Poulter thriving as a pro, playing with Team USA


CHAMPAIGN (WCIA) — Former Illinois volleyball standout Jordyn Poulter has been around the world and back again since ending her college career in the Final 4 with the Illini. The All-American setter signed a pro contract with a team in Italy after leaving campus, spending the spring abroad. She’s also made trips to Bulgaria and played for Team USA in China. When she’s not on the road, the Colorado native is spending her days training at the United States National Team facility in California.

“To be making rosters is something that I never assumed or anticipated happening,” Poulter said. “So it’s been really fun in that regard because not having expectations leads to sweeter emotions when things actually happen.”

Poulter is back on campus this week, visiting with this year’s team. It’s just the second time she’s returned to the area since turning pro. She made the national team and helped the USA qualify for the 2020 Olympics. It doesn’t guarantee her a spot in Tokyo next summer, but the experience and playing at the highest level helps improve her game and get her name out there as well. Two setters will make the 12-person Olympic team for the United States.

“A lot of people don’t know that in the USA Volleyball world, you’re living roster-to-roster,” Poulter said. “So the USA team qualified for the Olympics but as for who those 12 people are, we won’t know that until mid-summer next year.”

Poulter will try to keep her place on Team USA as long as possible, making the roster for future events. She will head back to Italy to rejoin her professional team there, Chieri ’76.

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