys will now look to turn pro, but have made a lasting impact on the program.

“I just thank them for their unconditional support of me, the program, the way we do things,” says head coach Mike Small. “There was never one time in five years that they rolled their eyes or didn’t agree with something, or was hesitant. They were all in from day one, and that’s something that all coaches appreciate. They’ve had two top five finishes and they’ve got a lot to be proud of. The program is in a great spot with them.”

Both Feagles and Tadiotto helped lead Illinois to a Big Ten Championship this season where they were named All-Big Ten selections. Feagles finished his season among the Top-15 players in the country, which grants him pro status on the PGA’s international tours.