Sunday No Huddle (9/8/19)


EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (WCIA) — The Illini are 2-0, even if that second win wasn’t the best looking game. Bret Beherns and Robert Rosenthal break down the win in the Sunday No Huddle.

“It’s Sunday No Huddle with Robert Rosenthal from and the Illini once again, is it the Illini way or what? They find a way to win, which is the biggest piece of this, but it’s never easy, right?”

“It’s never easy and the thing that you are afraid of when you come on the road, the penalties, the turnovers, they all happened. That first quarter when UConn goes up 13-0, you have a pick six, a throw that shouldn’t have been made, he didn’t look anybody off. You have penalties keeping drives alive. Everything that you worry about happening on the road, happened but with a great second quarter, they found a way to pull it out.”

“So Lovie says he celebrates a win no matter what, that’s the coach speak, but are you buying that fact that he’s celebrating a win here?”

“Well if it’s a loss then you’re probably not going to get to six wins. You lose at UConn and you’re probably not going to get there. It keeps it alive that they need to win four of ten games to find themselves in a bowl and continue to build.”

“Is the biggest concern passing coverage? What do you leave with here wondering about? The run game with injuries? What are the biggest concerns you have?”

“I would say they went to that soft zone because of all the safety injuries. They don’t have Sydney Brown, they lost Stanley Green to a penalty. They lost Tony Adams to an injury, so now you’re down to your fourth and your fifth safety so Lovie talked about wanting to have a situation where he could, you know they’re going to throw, we’ve taken the run game away but now we’ve got to get some picks. It wasn’t happening, it wasn’t happening and then finally with two minutes to go, it happened.”

“The Illini do get the job done, it wasn’t pretty, they only win by eight despite being three touchdown favorites. Robert we’ll see if they can go to 3-0 next week for the first time since 2011 when they face Eastern Michigan.”

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