PAXTON (WCIA) — After a playoff run last year and no losses at home since 2018, Paxton-Buckley-Loda is ready to keep that spark going. With 61 guys on the roster, the biggest number since 2019, and 11 starters, the team has some talented sophomores filling in right where they need it. Conner Vaughn looks to take the starting quarterback role with Robert Boyd looking to help the offense at running back.

“This is the first group that I’ve seen all the way through so having them, they understand what I want to do for the last three years,” Head coach Josh Pritchard said. “Anytime the seniors can step up and they’re good players at that, it kind of helps out your team and the younger kids tend to follow that.”

“They’re doing pretty good I pretty much just try to bring as much energy as I can to practice just making sure they’re doing the best that they can, pushing themselves harder than they think that they can and other than that they’re learning a lot,” Kayden Snelling, senior tight end, said.