CHARLESTON (WCIA) — Tuscola senior Alyssa WIlliams set the pace in the sprints in the Class 1A preliminary races at the IHSA state track and field meet Thursday. The multi-time state champ is the girl to beat in the 100 and 200, clocking the best times in both races with a 12.03 and 24.97 seconds, respectively.

“I just wanted to put my best effort forward,” Williams said. “It’s my last year. It’s my last state finals. I mean last state tournament and I’m really proud of the way I’ve done so far and I can’t wait to just put on for my team, put on for the community, and prove myself.”

Williams also qualified in the long jump with a leap of 5.07 meters and ran the opening leg in the 4×200 relay team that also found a spot in the finals. In the 100 meter hurdles, Salt Fork’s Shelby McGee ran the sixth best time at 15.33 to move on to Saturday.

“It is such a blessing just being in this position I am in right now being able to even move on to a finals in state is incredible and it’s a big achievement and I’m just really happy right now,” McGee said.

In the 800 meter race, Paxton-Buckley-Loda’s Trixie Johnson finished second in her heat qualifying for final at 2:20.84 seconds but it wasn’t without adversity. Johnson was sick with a fever last week but is feeling better and is ready to show what she can do.

“I know I have the potential to do what it takes and being sick last week, like extremely sick, that was a huge setback for me, but I stayed positive through it all with my family members by my side helping me stay through it so getting second in that heat, being ranked 3rd with my 2.25, it was more than I could’ve asked for,” Johnson said. “I mean, I couldn’t ask for any better. I’m just ready to show my full potential on Saturday.”

The Class 2A and 3A girls’ prelims are on Friday, with all state final races on Saturday.

 Womens Results

100 Meters 1A – Prelims
1.12Alyssa Williams12.03a (2.6)PRTuscola
2.10Kaitlyn Vahling12.33a (2.5)PRTeutopolis
3.10Kiara Wesseh12.39a (2.7)PRNewark
4.12Taylor Jones12.45a (2.6)PRDowns (Tri-Valley)
5.11Kaylin Moreland12.46a (2.7)PRMacon (Meridian)
6.12Nakeita Kessling12.58a (2.5)PRHenry (H.-Senachwine)
7.9Emma Crawford12.58a (2.6)PRVirden (North Mac)
8.12Halle Rueter12.58a (2.7)SRNashville
9.12Lauren Mahoney12.61a (2.6)PRFulton
10.11Livia Binder12.68a (2.6)PRMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
11.12Savannah Tyler12.68a (2.6)Westville
12.11Mandy Nelson12.72a (2.6)PRRockford (R. Christian)
13.12Lillie Frichtl12.75a (2.7)Paxton (P.-Buckley-Loda)
14.11Jaela Pierson12.75a (2.5)PRPeoria Heights
15.11Bre Crose12.75a (2.7)Hoopeston (H. Area)
15.10Amiah Hargrove12.75a (2.6)PRChristopher
17.9Emma Randecker12.76a (2.5)Savanna (West Carroll)
18.12Kabrina Houston12.77a (2.5)PRDupo
19.12Madison Rusk12.79a (2.6)Kewanee (Wethersfield)
20.10Makhiya Stephen12.79a (2.6)PRMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
21.10Lillian Russell12.82a (2.7)PRSherrard
22.12Elliana Sunde12.82a (2.5)Liberty
23.10Reece Bertelsen12.89a (2.5)Monmouth (United)
24.9Calie Field12.93a (2.6)PRCarrollton
25.12Kelsie Minkie12.93a (2.6)Dakota
26.11Anna Lopez12.94a (2.5)PRPeru (St. Bede)
27.11Laila Givens12.99a (2.6)PRChicago (Providence-St. …
28.12Megan Becker13.12a (2.7)Central Catholic (Bloomi…
29.9Briah Johnson13.13a (2.6)Vienna
30.10Layla Lerus13.15a (2.6)PRChicago (Lycee Francais …
31.12Kate McCann13.17a (2.6)Wilmington
32.10Madison Kacevicius13.18a (2.6)Greenview
33.11Elizabeth Curry13.57a (2.7)Casey (C.-Westfield)
200 Meters 1A – Prelims
1.12Alyssa Williams24.97a (-2.1)PRTuscola
5.11Kaylin Moreland26.16a (-2.1)PRMacon (Meridian)
6.10Kaitlyn Vahling26.18a (-2.1)PRTeutopolis
2.11Cambria Geyer26.21a (-1.6)Tremont
3.10Grace Nelson26.45a (-1.1)Altamont
7.9Emma Randecker26.64a (-1.6)Savanna (West Carroll)
4.9Lia Patterson26.66a (-1.2)Tuscola
8.12Kelsie Minkie27.15a (-1.1)Dakota
9.12Taylor Jones27.16a (-2.1)Downs (Tri-Valley)
10.12Savannah Tyler27.18a (-1.2)Westville
11.11Jaela Pierson27.32a (-1.6)Peoria Heights
12.12Halle Rueter27.37a (-2.1)Nashville
13.10Kendall Stewart27.39a (-1.6)Litchfield
14.9Chloe Howerton27.40a (-1.6)Elmwood
15.12Talanie Kozuszek27.53a (-1.1)Nashville
16.9Ania Billingsley27.54a (-1.6)PRChicago (C. Hope Academy)
17.11Sammy Hentrich27.59a (-1.6)PRAlton (Marquette)
18.10Kennedy Buck27.61a (-1.6)Erie-Prophetstown
19.11Mandy Nelson27.68a (-1.1)Rockford (R. Christian)
20.10Amiah Hargrove27.76a (-2.1)Christopher
21.12Lauren Althaus27.85a (-1.2)Amboy
22.12Elliana Sunde27.92a (-1.2)Liberty
23.12Jesenia Horton-Meza27.99a (-1.1)Princeville
24.12Kate McCann28.01a (-1.1)Wilmington
25.9Belle Shoufler28.02a (-1.1)Williamsville
26.11Jennifer Bonnett28.10a (-2.1)Havana
27.12Jessica Smith28.42a (-1.2)Carmi (C.-White County)
28.10Layla Lerus28.45a (-1.1)Chicago (Lycee Francais …
29.12Taylor Draves28.70a (-1.2)Seneca
12Hope RajlichDNS (-1.2)St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
400 Meters 1A – Prelims
1.12Nakeita Kessling57.27a PRHenry (H.-Senachwine)
2.10Kaitlyn Vahling59.49a PRTeutopolis
5.10Giavanna Buscema59.66a PRRockford (R. Christian)
3.11Avery Demo59.97aRockford (R. Christian)
6.9Lily Woolery1:00.04a PRShelbyville
4.12Grace Alongi1:00.06a PRDuQuoin
7.12Kelsie Minkie1:00.30aDakota
8.10Emma Leslie1:00.56aElgin (Harvest Christian…
9.12Lauren Althaus1:00.83a PRAmboy
10.11Zoe Hassett1:00.87a PRBraidwood (Reed-Custer)
11.11Laney Hemrich1:00.98aNewton
12.11Elizabeth Curry1:01.09aCasey (C.-Westfield)
13.12Megan Becker1:01.11aCentral Catholic (Bloomi…
14.10Kennedy Buck1:01.36a PRErie-Prophetstown
15.10Kendall Stewart1:01.37a PRLitchfield
16.10Makenna Bode1:01.45aPort Byron (Riverdale)
17.12Brooke Oakley1:01.56a SRWarrensburg (W.-Latham)
18.9Alyson Clements1:01.74aChampaign (St. Thomas Mo…
19.9Clara Bruno1:01.89aSeneca
20.9Skylar Palmgren1:01.96aByron
21.10Kami Rhoades1:01.97aAthens
22.11Madalyn Booker1:02.14aSullivan
23.9Vanessa Teel1:02.66aPinckneyville
24.11Sophie Kaufman1:02.73a SREureka
25.10Lauren Haacke1:03.26aOkawville
26.11Simone Johnson1:03.51a PRSpringfield (Lutheran)
27.10Emersyn Robbins1:03.63aFairfield
28.11Emma Good1:03.83aWilliamsville
29.9Keaten Needham1:04.25aTaylor Ridge (Rockridge)
30.12Zoey Muller-Hinnant1:05.58aUrbana (University)
31.10Macie Russell1:06.47aCatlin (Salt Fork)
32.11Danielle Isasi1:06.61aWinnetka (North Shore Co…
9Ania BillingsleyDNSChicago (C. Hope Academy)
11Lindley JohnstonDNSToulon (Stark County)
800 Meters 1A – Prelims
1.10Ahry Comer2:14.23a PRGolconda (Pope County)
2.10Kennady Anderson2:15.91a PRKewanee (Wethersfield)
3.11Grace Erb2:19.49aWinnebago
4.12Carly Manchester2:20.01a PRElmhurst (IC Catholic)
5.10Kaitlyn Hatley2:20.63aGlen Carbon (Father McGi…
6.12Olivia Phillips2:20.72aDuQuoin
7.11Trixie Johnson2:20.84a PRPaxton (P.-Buckley-Loda)
8.9Abigail Wolters2:21.30a PRPleasant Plains
9.10Macie Russell2:23.53a PRCatlin (Salt Fork)
10.11Isabel Arthur2:23.78a PRMarshall
11.9Aly Douglass2:25.70a PRBethany (Okaw Valley)
12.12Riley Packer2:25.93a PRErie-Prophetstown
13.9Ella Tingley2:28.12aRobinson
14.12Brooklyn McKee2:28.31aSesser (S.-Valier)
15.10Sarah McKowen2:28.57a PRCentralia (Christ Our Ro…
16.12Anna Zlatic2:28.59aCentral Catholic (Bloomi…
17.11Sydney Bonham2:29.23aBeecher
18.12Ashley Orrick2:30.86aToulon (Stark County)
19.10Eleanor Laufenberg2:30.92aChampaign (Academy High)
20.12Heidi Heldt2:31.27aArgenta (A.-Oreana)
21.10Josie Bryan2:31.45aCarthage (Illini West)
22.12Rylea Borgic2:31.99aNewton
23.9Meika Bender2:33.25a PREureka
24.11Meg Simmons2:33.28aAstoria
25.9Yanelise Santiaguillo2:38.67aEvanston (Beacon Academy)
26.11Kailey Vickrey2:41.78aAlton (Marquette)
27.11Caroline Peters2:42.04aNew Berlin
28.9Danielle Strunk2:42.24aHeyworth
29.9Kelsey Castette2:56.07a PRChicago (Wolcott)
12Katherine ErbDNSWinnebago
12Anna PerryDNSEureka
1600 Meters 1A – Prelims
1.10Ahry Comer5:08.36aGolconda (Pope County)
3.10Kennady Anderson5:08.41a PRKewanee (Wethersfield)
2.9Elena Rybak5:10.21aGlen Carbon (Father McGi…
4.11Kate Ahmari5:11.09aUrbana (University)
5.12Anna Perry5:12.04a SREureka
6.12Carly Manchester5:14.40a PRElmhurst (IC Catholic)
7.11Kaylee Woolery5:17.01aWinnebago
8.11Eden Mueller5:17.89a PRAledo (Mercer County)
9.11Nora Brady5:20.35aCentral Catholic (Bloomi…
10.11Maris Roggensack5:20.43aWinnebago
11.9Savanna Franzen5:22.38aSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
12.9Nellie Melick5:22.42a PREl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
13.10Arianna Neisen5:23.77a PRLiberty
14.11Brooklyn Bender5:25.46a PRMarshall
15.11Jolee Larson5:27.86a PRShabbona (Indian Creek)
16.10Tess Hendrickson5:29.88a PRRock Island (Alleman)
17.10Kaitlyn Burge5:31.59a PRMackinaw (Deer Creek-M.)
18.12Ella Richter5:32.77a PRElgin (Harvest Christian…
19.9Evelyn O’Connor5:36.42aSeneca
20.12Ava Knap5:38.12aSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
21.10Anna Tynan5:46.69aShelbyville
22.9Ella Sager5:52.85aFairfield
23.10Katelyn Jones5:58.22aRobinson
24.10Katie Johnson6:06.09aAlton (Marquette)
25.12Heidi Heldt6:06.55aArgenta (A.-Oreana)
26.11Caroline Peters6:12.70aNew Berlin
27.9Elsa Plumb6:13.70a PRChicago (Waldorf)
28.12Kate Allen-Study6:38.65aChicago (F.W. Parker)
12Olivia PhillipsDNSDuQuoin
9Louisa WilsonDNSWilliamsville
100m Hurdles – 33″ 1A – Prelims
1.10Grace Nelson14.18a (1.0)PRAltamont
2.11Cambria Geyer14.62a (2.9)PRTremont
3.12Megan Williams15.12a (0.3)PRNewark
4.10Makhiya Stephen15.23a (0.7)PRMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
5.9Lia Patterson15.24a (0.3)Tuscola
6.11Shelby Mcgee15.33a (2.9)PRCatlin (Salt Fork)
7.10Kiara Wesseh15.39a (0.7)PRNewark
8.9Maisie Kull15.82a (0.3)PRShelbyville
9.10Elly Jones15.87a (1.0)Amboy
10.11Caitlyn O’Boyle16.10a (1.0)Seneca
11.11Briece Begyn16.27a (2.9)PRTaylor Ridge (Rockridge)
12.12Alana Julian16.31a (2.9)PRByron
13.12Jalynn Wood16.39a (0.7)DuQuoin
13.11Sophia Stender16.39a (0.3)Oregon
15.11Campbell Schrank16.80a (0.7)Winnebago
16.9Molly Hofmann16.81a (0.7)PRAledo (Mercer County)
17.11Aleese Trimingham16.89a (1.0)Auburn
18.11Macie Tosh16.92a (0.7)Goreville
19.12Kaitlyn Frazier17.07a (0.3)Shabbona (Indian Creek)
20.11Sydney Rutter17.17a (1.0)Riverton
21.11Maddy Harris17.17a (0.3)Downs (Tri-Valley)
22.12Rylea Borgic17.38a (2.9)Newton
23.11Shelby Logan17.38a (0.3)Eureka
24.12Shannon O’Neil17.66a (1.0)Liberty
25.10Ella Rhodes17.79a (2.9)Gilman (Iroquois West)
26.10Letresse Buisker18.25a (2.9)Forreston
27.10Alani Buchanan18.46a (0.3)Fairfield
28.11Ella Capozzi19.01a (0.7)PRWinnetka (North Shore Co…
29.11Danielle Savin19.48a (2.9)Winnetka (North Shore Co…
30.11Destiny Hooker20.60a (0.7)Fairfield
12Katie CoxDNS (1.0)Pittsfield
300m Hurdles – 30″ 1A – Prelims
1.10Grace Nelson44.29aAltamont
2.11Cambria Geyer45.60a PRTremont
3.9Lia Patterson46.76aTuscola
5.12Shannon O’Neil46.97a PRLiberty
6.9Mya Strahm47.10a PRElmwood
4.12Elynn Peterson47.11a PRElmwood
7.12Renee Rittmeyer47.52aWinnebago
8.12Carly Guinn48.85aLitchfield
9.11Campbell Schrank49.11aWinnebago
10.11Aleese Trimingham49.27aAuburn
11.11Destiny Hooker49.50a PRFairfield
12.12Rylea Borgic49.58aNewton
13.11Macie Tosh49.94aGoreville
14.10Elly Jones50.20a SRAmboy
15.10Lydia Luechtefeld50.27aOkawville
16.10Letresse Buisker50.30aForreston
17.12Cadi Hu50.36aUrbana (University)
18.12Trinity Wade50.52aShelbyville
19.11Keeli Pumphrey50.89aSeneca
20.12Emma Terwische50.90aJacksonville (Routt)
21.12Jalynn Wood51.15aDuQuoin
22.10Jenny Lumkes51.44aElmhurst (Timothy Christ…
23.11Ella Capozzi51.51aWinnetka (North Shore Co…
24.12Shelby Corbett51.51aKankakee (McNamara)
25.10Kaylee Celus51.85aKewanee (Wethersfield)
26.11Shelby Mcgee52.35aCatlin (Salt Fork)
27.11Danielle Savin52.44aWinnetka (North Shore Co…
28.12Jasmine Ishmael53.02aHavana
12Lillian AmettisDNSMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
9Emma CrawfordDNSVirden (North Mac)
4×100 Relay 1A – Prelims
1.11Leah Adlaf
12Lillian Amettis
10Makhiya Stephen
11Livia Binder
49.34aMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
2.12Kaci McKnight
12Alana Julian
12Megan Jackson
12Ava Milburn
3.11Mandy Nelson
12Paige Gardner
11Kendall Turner
11Avery Demo
49.75aRockford (R. Christian)
4.10Shelby Thorson
11Emma VanHise
12Talanie Kozuszek
12Halle Rueter
5.11Caitlyn O’Boyle
12Emma Smith
12Taylor Draves
12Faith Deering
6.11Alycia Haun
9Emrick Huston
9Katie Flynn
10Reece Bertelsen
50.44aMonmouth (United)
7.9Emma Crawford
10Addison Earley
9Kaelyn Swift
10Alexis Bowman
50.48aVirden (North Mac)
8.11Madalyn Booker
11Cassidy Short
11Alaina Moore
11Jalexis Barrett
9.9Gracie Bontemps
11Madyson Salisbury
12Wendy Paddock
11Addi Swadinsky
50.75aMackinaw (Deer Creek-M.)
10.12Asia Muhammad
11Campbell Schrank
12Katherine Erb
12Renee Rittmeyer
11.12Ally Celus
9Bella VanOpdorp
12Madison Rusk
10Kaylee Celus
50.83aKewanee (Wethersfield)
12.10Grace Wegner
9Kayleigh Tharp
11Sophie Kaufman
11Laurel Munson
13.12Cadi Hu
12Dina Hashash
12Zoey Muller-Hinnant
12Ella Greer
50.96aUrbana (University)
14.12Anastasia Couri
9Chloe Howerton
11Ainsley Faulkner
10Emma May
15.9Miraya Pessman
12Abbigail Thyne
12Mikayla Gazo
12Lauren Mahoney
16.9Addyson O’Dell
10Alaina Kuhl
11Laney Hemrich
9Makayla McVicar
17.12Marieyea Crawford
12Aniya Phillips
12Kheler Carr
9Ania Billingsley
52.18aChicago (C. Hope Academy)
18.10Sofia Ray
10Kendall Stewart
12Carly Guinn
12Lily Braasch
19.12Octavia Heidleberg
12Alexis Curtis
11Tamoni Jordan
12Kabrina Houston
20.9Reese Deckard
9Abriel Smith
9Aubrey Phillips
11Sofia Lindenberg
52.39aEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
21.11Mia Hausmann
11Harley Woodard
9Kenna Clodfelder
10Jillian Alexander
22.9Isabella Phillips
9Jaleigh Clark
9Love Dunklin
11Sophie Hill
23.12Savannah Tyler
12Jasmyn Meeker
10Olivia Hutchins
9Ella Miller
24.10Elyse Olysav
10Char Gleason
10Delaney Lines
9Belle Shoufler
25.12Nikkie Shaffer
10Ella Pearce
9Julia Bergner
10Whitney Wilson
52.85aPleasant Plains
26.12Peyton Eike
12Lindsey Hatteberg
10Brooklyn Hatteberg
9Addison Ness
27.9Leah Harbison
10Taylor Blank
10Alexia Zane
10Kylee Weber
28.10Katie Jackson
10Promise Jones
9Kendal Bleyer
9Isabella Baggett
12Kayla Kirkendall
10Shionna Hoskin
10Shyanne Spivery
11Makya Stuckey
DNSRowe-Clark Math & Scienc…
4×200 Relay 1A – Prelims
1.11Leah Adlaf
12Lillian Amettis
10Makhiya Stephen
11Livia Binder
1:45.50aMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
2.10Shelby Thorson
11Paityn Matecki
12Talanie Kozuszek
12Halle Rueter
5.12Kaci McKnight
12Alana Julian
12Megan Jackson
12Ava Milburn
3.9Addison Ness
10Brooklyn Hatteberg
12Megan Williams
10Kiara Wesseh
4.12Alyssa Williams
11Mia Hausmann
10Jillian Alexander
9Lia Patterson
6.11Alycia Haun
9Rosie Flynn
9Katie Flynn
10Reece Bertelsen
1:46.91aMonmouth (United)
7.11Kelsey Hutchins
11Lauren Copeland
10Sarah Neal
10Lillian Russell
8.12Abbigail Thyne
10Annaka Hackett
12Mikayla Gazo
12Lauren Mahoney
9.10Grace Wegner
9Kayleigh Tharp
9Sophia Musselman
11Laurel Munson
10.9Gracie Bontemps
11Madyson Salisbury
12Wendy Paddock
11Addi Swadinsky
1:48.40aMackinaw (Deer Creek-M.)
11.9Emma Crawford
9Kaelyn Swift
10Addison Earley
10Alexis Bowman
1:48.46aVirden (North Mac)
12.11Caitlyn O’Boyle
12Emma Smith
12Taylor Draves
11Anna Bruno
13.11Mandy Nelson
11Kendall Turner
12Paige Gardner
11Emma Joiner
1:48.68aRockford (R. Christian)
14.11Cassidy Short
11Izabelle Hay
11Alaina Moore
11Jalexis Barrett
15.12Cadi Hu
12Dina Hashash
12Zoey Muller-Hinnant
12Ella Greer
1:49.78aUrbana (University)
16.12Marieyea Crawford
10Kaileigh Thompson
12Aniya Phillips
9Ania Billingsley
1:50.03aChicago (C. Hope Academy)
17.12Ally Celus
9Alevia Dickens
9Bella VanOpdorp
12Madison Rusk
1:51.49aKewanee (Wethersfield)
18.10Kaylee Cowhick
12Lainey Brewer
10Jadyn Perry
12Kylie Periman
1:52.25aNew Berlin
19.12Hope Rajlich
12Grace Schmitz
11Emily Elsbernd
10Payton Carter
1:52.60aSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
20.9Addyson O’Dell
10Brooke A Schafer
10Elley Bennett
9Makayla McVicar
21.11Elise Brown
9Brooklyn Gregory
10Olivia Bingeman
12Laura Garrett
22.9Reese Deckard
11Sofia Lindenberg
9Abriel Smith
9Aubrey Phillips
1:53.24aEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
23.12Octavia Heidleberg
12Alexis Curtis
11Tamoni Jordan
12Kabrina Houston
24.10Elyse Olysav
10Char Gleason
10Delaney Lines
9Belle Shoufler
25.10Katie Jackson
9Kendal Bleyer
9Isabella Baggett
10Promise Jones
26.12Maddie Decker
9Jaleigh Clark
11Sophie Hill
10Sydney Galbraith
27.10Marisa Zane
10Taylor Blank
10Alexia Zane
10Kylee Weber
11LaToya Larry
10Ta’Jiah Diggs
10Kenyatta Newson
12Justis Bowen
DNSChicago (Noble/DRW Tradi…
4×400 Relay 1A – Prelims
1.12Lauren Heape
12Olivia Phillips
9Isabella Phillips
12Grace Alongi
2.12Renee Rittmeyer
11Marissa Roggensack
11Kaylee Woolery
11Grace Erb
3.10Grace Wegner
11Sophie Kaufman
12Elle Knapp
11Laurel Munson
5.10Kaitlyn Hatley
9Lilly Gilbertson
12Amelia Beltramea
9Elena Rybak
4:10.71aGlen Carbon (Father McGi…
6.9Clara Bruno
11Anna Bruno
9Evelyn O’Connor
12Emma Smith
4.9Skylar Palmgren
10Abby Connell
12Ava Milburn
12Megan Jackson
7.10Giavanna Buscema
11Kendall Turner
11Emma Joiner
11Avery Demo
4:11.55aRockford (R. Christian)
8.12Kailyn Ingram
12Hope Rajlich
12Ashlyn Lannert
10Helene Jones
4:12.30aSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
9.9Sydney Kinder
9Karasyn Martin
12Rylea Borgic
11Laney Hemrich
10.12Anna Zlatic
9Lauren Jones
11Nora Brady
12Megan Becker
4:13.95aCentral Catholic (Bloomi…
11.11Lauren Copeland
10Madison Mathis
10Sarah Neal
10Lillian Russell
12.12Nikkie Shaffer
11Jaidynn Albers
11Megan Derrick
9Abigail Wolters
4:15.06aPleasant Plains
13.12Mackenzie Rader
12Kailee Shreeves
10Lauren King
12Kynlee Stearns
14.12Cadi Hu
12Ella Greer
12Zoey Muller-Hinnant
11Kate Ahmari
4:16.05aUrbana (University)
15.10Marisa Zane
10Taylor Blank
10Alexia Zane
10Kylee Weber
16.10Kaylee Celus
10Olivia Goodley
11Danielle Johnson
10Kennady Anderson
4:18.01aKewanee (Wethersfield)
17.12Karlie Stauder
9Aly Douglass
9Lindsey Ozier
12Kylie Stauder
4:19.14aBethany (Okaw Valley)
18.9Lily Woolery
11Ellie Nohren
10Caroline White
12Trinity Wade
19.12Cailey Schuurmann
10Jenny Lumkes
12Paige Hoving
12Kennedi Clark
4:19.89aElmhurst (Timothy Christ…
20.10Bailey Luebchow
12Maisy Johnson
12Lillie Frichtl
11Trixie Johnson
4:19.91aPaxton (P.-Buckley-Loda)
21.12Laura Garrett
10Kaylee Hamilton
10Olivia Bingeman
10Emyliette Martinez
22.10Brooklyn Brennan
9Miraya Pessman
12Lauren Mahoney
12Mikayla Gazo
23.12McKinze Kearfott
12Jaden Randall
10Brooklyn Getz
12Riley Beer
4:27.84aWashburn (Lowpoint-W.)
24.10Lauren Haacke
11Kylie Buehler
9Alyssa Statler
10Lydia Luechtefeld
25.9Aryanna Maines
11Olivia Thoroman
11Natalie Little
10Addison Earley
4:36.30aVirden (North Mac)
26.11Bella Ketteman
12Jasmine Castillo
9mollie Mitchell
12Brooklyn McKee
4:36.48aSesser (S.-Valier)
27.11Jenna Sharp
10Madison Neighbors
10Cambrey Hedges
11Aleese Trimingham
28.11Danielle Savin
11Danielle Isasi
12Liliana Green
11Ella Capozzi
4:38.73aWinnetka (North Shore Co…
29.10Janiya Simmons
11Kristen Garth
10Aisha Halley
10Kaileigh Thompson
4:40.51aChicago (C. Hope Academy)
4×800 Relay 1A – Prelims
1.11Marissa Roggensack
12Katherine Erb
11Kaylee Woolery
11Grace Erb
3.12Lauren Heape
12Grace Alongi
10Kallie Oestreicher
12Olivia Phillips
4.9Sophie Stark
10Katelyn Jones
10Elizabeth Shea
9Ella Tingley
5.10Kaitlyn Hatley
9Jane Cummins
11Alyssa Terhaar
9Elena Rybak
9:54.67aGlen Carbon (Father McGi…
6.12Megan Becker
11Nora Brady
12Kaylie Eckhoff
12Anna Zlatic
9:55.37aCentral Catholic (Bloomi…
7.12Ava Knap
10Chloe Burkhalter
12Kailyn Ingram
9Savanna Franzen
9:56.63aSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
2.10Caitlyn Terrien
11Eva Camp
12Ella Richter
10Emma Leslie
10:02.04aElgin (Harvest Christian…
8.9Evelyn O’Connor
11Ashley Alsvig
10Gracie Steffes
9Clara Bruno
9.12Elle Knapp
9Meika Bender
10Callie Schumacher
12Anna Perry
10.12Mackenzie Rader
10Addi McKee
12Kynlee Stearns
12Kailee Shreeves
11.9Abigail Wolters
9Teagen Galloway
11Megan Derrick
11Jaidynn Albers
10:04.03aPleasant Plains
12.9Madisyn Skelley
9Jocelyn Skelley
9Beth Churchill
10Madison Mathis
13.9Lily Woolery
10Caroline White
12Emma Congenie
10Anna Tynan
14.12Dylan Chandler
12Jade Nickerson
10Jillian Norman
12Riley Packer
15.12Hannah Whalen
10Abby Sauder
9Libby Medlin
10Kaitlyn Burge
10:33.06aMackinaw (Deer Creek-M.)
16.11Alexis Kampwerth
10Reese Strubhart
12Martina Zinesi
9Isabella Hacker
10:33.47aBreese (Mater Dei)
17.10Jenny Lumkes
12Paige Hoving
12Cailey Schuurmann
12Katelyn Leonard
10:35.69aElmhurst (Timothy Christ…
18.10Sophia Castellano
10Emily Baggett
9Zoey Conway
9Vanessa Teel
19.10Jasmin Cullum
9Jossalin Lavicka
11Jahni Lavicka
11Kaydence Kuester
20.12Cailin Morris
12Emma Gard
10Bethany Jones
12Ashley Sanders
21.10Katie Johnson
11Kailey Vickrey
10Paige Rister
10Ava Certa
10:56.03aAlton (Marquette)
22.12McKinze Kearfott
9Abi Hodel
10Brooklyn Getz
12Riley Beer
11:05.09aWashburn (Lowpoint-W.)
23.11Izzy Reber
11Greta Yerkes
9Braedyn Thacker
9Yanelise Santiaguillo
11:16.31aEvanston (Beacon Academy)
24.9Kali Brewer
12Aliya Bueno
9Olivia Knott
9Jasmine Moreland
25.12Demi Drake
10Haley Etchason
9Valerie Hein
10Colleen Larry
11:21.12aDecatur (St. Teresa)
26.12Katherine Walker
11Emily Pounder
10Riley Mendenhall
9Hannah Nation
27.12Kylee Eiting
9Joelle Hughes
10Emma Dively
11Delanie Ulrich
12Keyla Cerilo
11Helen Linares
12Emily Armira
11Crystal Cervantes
DNSChicago (C. Hope Academy)
Shot Put – 4kg 1A – Prelims
1.12Jenae Bothe13.17mOregon
2.12Kayla Braun12.21mSparta
3.12Olivia Birge11.83m PRCatlin (Salt Fork)
4.12Olivia Campbell11.42mPittsfield
5.10Sydni Badertscher11.37m PRForreston
6.10Etta Wagner11.30m PRElmwood
7.12Ebony Thompson11.17mBiggsville (West Central)
8.12Jolie Foreman11.10mRiverton
9.12Cassidy Miller11.00mKewanee (Wethersfield)
10.11Jazzi Hicks10.99mCerro Gordo-Bement
11.12Hannah Logan10.84mWinnebago
12.12Cassidy Clark10.76mMt. Pulaski
13.12Hannah Sievers10.73mRed Bud
14.12Aubrey Brinkman10.70mGlasford (Illini Bluffs)
15.12Emma Tolbert10.61mJohnston City
16.12Abigail Tapuaiga10.60mChampaign (Judah Christi…
17.11Emma Eggemeyer10.38mChester
18.12Amani Gladney10.32mPalos Heights (Chicago C…
19.10Kennedy Buck10.30mErie-Prophetstown
20.10Brooke Cowger10.26mPatoka
21.12Kjersten Friestad10.05mNewark
22.11Laney Lester9.96mHenry (H.-Senachwine)
23.12Amber Russell9.79mNewton
24.9Abby Flowers9.76m PRCarrollton
25.9Addie Stadsholt9.62mAthens
26.10Morgan Frye9.61mDeland (D.-Weldon)
27.10Emilise Comeau8.65mWinnetka (North Shore Co…
28.12Addison Ritchie8.24mDowns (Tri-Valley)
29.9Ayana Hoskins7.76mMelrose Park (Walther Ch…
Discus – 1kg 1A – Prelims
1.12Olivia Campbell42.47m SRPittsfield
2.12Cassidy Clark40.98mMt. Pulaski
3.12Aubrey Brinkman40.52m PRGlasford (Illini Bluffs)
4.12Charlotte Frere40.38mSherrard
5.11Laney Lester37.37mHenry (H.-Senachwine)
6.12Alyssa Cole37.05m PRNashville
7.12Hannah Logan37.00m PRWinnebago
8.11Olivia Meskan36.69mSherrard
9.11Anna Webel35.83mFarmington
9.12Olivia Birge35.83mCatlin (Salt Fork)
11.12Kamee Lytle35.59m PRBridgeport (Red Hill)
12.11Amanda Gustafson35.37m PRWinnebago
13.11Adi Scott35.00m PRMarshall
14.12Faith Deering34.46mSeneca
15.9Hannah Gibson33.93mCarlinville
16.12Jenae Bothe33.23mOregon
17.9Addie Stadsholt32.68mAthens
18.10Sydni Badertscher32.19mForreston
19.9Brenna Dutcher31.75mWarrensburg (W.-Latham)
20.12Emma Tolbert31.72m PRJohnston City
21.12Jolie Foreman31.48mRiverton
22.9Maya Rounds30.98mSesser (S.-Valier)
23.12Kjersten Friestad30.47m PRNewark
24.12Abigail Tapuaiga29.80mChampaign (Judah Christi…
25.11Ruby Konkel28.80mNashville
26.12Brody Garcia28.69mKewanee (Wethersfield)
27.11Brianna Neumiller28.64mErie-Prophetstown
28.12Addison Ritchie28.29mDowns (Tri-Valley)
29.10Savannah Shumate26.51mGibson City (G.C.-Melvin…
30.12Carla Verduzco22.51mMelrose Park (Walther Ch…
31.9Jasmine Mejia21.57mChicago (Rickover Naval …
High Jump 1A – Prelims
1.10Kiara Wesseh1.55mNewark
2.12Brooke Probst1.55mShabbona (Indian Creek)
3.12Kylie Periman1.55mNew Berlin
4.9Mia Range1.55mGlen Carbon (Father McGi…
5.11Addie McWhorter1.55mBrownstown
6.12Kaci Papin1.55m SRHillsboro
7.11Sophie Hill1.55mDuQuoin
8.10Letresse Buisker1.55mForreston
9.11Alexis Wike1.55mFarmer City (Blue Ridge)
10.12Rebekah Hannah1.55m PRVirden (North Mac)
11.12Brooke Oakley1.55m SRWarrensburg (W.-Latham)
12.12Mia Harris1.55mBethany (Okaw Valley)
13.10Ella McFarland1.52mBismarck (B.-Henning-Ros…
13.12Brynlee Keeran1.52mCatlin (Salt Fork)
13.12Carly Guinn1.52mLitchfield
13.10Gracie Smithenry1.52mNewton
13.12Kadence McCartney1.52mSherrard
18.11Briece Begyn1.47mTaylor Ridge (Rockridge)
18.12Abby Behrens1.47mSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
18.12Maisy Johnson1.47mPaxton (P.-Buckley-Loda)
18.12Katryna Tewes1.47mPleasant Plains
18.11Marley Leman1.47m PRWashburn (Lowpoint-W.)
18.12Renee Rittmeyer1.47mWinnebago
18.12Hailey Baugh1.47mNashville
18.11Kyra Carothers1.47mMendon (Unity)
18.9Makayla Albrecht1.47mCentral Catholic (Bloomi…
18.9Reagan Reed1.47mCarthage (Illini West)
18.9Ellee Green1.47mDuQuoin
29.9Aubrey Phillips1.42mEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
10Zora KerseyNHChicago (Rickover Naval …
10Emilise ComeauNHWinnetka (North Shore Co…
10Meghan TiemensNHPalos Heights (Chicago C…
10Jess JohnsNHSterling (Newman Central…
Pole Vault 1A – Prelims
1.12Isabelle Hemmen3.27mTeutopolis
2.12Brynlee Keeran3.27mCatlin (Salt Fork)
4.10Reagan Gibson3.27mShabbona (Indian Creek)
5.12Miranda Hursey3.27mFarmington
6.12Kylie Stauder3.27mBethany (Okaw Valley)
7.10Allison Geen3.27m PREffingham (St. Anthony)
8.9Mya Strahm3.27mElmwood
9.12Ryleigh Warden3.27mWinnebago
10.12Karlie Stauder3.27mBethany (Okaw Valley)
11.10Payton Carter3.27mSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
12.10Haley Carlton3.27mGeorgetown (G.-Ridge Far…
13.11Livia Binder3.27mMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
14.10Kylee Weber3.27m PRRobinson
3.12Sophia Sumer3.20mTremont
15.10Adalynn Miller3.05mShelbyville
15.12Jalynn Wood3.05mDuQuoin
17.10Olivia Purvis2.90m PRErie-Prophetstown
17.9Tess Carlson2.90mNewark
17.11Sofia Nuzzo2.90mSullivan
17.10Teagan Johnson2.90mSeneca
17.9Ellie Bend2.90mShabbona (Indian Creek)
17.10Emily Duckett2.90mShelbyville
17.12Grace Schmitz2.90mSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
17.10Bailey Luebchow2.90m SRPaxton (P.-Buckley-Loda)
25.12Emily Lowis2.75m PRPiasa (Southwestern)
25.12Alexa Hayes2.75mRushville (R.-Industry)
25.9Camryn Martin2.75mNewton
25.10Lizzie Uphoff2.75mEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
25.11Jenna Sharp2.75mAuburn
25.12Ashley Strode2.75mAstoria
31.9Anna Greene2.60mEffingham (St. Anthony)
32.10Emma Chick2.45mWest Frankfort (Frankfor…
9Sonya PlesciaNHOregon
11Mary MohrNHOrion
9Payton ZerullNHSherrard
12Hayley WuebbenNHErie-Prophetstown
11Sophie SchubertNHNashville
12Cassidy WebbNHFairfield
Long Jump 1A – Prelims
1.12Nakeita Kessling5.44mHenry (H.-Senachwine)
2.12Kate McCann5.24mWilmington
3.11Laurel Munson5.22mEureka
4.12Bella Zigler5.19m PRCerro Gordo-Bement
5.12Megan Williams5.15mNewark
6.11Cassidy Short5.13mSullivan
7.11Leah Adlaf5.13mMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
8.11Jennifer Bonnett5.10mHavana
9.12Alyssa Williams5.07mTuscola
10.11Addi Swadinsky5.07mMackinaw (Deer Creek-M.)
11.11Lacie Schultz5.03mGreenview
12.9Maisie Kull5.00mShelbyville
13.12Brynlee Keeran4.98mCatlin (Salt Fork)
14.11Anna Bruno4.94mSeneca
15.10Teagan Johnson4.90mSeneca
15.10Amaya Teague4.90mRockford (Lutheran)
15.10Elly Jones4.90mAmboy
18.9Love Dunklin4.88mDuQuoin
19.10Amber-Christine Reed4.84mBismarck (B.-Henning-Ros…
20.10Brandy Petitt4.81mRiverton
21.12Dina Hashash4.80mUrbana (University)
21.10Desirae Dockery4.80mMcLeansboro (Hamilton Co…
23.9Carly Kasten4.77mNashville
23.10Madison Kacevicius4.77mGreenview
25.11Sammy Hentrich4.76mAlton (Marquette)
26.12Lindsey Hatteberg4.73mNewark
27.10Morgan Knoblett4.70m PRPalestine
28.11Anna Lopez4.63mPeru (St. Bede)
29.10Emma May4.60mElmwood
30.9Addyson O’Dell4.50mNewton
31.12Kylie Hill4.48mSavanna (West Carroll)
32.12Kallie Roberson4.26mAbingdon (A.-Avon)
33.11Kayla Zurliene4.25mBreese (Mater Dei)
34.11Kristen Garth4.13mChicago (C. Hope Academy)
10rayana BillupsDNSRowe-Clark Math & Scienc…
Triple Jump 1A – Prelims
1.12Megan Williams11.28mNewark
2.12Brynlee Keeran11.06m PRCatlin (Salt Fork)
3.12Bailey Barber10.58mWarsaw (Hamilton-West Ha…
4.11Shelby Mcgee10.58mCatlin (Salt Fork)
5.11Kelsey Hutchins10.56mSherrard
6.11Alexis Hetzer10.55m PRNewton
7.11Anna Lopez10.45mPeru (St. Bede)
8.10Laney Nelson10.43mDowns (Tri-Valley)
9.10Elly Jones10.33mAmboy
10.12Grace Alongi10.27m SRDuQuoin
11.12Brooke Probst10.26mShabbona (Indian Creek)
12.12Emma Terwische10.04mJacksonville (Routt)
13.12Alexa Miller10.04mArthur (A.-Lovington-Atw…
13.12Trinity Wade10.04mShelbyville
15.11Caitlyn O’Boyle9.90mSeneca
16.12Alana Robertson9.76mGlasford (Illini Bluffs)
17.11Adelyn Richard9.75mRockford (Lutheran)
18.9Carly Kasten9.65mNashville
19.9Love Dunklin9.61mDuQuoin
20.11Olivia Shelly9.57mSavanna (West Carroll)
21.11Tamoni Jordan9.45mDupo
22.9Grace Bekeske9.38m PRStaunton
23.10Rylee Bramley9.34mDowns (Tri-Valley)
24.10Maggie Moeller9.33mEffingham (St. Anthony)
24.10Zora Kersey9.33m PRChicago (Rickover Naval …
26.12Anna May9.16mJacksonville (Routt)
27.12AmyDee Bachman9.05mPiasa (Southwestern)
9Tori BrownFOULGlasford (Illini Bluffs)
9Kenesse ClemonsFOULChicago (Providence-St. …