More questions than answers remain for basketball coaches/school administrators


WCIA — While the IHSA and Gov. Pritzker roll out different plans for the high school basketball seasons, area coaches and administrators are left hanging in the balance. After the Governor made boys’ and girls’ basketball a high risk sport on Tuesday, the IHSA went against his guidance on Wednesday, announcing plans to forge ahead with a season starting next month.

It leaves individual school districts with a big choice and forces them to take sides. Do they go with the IHSA and play, or stick with the government agencies that fund and govern them, such as the Illinois State Board of Education. It’s a spot hundreds of school superintendents, principals, athletic directors and coaches will find themselves in the next few weeks leading up to Nov. 16, the first day of winter sport practices.

Hearing the news the IHSA was charting its own path was exciting for Cerro Gordo boys’ basketball coach and athletic director Brandon Willard, finally some positive news to tell his players. Then the reality started to set in that there are a lot more questions than answers moving forward.

“We just don’t know a whole lot,” Willard said. “It was nice to hear that but again we don’t know. It’s hard to know how excited to get and it was great to see it, with the kids, with the players, there was some hope.”

That’s the same sentiment nearly all coaches have around the state and with a lack of communication between the Governor’s office and IHSA, it’s not likely to clear up anytime soon.

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