CHARLESTON (WCIA) — While it was all smiles for some, Rantoul’s Brianna Dixon was emotional after winning her heat in the 100-meter hurdles with a run of 14.45 seconds in the Class 2A prelims on Friday. The junior finished second overall in the event to advance to Saturday’s final.

“I’m just a little disappointed,” Dixon said, who was ranked No. 1 in the event coming into state. “I didn’t really run as best as I could and I hit a hurdle, but I mean I’m glad it was prelims and I still have a chance to make it up tomorrow.”

Dixon also finished 9th overall in the 300-meter hurdles at 47.83 seconds, to go along with a 4th place showing in high jump (1.52 meters) after taking third in the event last year.

“Pretty confident in it,” Dixon said. “This is my first year doing this so I’m glad I even made it to state this year. I’m just hoping to get my steps right and do what I know I can do.”

Urbana freshman standout Syniyah Quenga helped her team finish 5th in the 200 meter relay. She also took 8th in the 200 meter dash at 26.61 seconds.

“I feel so grateful and blessed cause me as a freshman running senior level speed, I just feel so amazing,” Quenga said. “I feel like this was meant to happen. I feel like I have way more coming from me most definitely for my senior year.”

In the 4×800 replay, Mt. Zion came from behind to win their heat and finish second overall at 9:54. 79 seconds. Sacred Heart-Griffin, Unity and Monticello finished in the top 10 as well. Mt Zion’s Sofia Munoz said this win gives them the confidence going into finals.

“Our only goal was just to make it in so I was just going to stay behind her the whole time and trust my little sprinting skills and get us in first,” Mt. Zion Sofia Munoz said.

100 Meters 2A – Prelims
1.11Emmi Scales12.00a (1.1)PRArlington Heights (St. V…
2.10Lamonyca Bryant12.05a (1.6)PRChicago (Westinghouse Co…
5.10Kayda Austin12.07a (1.6)PRCahokia (H.S.)
6.10Symone Frison12.14a (1.6)PRChicago (Lindblom)
3.11Anna Barr12.18a (1.2)PRNormal (University)
7.11Nevaeh Lowe12.23a (1.6)PRKankakee (Sr.)
4.9Lena Jackson12.28a (1.4)Peoria (Richwoods)
8.12Hana Ling12.31a (1.4)PRChicago (Payton)
9.10Alaina Lester12.32a (1.2)Belleville (Althoff Cath…
10.10Reese Mitchell12.37a (1.1)SRNormal (University)
11.11Vionche Terry12.38a (1.4)PRChicago (Phillips
12.11Camiya Williams12.38a (1.4)PRPeoria (Manual)
13.12Makenna McBride12.40a (1.4)PRCharleston
14.12Saniah Stewart12.40a (1.1)PRKankakee (Sr.)
15.10Olivia Redpath12.47a (1.4)PRSpringfield (Sacred Hear…
16.11Armoney Clay12.48a (1.6)PRPlano
17.11Kayla Nelson12.49a (1.2)PRTolono (Unity)
18.11Brenna Uppleger12.50a (1.1)PRHarvard
19.10Caitlyn Casella12.50a (1.2)PRJohnsburg
20.12Torrie Blasko12.54a (1.1)PRLisle (Benet Academy)
21.9Kamaree Pollard12.55a (1.2)PRMt. Vernon (H.S.)
22.9Brenna Huff12.55a (1.1)PRPeoria (Richwoods)
23.12Alecia Doyle12.67a (1.1)Carterville
24.11Addison Pischke12.70a (1.4)PRGeneseo
25.9Anna Cruz12.75a (1.6)Burbank (St. Laurence)
26.12Josilyn Ballor12.85a (1.2)Morton
27.11Abby Venhaus12.86a (1.6)Columbia
28.12Liberty Hayes12.87a (1.2)PRRochelle
200 Meters 2A – Prelims
1.9Naomi Bey-Osborne25.79a (-0.3)Kankakee (Sr.)
2.11Nevaeh Lowe26.07a (-1.3)Kankakee (Sr.)
3.10Alaina Lester26.21a (-2.8)Belleville (Althoff Cath…
4.10Kayda Austin26.22a (-2.8)Cahokia (H.S.)
5.10Keymora Hayes26.39a (-1.3)Cahokia (H.S.)
6.12Makenna McBride26.51a (-0.3)Charleston
7.12Lilly Alberts26.60a (-1.3)Richmond (R.-Burton)
8.FrSyniyah Quenga26.61a (-0.3)Urbana
9.11Kayla Nelson26.61a (-0.3)Tolono (Unity)
10.9Kamaree Pollard26.64a (-0.3)Mt. Vernon (H.S.)
11.12Kaylee Allen26.67a (-2.8)Galesburg (H.S.)
13.10Syriah Boyd26.78a (-1.3)Galesburg (H.S.)
14.10Symone Frison26.79a (-2.8)Chicago (Lindblom)
15.9Angelena Bullocks26.82a (-1.3)Chicago (Westinghouse Co…
16.11Vionche Terry26.88a (-1.3)Chicago (Phillips
17.12Olivia Yarbrough26.91a (-0.3)PRMaple Park (Kaneland)
18.10Reese Mitchell27.14a (-2.8)Normal (University)
19.10Caitlyn Casella27.16a (-0.3)Johnsburg
20.11Ariana Tramil27.84a (-2.8)Chicago (Phoenix Militar…
21.11Ellie Logsdon27.98a (-2.8)Genoa (G.-Kingston)
22.9Anna Cruz27.99a (-1.3)Burbank (St. Laurence)
23.10Takeisha Berry28.14a (-0.3)Lombard (Montini)
9Lena JacksonDNS (-1.3)Peoria (Richwoods)
400 Meters 2A – Prelims
1.10Mia Rodriguez58.05a PRChicago Heights (Marian)
2.12Lilly Alberts58.22a PRRichmond (R.-Burton)
4.10Aniya Lewis58.65aKankakee (Sr.)
3.9Naomi Bey-Osborne58.82aKankakee (Sr.)
5.11Rose Talbert58.99a SRMonticello
6.12Ja Breah Liddell59.40aMt. Vernon (H.S.)
7.10Rachel Ogunleye59.42a PRNormal (University)
8.11Isabella Orozco1:00.04aAurora (Central Catholic)
9.11Kiala Colbert1:00.51aChicago (Westinghouse Co…
10.11Alexandria Simmons1:00.58aChicago (Brooks)
11.12Brooklyn Marshall1:00.73aMetamora
12.11Hailey Tucker1:00.85aCahokia (H.S.)
13.11Becca Runyan1:01.00aLake Villa (Lakes)
14.10Poppy Beiser1:01.78aChicago (University)
15.12Jayda Williams1:02.11aMascoutah
16.9Emma Pierson1:02.32a PRBelvidere
17.12Ava Morales1:02.33aGalesburg (H.S.)
18.11Sterling Scarlette1:02.34aSpringfield (Sacred Hear…
19.12Emily Spooner1:03.02aRock Falls
20.12Isabela Flores1:03.40a SRLisle (Benet Academy)
21.9Alayna Plahm1:04.15aLaGrange Park (Nazareth …
22.10Kayla Holmes1:04.58aChicago (Lindblom)
10Gabrielle WalkerDNSChicago (DePaul College …
9Ashlyn DenneyDNSTolono (Unity)
800 Meters 2A – Prelims
1.11Colleen Zeibert2:16.16a SRRochester
2.10Becca Heitzig2:17.59aLincoln
3.11Isabella Orozco2:21.51aAurora (Central Catholic)
4.12Ashleigh Anderson2:22.05aMt. Zion
5.10Gabrielle Walker2:22.39aChicago (DePaul College …
6.11Brodie Denny2:23.57aAnna (A.-Jonesboro)
7.11Hannah Steinmeyer2:24.18aDixon (H.S.)
8.11Mabry Bruhn2:24.78aMonticello
9.9Mia Menendez2:25.77aOak Park (Fenwick)
10.11Madison Perez2:26.60aLake Villa (Lakes)
11.10Kerrigan Vandel2:27.53aEast Peoria
12.9Brooke Zeibert2:29.58aRochester
13.10Jadie Chavez2:29.74aBurbank (St. Laurence)
14.11Jaide Flowers2:31.40aGeneseo
15.10Bella Morey2:32.46aNew Lenox (Providence Ca…
16.12Allison Feeney2:34.84aChicago (Northside)
17.10Claire Blotnik2:35.49aJoliet (Catholic Academy)
18.9Eislee Moore2:36.23aCarbondale (H.S.)
19.10Olivia Kunio2:43.56aAurora (Rosary)
20.10Jolenta Cerant2:44.01aChicago (Lindblom)
21.10Cheresa Turek2:44.28aChicago (University)
12Ava ParekhDNSChicago (Latin)
11Anna BieberDNSStanford (Olympia)
1600 Meters 2A – Prelims
1.11Tatum David4:54.83aOlney (Richland County)
2.12Ava Parekh5:01.77aChicago (Latin)
3.12Elia Ton-That5:01.85aChicago (Northside)
4.12Mary Grace Hegberg5:04.22aArlington Heights (St. V…
5.11Louisa Diamond5:05.23aLisle (Benet Academy)
6.9Mia Kotler5:06.79a PRChicago (Latin)
7.12Lianna Surtz5:07.38aAurora (Rosary)
8.12Delaney Fitzgerald5:07.55aNormal (University)
9.12Emma Skinner5:09.32a PRMorton
10.9Zoe Carter5:11.33aNormal (University)
11.11Hannah Meiser5:16.83aBethalto (Civic Memorial)
12.10Emma Smith5:19.42aDixon (H.S.)
13.11Josephine Dziedzic5:19.85aChicago (Payton)
14.11Mabry Bruhn5:21.04aMonticello
15.11Eris Nelson5:21.67a PRBelleville (Althoff Cath…
16.9Lucia Ton-That5:23.60aChicago (Northside)
17.11Bella Daley5:24.41aOak Park (Fenwick)
18.10Madison Twarling5:29.34aLake Villa (Lakes)
19.11Brodie Denny5:31.87aAnna (A.-Jonesboro)
20.11Sofia Munoz5:32.02aMt. Zion
21.12Amanda O’Donnell5:34.16a SRChicago (University)
22.10Hana Ford5:35.52a PRRock Falls
23.9Chiara Surtz5:41.04aAurora (Rosary)
24.11Riley Doyle5:52.57aRoxana
25.12Maya Mubayi6:01.96aChicago (University)
26.10Annie Tibbot6:06.51aJoliet (Catholic Academy)
27.10Gracie Kent6:16.49aHerscher
100m Hurdles – 33″ 2A – Prelims
1.11Emmi Scales14.11a (1.8)PRArlington Heights (St. V…
2.11Brianna Dixon14.45a (1.3)Rantoul
4.12Ali Rapps14.73a (1.3)PRGeneseo
3.11Kennedy Ross14.93a (1.1)Chicago (Lindblom)
5.11Anna Barr15.07a (1.8)SRNormal (University)
6.11Gianna Huerta15.56a (1.3)PRGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
7.11Mia Jackson15.57a (1.1)Peoria (Richwoods)
8.11Joycelyn Crum15.74a (1.8)Lake Villa (Lakes)
9.10Bre’Air Starkley15.91a (1.1)PRRichton Park (Southland …
10.10Bri Ritchie16.19a (1.1)PRTolono (Unity)
11.12Kaitlyn Baumann16.20a (1.3)Morton
12.12Hannah Lacey16.38a (1.1)PRGalena (H.S.)
13.10Anyla Fountain16.56a (1.1)PRChicago (South Shore Int…
14.12Mary Dietz16.64a (1.3)Aurora (Rosary)
15.9Macie Rolf16.65a (1.8)Springfield (Sacred Hear…
16.12Brianna Jones16.71a (1.3)PRSpringfield (Southeast)
17.11Nina Tomko16.80a (1.3)PRBurlington (Central)
18.12Jonnyse Pitts16.92a (1.8)Kankakee (Sr.)
19.12Marah Johnston17.24a (1.8)Waterloo (H.S.)
20.12Maddie Maragni17.24a (1.8)PRMarion
21.11Janely Correa18.05a (1.1)PRChicago (Noble/ITW Speer)
22.12Martha Tidwell19.10a (1.8)Chicago (Ogden Internati…
9Jenna SczesniakDQ (1.1)Burbank (St. Laurence)
300m Hurdles – 30″ 2A – Prelims
1.11Emmi Scales44.48aArlington Heights (St. V…
4.11Gianna Huerta45.45a PRGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Sou…
2.12Ali Rapps46.34aGeneseo
3.11Annie Wirth46.37aGeneseo
5.11Kennedy Ross47.09aChicago (Lindblom)
6.12Brianna Jones47.39aSpringfield (Southeast)
7.11Anna Barr47.41aNormal (University)
8.10Alivia Henkel47.60aRochelle
9.11Brianna Dixon47.83aRantoul
10.11Alyvia Fager48.43aChillicothe (Illinois Va…
11.9Gabby Graham48.83a PRTinley Park
12.11Madison Morgan49.05a PREvergreen Park
13.12Kayla Edwards49.28aTroy (Triad)
14.9Lily Ford49.74aMt. Zion
15.10Amelia Martin49.90aMascoutah
16.10Olivia Pastovich50.02aMaple Park (Kaneland)
17.12Hana Ling50.12aChicago (Payton)
18.10Bella Borta50.14aWoodstock (North)
19.10Natalie Drain51.55aMascoutah
20.11Julia Rodriguez52.51aLisle (Benet Academy)
21.10Chloe Sedler59.30aChicago (Latin)
22.9Julia Grotthuss1:02.15aChicago (University)
4×100 Relay 2A – Prelims
1.12Saniah Stewart
11Nevaeh Lowe
12Sydney Ramsey
9Naomi Bey-Osborne
48.49aKankakee (Sr.)
2.11Mariah Cade
9Brenna Huff
11Olivia Skibinski
9Lena Jackson
48.84aPeoria (Richwoods)
3.10Tiara Johnson
12Ja Breah Liddell
11Saryah Dixon
9Kamaree Pollard
48.99aMt. Vernon (H.S.)
4.12Jade Carthans
10Reese Mitchell
10Jersey Jones
10Karianna Merriweather
49.11aNormal (University)
5.10Taylor Holland
9Kaylah Forrest
10Janiyah Oglesby
9Gabby Graham
49.34aTinley Park
6.11Kiala Colbert
11Gabriela Vargas
9Angelena Bullocks
10Lamonyca Bryant
49.86aChicago (Westinghouse Co…
7.11Emma Wilson
10Syriah Boyd
12Ava Morales
12Kaylee Allen
50.01aGalesburg (H.S.)
8.11Kennedy Ross
9Chloe Brown
10Kayla Holmes
10Symone Frison
50.28aChicago (Lindblom)
9.12Janae Maxwell
10Kaydence Kelly
12Olivia Hartwell
11Bailey Williams
10.12Shamera Moore
12Isabella Wallis
FrSyniyah Quenga
12Tiarra Townsend-cooper
11.10Bailii Graham
10Ambrasha Lampley
11Daja Coleman
10Armoni Glenn
50.37aEast St. Louis (Sr.)
12.9Ella Dicara
11Nora Christensen
10Abby Hartzer
12Anna Kegel
50.40aMundelein (Carmel)
13.10Iman Baumgartner
9Emma Pierson
11Lory Lopez
11Zoey Proper
14.12Nour Hijab
10Ellie Walker
12Narmeen Chahal
9Kelecia Mangue
50.73aChampaign (Central)
15.9Macie Rolf
11Sterling Scarlette
12Bella Madonia
10Olivia Redpath
50.87aSpringfield (Sacred Hear…
16.12Shanyla Strawder
11Vionche Terry
12Jasmine Jones
10Kamarianna Mitchell
50.90aChicago (Phillips
17.12Brooke Reynolds
11Nina Tomko
12Samara Granger
12Izzy Solomon
51.19aBurlington (Central)
18.10Takeisha Berry
9Camryn Amouzou
11Ava Kehoskie
10Sofia Fisher
51.23aLombard (Montini)
19.12Zoey Tate
12Martha Tidwell
9Jade Hamilton-Gill
12Shamauri Brackett
51.47aChicago (Ogden Internati…
20.12Elliana Arnold
12Rese Bastuga
12Katie Kelly
12Torrie Blasko
51.70aLisle (Benet Academy)
21.10Sara Byrne
11Haneefa Adam
12Tamia Quach
11Kendall Williams
52.03aWilmette (Regina Dominic…
11Addison Pischke
9Allison Reade
11Sierra Krueger
12Ali Rapps
4×200 Relay 2A – Prelims
1.12Saniah Stewart
12Sydney Ramsey
12Jakia Autman
11Nevaeh Lowe
1:41.65aKankakee (Sr.)
2.10Syriah Boyd
12Ava Morales
11Taylor Raska
12Kaylee Allen
1:44.08aGalesburg (H.S.)
3.9A’yiana Maxwell
11Olivia Skibinski
9Lena Jackson
9Brenna Huff
1:44.67aPeoria (Richwoods)
4.12Jade Carthans
12Naomi Elliott
10Karianna Merriweather
10Jersey Jones
1:44.82aNormal (University)
5.12Shamera Moore
12Isabella Wallis
FrSyniyah Quenga
12Tiarra Townsend-cooper
6.11Addison Pischke
11Annie Wirth
11Phoebe Shoemaker
11Sierra Krueger
7.12Izzy Solomon
9Danica Wiegel
10Kenzie Andersen
11Paige Greenhagel
1:46.18aBurlington (Central)
8.12Nour Hijab
12Narmeen Chahal
9Kelecia Mangue
11Kyla Canales
1:46.94aChampaign (Central)
9.9Ella Dicara
11Nora Christensen
10Abby Hartzer
12Anna Kegel
1:47.59aMundelein (Carmel)
10.10Armoni Glenn
10Ambrasha Lampley
10Bailii Graham
10Imani BOX
1:47.64aEast St. Louis (Sr.)
11.11Shelby Stall
10Ava Bullock
12Amelia Plohg
11Joycelyn Crum
1:47.72aLake Villa (Lakes)
12.9Kristin Smith
11Molly Grohmann
12Carleigh McFarlane
9Taylor Thorsten
1:47.79aWaterloo (H.S.)
13.12Zoey Tate
12Martha Tidwell
9Jade Hamilton-Gill
12Shamauri Brackett
1:48.09aChicago (Ogden Internati…
14.11Carmela Woods
12Gabriela Flores
11Morgan Wright
12Akirah Fort
1:48.22aEvergreen Park
15.10Angel Haynes
9Kylee Gardner
12Oluwalosetemi Ajakaiye
11Takesha Smith
1:48.52aChicago (South Shore Int…
16.9Brenna Stearns
12Olivia Hartwell
10Kaydence Kelly
11Bailey Williams
17.9Grace Ronek
12Rese Bastuga
10Ava Strugala
12Torrie Blasko
1:49.58aLisle (Benet Academy)
18.12Shanyla Strawder
11Vionche Terry
12Jasmine Jones
10Kamarianna Mitchell
1:51.13aChicago (Phillips
19.10Takeisha Berry
9Camryn Amouzou
9Julia Gergen
10Sofia Fisher
1:51.32aLombard (Montini)
20.10Amanda Harris
10Samantha Conroy
11Gianna Almeida
11Alexa Calbow
21.9Angelena Bullocks
11Gabriela Vargas
12Nadaya Richardson
10Lamonyca Bryant
1:52.16aChicago (Westinghouse Co…
22.12Rachel Yates
10Riley Cissell
12Maddy Schmidt
12Morgan Noyes
1:53.63aTroy (Triad)
4×400 Relay 2A – Prelims
1.9Mallory Short
12Reese McCuan
10Alyssa Company
10Becca Heitzig
4.12Aliza Welker
10Mya Wardle
12Molly Rickey
12Gillian McDaniel
4:03.32aPeoria (Notre Dame)
2.12Naomi Elliott
11Allie Zastrow
10Rachel Ogunleye
10Jersey Jones
4:05.07aNormal (University)
3.11Sierra Krueger
11Addison Pischke
11Phoebe Shoemaker
12Ali Rapps
5.12Sydney Ramsey
10Aniya Lewis
12Jakia Autman
9Naomi Bey-Osborne
4:08.79aKankakee (Sr.)
6.11Becca Runyan
11Shelby Stall
11Madison Perez
12Amelia Plohg
4:09.29aLake Villa (Lakes)
7.10Maggie Fleischli
11Kaitlyn Lee
9Macie Rolf
11Sterling Scarlette
4:09.65aSpringfield (Sacred Hear…
8.9Ashlyn Denney
12Arianna Pruitt-LeFairve
10Bri Ritchie
11Lauren Miller
4:10.38aTolono (Unity)
9.12Jayda Williams
10Amelia Martin
10Tatum Maschhoff
10Natalie Drain
10.9Kristin Smith
11Molly Grohmann
9Taylor Thorsten
12Marah Johnston
4:14.27aWaterloo (H.S.)
11.12Ashleigh Anderson
9Brooklyn Kondritz
10Hillary Owens
11Sofia Munoz
4:14.41aMt. Zion
12.12Laila Fields
10Taylor Holland
9Kaylah Forrest
9Gabby Graham
4:18.63aTinley Park
13.12Lianna Surtz
9Lily Caruso
12Maria Panagakis
10Christina Ferraro
4:19.37aAurora (Rosary)
14.10Kenzie Andersen
9Mia Estrada
11Paige Greenhagel
10Corryn Kester
4:20.17aBurlington (Central)
15.11Amanda McGreal
11Laura Murphy
11Julia Valaika
10Myla Roy
4:24.01aRiver Forest (Trinity)
16.11Kaylen Cheng
9Cyriana Lara
12Caitlyn Fardy
12Hannah Bartels
4:25.11aChicago (Payton)
17.12Ava Morales
11Taylor Raska
11Emma Wilson
12Kaylee Allen
4:29.45aGalesburg (H.S.)
18.10Kayla Holmes
12Mikayla Godbolt
10Brooklynn Brown
10Jolenta Cerant
4:29.64aChicago (Lindblom)
19.11Sidney Jones
9Caroline Schermerhorn
11Kathleen Fitzpatrick
9Catherine Glasstetter
4:31.17aArlington Heights (St. V…
20.9Clare Sandoval
10Neeve Olson
12Madeline Bent
9Alayna Plahm
4:31.69aLaGrange Park (Nazareth …
21.9Ailne Cruz
12Jocelyn Apaez
10Brianna Stark
9Ruby Bustamante
4:34.07aChicago (Noble/ITW Speer)
22.11Hailey Tucker
11Andrianne Millsap
11Andrionna Millsap
10Keymora Hayes
4:34.58aCahokia (H.S.)
23.12Amanda O’Donnell
10Mary Bridget Molony
12Maya Mubayi
10Poppy Beiser
4:41.59aChicago (University)
4×800 Relay 2A – Prelims
1.10Madison Twarling
11Madison Perez
10Paige-Elicia Caruth
11Becca Runyan
9:51.83aLake Villa (Lakes)
2.10Camille Mavis
12Emma Mallory
10Emma Crowley
11Sofia Munoz
9:54.79aMt. Zion
3.12Arianna Holbrook
10Zuzana Bielak
12Allison Feeney
9Lucia Ton-That
9:55.22aChicago (Northside)
4.11Sterling Scarlette
9Ava Hancock
10Maggie Fleischli
11Kaitlyn Lee
10:01.22aSpringfield (Sacred Hear…
5.11Hannah Steinmeyer
10Emma Smith
10Keeley Mick
11Kait Knipple
10:02.27aDixon (H.S.)
6.11Josephine Dziedzic
11Kaylen Cheng
12Maggie Goldman
11Veronica Fuller
10:06.05aChicago (Payton)
7.9Camryn Reedy
12Arianna Pruitt-LeFairve
9Josephine Cler
9Ashlyn Denney
10:12.63aTolono (Unity)
8.12Clara Rudolph
11Mabry Bruhn
12Kyara Welter
12Rachel Koon
9.9Abby Tudeen
10Maggie Diefenthaler
9Dakota Rousseau
11Saniya Mathew
10.11Addi Schmedeke
9Brooke Zeibert
11Trinity Hicks
11Colleen Zeibert
11.10Danielle Mudd
10Angelynn Kanyuck
9Cameron Crump
9Kamryn Rader
10:20.49aWaterloo (H.S.)
12.11Mary Breitbach
9Corrina Fassino
9Meghan Zopel
9Julia Mingus
10:20.49aPeoria (Notre Dame)
13.12Maya Mubayi
12Amanda O’Donnell
10Cheresa Turek
10Mary Bridget Molony
10:26.03aChicago (University)
14.12Mattie Noyes
11Chloe Gough
9Mikayla Niehaus
12Ana Keller
10:27.43aTroy (Triad)
15.11Laura Murphy
11Amanda McGreal
11Jasmine Arzuaga
10Myla Roy
10:29.36aRiver Forest (Trinity)
16.11Maddie Dortch
12Faith Brindley
9Payton Frey
10Tarryn Keeney
17.10Ella Linnabary
9Natalie Tekampe
12Brietta Coen
12Isabella Anderson
10:31.40aRockford (Boylan Catholi…
18.12Jayda Williams
11Abigail Patrick
10Amelia Martin
12Abigail Uptergrove
19.10Vivian Wyller
12Ava Ketterman
12Katie Ubertino
10Olivia Kunio
10:36.23aAurora (Rosary)
20.9Joanna Rivera
9Erin Lissman
11Alana Stahl
12Molly Roberts
21.10Grace Sullivan
12Natalie Montenez
9Sophej Crowley
9Sorin Olinger
10:51.93aChicago (Agricultural Sc…
22.10Annie Tibbot
10Claire Blotnik
10Sophia Mihelich
11Erin Nash
11:01.16aJoliet (Catholic Academy)
23.9Isabella Shifrin
10Grace Moller
10Erin Mannion
9Abigail Arseneau
11:05.68aChicago (DePaul College …
24.9Meghan Leegan
10Terese Tully
9Emily Coleman
10Carlin Kelly
11:20.71aLisle (Benet Academy)
25.10Jolenta Cerant
11Kijah Woods
10Miyori Denson
10Samirah Demry-Juarez
11:48.06aChicago (Lindblom)
Shot Put – 4kg 2A – Prelims
1.11Madelyn Bishop13.13m PRRockford (Boylan Catholi…
2.11Madyson Swope12.97m PRCarbondale (H.S.)
3.12Maryiah Menicucci12.61mMarion
4.12Josie Hapack12.49m PRHighland
5.10Carmyn Huston12.00mMonmouth (M.-Roseville)
6.12Chloe Benz11.18mJohnsburg
7.11Claire Allen11.11mSandwich
8.11Alayna Earle11.11m PRClinton
9.12Paige Chapin11.06mMorton
10.12Desire Poole10.83mEast St. Louis (Sr.)
11.11Alice Mihas10.74mChicago (Latin)
12.11Tessa Myatt10.67mChicago (Northside)
13.10Nikkel Johnson10.52mKankakee (Sr.)
14.12Maya Cook10.40mMattoon
15.10Lizzy Short10.10mChillicothe (Illinois Va…
16.11Mary Haywood9.84mChicago (Noble/ITW Speer)
17.11Lily Townsend9.83mLombard (Montini)
18.11Tiana Foreman9.77mBurlington (Central)
19.11Pamela Glover9.43m PRChicago (Phillips
20.10Giamiah Ivory-Goss8.70m PRChicago (C. Military Aca…
21.10Tytiana Sutton8.67mKankakee (Sr.)
22.12Cayla Atiles8.61mElmwood Park
Discus – 1kg 2A – Prelims
1.11Claire Allen39.82mSandwich
2.12Desire Poole39.46mEast St. Louis (Sr.)
3.12Danielle Crockett39.04mChicago Heights (Marian)
4.12Josie Hapack38.95mHighland
5.11Madyson Swope38.63mCarbondale (H.S.)
6.11Madelyn Bishop37.25mRockford (Boylan Catholi…
7.12Theresa Flor36.80mMundelein (Carmel)
8.12Maryiah Menicucci36.11mMarion
9.12Elizabeth Woodruff36.03m SRMascoutah
10.11Alice Mihas35.44mChicago (Latin)
11.12Claire Bremer34.97m PRMetropolis (Massac Count…
12.10Olivia Marshall34.58mGeneseo
13.12Olivia Rohlman32.97mMaple Park (Kaneland)
14.11Tiana Foreman32.95mBurlington (Central)
15.12Paige Chapin32.41mMorton
16.12Brynn Pickett32.06mPontiac
17.11Lily Townsend32.02m PRLombard (Montini)
18.10Carmyn Huston31.37mMonmouth (M.-Roseville)
19.12Chloe Benz30.88mJohnsburg
20.12Mishauna Robinson30.22mCountry Club Hills (Hill…
21.10Bella Downs29.19mClinton
22.9Maxine Hurst27.72m PRChicago (University)
23.11Nevaeh Essien26.69mChampaign (Central)
24.12Mary Walsh26.01mBurbank (St. Laurence)
25.11Mary Haywood24.97mChicago (Noble/ITW Speer)
26.9Nakya Scott22.92mChicago (Lindblom)
High Jump 2A – Prelims
1.11Annie Wirth1.52mGeneseo
2.11Molly Grohmann1.52mWaterloo (H.S.)
3.11Karissa Clawson1.52mSycamore
4.11Brianna Dixon1.52mRantoul
5.12Teagan Meyers1.52mRochelle
6.12Rhiannon Marshall1.52mMt. Zion
7.11Michaela Almeida1.52mMarengo
8.11Paige Greenhagel1.52mBurlington (Central)
9.10Valerie Sarros1.52mLisle (Benet Academy)
10.11Lily Bures1.52mWoodstock (Marian)
11.11Karlee Zumstein1.52mCanton
12.12Harper Smith1.52mDunlap
13.10Lexi Hansen1.52mWoodstock (North)
14.12Morgan Ahle1.52mBreese (Central)
15.11Larissa Meyer1.52mKewanee (H.S.)
16.11Eden Wankel1.47mMt. Carmel
16.12Akirah Fort1.47mEvergreen Park
16.10Hallie Steponaitis1.47mWoodstock
16.12Lilly Cawvey1.47mTroy (Triad)
20.10Abby O’Connor1.42mLisle (Benet Academy)
10Karli MannNHHerrin (H.S.)
9Julia GrotthussNHChicago (University)
10T’Shareah WillinghamNHChicago (Ogden Internati…
11Yar DengNHChicago (Ogden Internati…
12Juliana SemanoNHChicago (Noble/ITW Speer)
10Zaria Owusu-YoungDNSChicago (South Shore Int…
11Jada FryerNHRichton Park (Southland …
Pole Vault 2A – Prelims
1.11Natalie Papes3.12mNew Lenox (Providence Ca…
2.11Jessica Phillipp3.12mMaple Park (Kaneland)
3.11Libby Saloga3.12mAurora (Rosary)
4.11Kyla Canales3.12mChampaign (Central)
5.12Sydnee Scott3.12mNormal (University)
6.11Nicole Grimes3.12mLisle (Benet Academy)
7.9Alexa Weter3.12mMt. Zion
8.10Chelsea Wetzel3.12mDunlap
10.11Kailani Egli3.12m SRMetamora
9.12Morgan Noyes3.05mTroy (Triad)
12.11Joycelyn Crum3.05mLake Villa (Lakes)
13.10Cora Heller2.90mMaple Park (Kaneland)
13.9Brooklyn Kondritz2.90mMt. Zion
15.9Alyssa Andreatta2.90mTaylorville
16.11Lily Harris2.90mMarion
16.10Johnna Shoemaker2.90mGeneseo
18.11Malerie Morey2.75mSycamore
19.11Alaina Stone2.60mHarrisburg
19.11Jane Deis2.60mLisle (Benet Academy)
9Tatum KaminDNSChicago (Latin)
11Briona NourieDNSChicago (Latin)
12Sydney ShapkauskiNHTinley Park
10Josie GatesNHLake Villa (Lakes)
Long Jump 2A – Prelims
1.12Hana Ling5.39mChicago (Payton)
2.11Annie Wirth5.38m (0.0)Geneseo
3.10Teagan Sullivan5.35m (0.0)Dunlap
4.11Braelyn Alexander5.24m PRChampaign (Central)
5.11Bella Zecchin5.23m (0.0)Woodstock (Marian)
6.11Janiyah Brown5.21m (0.0)East St. Louis (Sr.)
7.10Addison Albrecht5.14mGalena (H.S.)
8.11Bailey Williams5.10m (0.0)Marion
9.11Paige Greenhagel5.07m (0.0)Burlington (Central)
10.10Na’Kyrah Cooks5.05m (0.0)Kankakee (Sr.)
11.11Tashay Jackson Roper5.03m PRRantoul
12.11Abby Venhaus5.03m (0.0)Columbia
13.11Mariah Cade5.01m (0.0)Peoria (Richwoods)
14.12Ja Breah Liddell4.98m (0.0)Mt. Vernon (H.S.)
15.9Taleah Turner4.96m (0.0)Kankakee (Sr.)
16.11Kendall Williams4.87m (0.0)Wilmette (Regina Dominic…
17.10Keymora Hayes4.81m (0.0)Cahokia (H.S.)
18.11Brenna Uppleger4.78m (0.0)Harvard
19.11Elisabeth Braun4.75mOak Park (Fenwick)
20.12Oluwalosetemi Ajakaiye4.49mChicago (South Shore Int…
21.12Sabrina Hayes4.19mChicago (Latin)
22.10Alicia Davis4.15mChicago (South Shore Int…
12Isabella BrunkeFOULLaGrange Park (Nazareth …
Triple Jump 2A – Prelims
1.12Reese McCuan11.18m (0.0)Lincoln
2.11Alice Sotelo11.13m (0.0)Sterling (H.S.)
3.11Haneefa Adam11.02m (0.0)Wilmette (Regina Dominic…
4.10Karli Mann10.95m (0.0)Herrin (H.S.)
5.10Alaina Lester10.94m (0.0)Belleville (Althoff Cath…
6.12Kylie Gormann10.93m SRCentralia
7.11Abby Venhaus10.90m (0.0)Columbia
8.10Madelyn Mucci10.66m PRBurlington (Central)
9.12Emily Strehl10.62m PRLaSalle (L.-Peru)
10.11Mariah Cade10.61m (0.0)Peoria (Richwoods)
11.12Hannah Sago10.57m PRMt. Zion
12.11Kennedy Ross10.48m (0.0)Chicago (Lindblom)
13.11Janiyah Brown10.43m (0.0)East St. Louis (Sr.)
14.12Larissa Sager10.40m (0.0)Peoria (Richwoods)
15.12Rese Bastuga10.38m (0.0)Lisle (Benet Academy)
16.10Nikkel Johnson10.32m (0.0)Kankakee (Sr.)
17.10Na’Kyrah Cooks10.31m (0.0)Kankakee (Sr.)
18.10Jillian Ellenwood10.26m (0.0)Lake Villa (Lakes)
19.10Maliya Madison10.03m PRCahokia (H.S.)
20.9Julia Bilsbury9.90mChampaign (Central)
21.11Diana Singzon9.86mLisle (Benet Academy)
22.12Matilyn Mumm9.66mMaple Park (Kaneland)
23.11Yar Deng9.28mChicago (Ogden Internati…
24.12Sabrina Hayes9.02mChicago (Latin)
10Anyla FountainFOULChicago (South Shore Int…

 Womens Results

100 Meters 3A – Prelims
1.12Rachel Robinson11.55a (1.4)PRChicago (Whitney Young)
2.9Katelyn Lehnen11.64a (1.9)PRChatham (Glenwood)
3.12Alexandria Edison11.71a (2.5)PRFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
5.12Renee Raglin11.81a (2.5)PRAlton (Sr.)
4.12Sydney Robinson11.85a (0.1)PRChicago (Whitney Young)
6.12Daria Tersina11.89a (1.4)PRMt. Prospect (Prospect)
7.10Essence Horton-Graves11.90a (1.4)PRRockford (Auburn)
8.11Alexandria Johnson11.98a (2.5)PRHuntley
9.12Janiya Bowman11.98a (1.9)PRPlainfield (South)
10.10Kali Waller12.02a (1.9)PRWest Chicago (H.S.)
11.9Takia Tiller12.05a (1.9)PRBelleville (East)
12.11Jakiya Baker12.06a (2.5)PRChicago (Simeon)
13.12Sydney Weaver12.06a (0.1)PRChicago (Kenwood)
14.12Maria Lambert12.16a (1.9)PRAurora (Metea Valley)
15.10Riley Betz12.18a (2.5)Lake Zurich
16.12Ashley Oliver12.19a (0.1)PRHoffman Estates (H.S.)
17.11Chioma Anyaegbunam12.21a (2.5)PRNaperville (Neuqua Valle…
18.12Melissa Aninagyei-Bonsu12.24a (0.1)PRHuntley
19.11Ava Mabry-Spencer12.28a (1.4)PRPlainfield (East)
20.12Olivia Washington12.28a (2.5)PRSummit (Argo)
21.11Jolena Sites12.29a (1.4)Rockford (Guilford)
22.12Jasmine Wright12.32a (2.5)PREvanston (Twp.)
23.11Catherine Guckenberger12.39a (1.9)Grayslake (Central)
24.12Zoe Littlejohn12.52a (1.9)PRAurora (West Aurora)
25.10Martyna Ostrega12.58a (1.4)Buffalo Grove
11Jaliyah ShepherdDNS (0.1)Chicago (Kenwood)
12Jessica NewburnDNS (1.4)Batavia
12Lindsey MillerDNS (0.1)Chicago (Simeon)
11Angela AlozieDNS (0.1)Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
12Mariam AzeezDNS (1.9)Frankfort (Lincoln-Way E…
12Sanaa ParkerDNS (1.4)Hillside (Proviso West)
11Ashley DerrickDNS (0.1)Waukegan
200 Meters 3A – Prelims
1.12Rachel Robinson25.18a (-0.7)Chicago (Whitney Young)
2.12Sydney Robinson25.25a (-2.2)Chicago (Whitney Young)
4.12Alexandria Edison25.33a (-0.7)Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
5.9Katelyn Lehnen25.34a (-2.2)Chatham (Glenwood)
6.12Janiya Bowman25.69a (-2.2)Plainfield (South)
7.12Daria Tersina25.82a (-0.7)Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
8.12Maidson Hardamon26.04a (-2.2)Evanston (Twp.)
9.10Kali Waller26.28a (-2.2)West Chicago (H.S.)
10.12Ashley Oliver26.29a (-0.7)Hoffman Estates (H.S.)
11.11Mia Foy26.35a (-0.7)Palatine (H.S.)
3.10Zawadi Brown26.38a (-4.0)Naperville (Neuqua Valle…
12.11Carrington Landers26.49a (-0.7)Orland Park (Sandburg)
13.11Rylee Lydon26.50a (-4.0)Crystal Lake (Prairie Ri…
14.9Takia Tiller26.59a (-4.0)Belleville (East)
15.12Kylie Spytek26.79a (-2.2)Vernon Hills
16.10DeAndranay Chism26.87a (-4.0)Belleville (East)
17.11Ana-Liese Torian26.91a (-4.0)Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
18.12Myonica Jackson26.93a (-4.0)Bolingbrook
19.12Darnesha Fraley27.04a (-4.0)Oak Park (O.P.-River For…
20.10Essence Horton-Graves27.05a (-4.0)Rockford (Auburn)
21.10Riya Chaudhari27.46a (-0.7)Wheaton (North)
22.12Jasmine Wright27.62a (-2.2)Evanston (Twp.)
12Sanaa ParkerDNS (-2.2)Hillside (Proviso West)
11Jolena SitesDNS (-0.7)Rockford (Guilford)
400 Meters 3A – Prelims
1.12Ashley Oliver56.24a PRHoffman Estates (H.S.)
2.9Katelyn Lehnen56.66a PRChatham (Glenwood)
4.12Alexandria Edison56.91aFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
5.11Rylee Lydon57.33aCrystal Lake (Prairie Ri…
3.10Allison Ince57.47aNormal (Community)
6.12Allison Valladay57.68a PRRichton Park (Rich Towns…
7.10Zawadi Brown57.83aNaperville (Neuqua Valle…
8.12Maidson Hardamon58.41aEvanston (Twp.)
9.10Kyla Harris58.86aAurora (Metea Valley)
10.12Hannah Bilodeau58.99aMachesney Park (Harlem)
11.12Myonica Jackson58.99aBolingbrook
12.12Jordyn Miller59.58aMundelein (H.S.)
13.9Lauren Dellangelo59.73aPlainfield (North)
14.11Angela Alozie1:00.05aFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
15.11Sophie Kusserow1:00.34aNaperville (Central)
16.11Riley Franz1:00.53aZion (Z.-Benton)
17.12Katie Burns1:00.63aChicago (Lane)
18.11Rebecca Phillips1:01.01aLaGrange (Lyons)
19.12Lauren Schiele1:01.17aRolling Meadows
20.9Bridget Hecker1:01.35aGeneva
21.12Khaniya Higginbotham1:01.38aCalumet City (Thornton F…
22.11Katie Tracy1:01.50aChicago (Marist)
23.12Lily Weder1:02.00aVilla Park (Willowbrook)
24.9Avery Littlejohn1:02.34aAurora (West Aurora)
10Bella DomierDNSGrayslake (Central)
12Sanaa ParkerDNSHillside (Proviso West)
800 Meters 3A – Prelims
1.11Catie McCabe2:16.82aHinsdale (Central)
3.10Lily Ginsberg2:17.14aMt. Prospect (Prospect)
4.12Naomi Ruff2:17.39aSouth Elgin
5.11Brooke Berger2:17.89aElmhurst (York)
2.10Allison Ince2:18.09aNormal (Community)
6.12Annie Macabobby2:18.25a PRWheaton (W. Warrenville …
7.10Bella Domier2:19.91aGrayslake (Central)
8.12Anna Schuering2:19.93aQuincy (Sr.)
9.12Audrey Ginsberg2:20.22aMt. Prospect (Prospect)
10.10Isabella Marsico2:20.37aLake Forest (H.S.)
11.12Jordyn Miller2:20.74aMundelein (H.S.)
12.11Katie Melzer2:20.75aYorkville (H.S.)
13.11Michelle Gasmund2:20.87aRockford (Guilford)
14.10Sophia Lane2:20.91aLake Forest (H.S.)
15.11Alyssa Moore2:21.23aMcHenry
16.10Abby Machesky2:21.59aCrystal Lake (South)
17.9Emma Berres2:22.55aNaperville (North)
18.11Daija Brown2:24.91aFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
19.11Bryce Pacourek2:27.02aRiverside (R.-Brookfield)
20.12Kathryn Cichon2:28.05aMinooka
21.10Eva Scarborough2:29.67aWinnetka (New Trier)
22.12Anna Jablonski2:31.34aChicago (St. Ignatius Co…
23.12Evelyn Rowan2:32.30aChicago (Mother McAuley)
24.10Allegra Triner2:32.45aYorkville (H.S.)
25.11Lillianna Konrad2:32.46aChicago (Lincoln Park)
1600 Meters 3A – Prelims
1.12Katrina Schlenker5:00.48aBatavia
3.12Josephine Welin5:01.76a SROak Park (O.P.-River For…
4.12Peyton Schieppe5:02.45aO’Fallon (H.S.)
2.12Sophia McNerney5:03.20aDowners Grove (South)
5.12Audrey Allman5:03.61aGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Wes…
6.11Brooke Johnston5:07.39aLake Zurich
7.11Catherine Sommerfeld5:07.51aLaGrange (Lyons)
8.12Naomi Ruff5:08.24aSouth Elgin
9.11Carissa Hamilton5:08.44a PRNaperville (Neuqua Valle…
10.11Mia Pasha5:09.56aGurnee (Warren)
11.11Rachel Soukup5:10.53aCrystal Lake (Prairie Ri…
12.9Juliet Frum5:14.50aNorthbrook (Glenbrook No…
13.11Heather Durrant5:19.30aElgin (Larkin)
14.11Audrey Luell5:26.34aZion (Z.-Benton)
15.10Ella Hwang5:30.96aChicago (St. Ignatius Co…
16.9Maya Ledesma5:33.92aMinooka
17.11Brittney Burak5:36.62aHuntley
18.9Scout Storms5:38.59aBarrington
19.11Natalie Quinn5:39.23aOak Park (O.P.-River For…
20.10Allison Ince5:44.78aNormal (Community)
21.12Audrey Boles5:56.29aMinooka
11Grace SchagerDNSCarol Stream (Glenbard N…
10Charlotte MullerDNSChicago (Lane)
11Audra SoderlindDNSOswego
100m Hurdles – 33″ 3A – Prelims
1.11Ana-Liese Torian13.51a (2.9)PRFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
2.12Sophia Barnard14.09a (3.3)PRFrankfort (Lincoln-Way E…
4.12Janaysia Byrd14.19a (3.3)PRBelleville (West)
3.12Macee Rivers14.29a (2.1)PRBelleville (West)
5.10Inara Ukawuba14.33a (2.1)Naperville (Neuqua Valle…
6.11Damya Williams14.66a (2.9)PRSouth Holland (Thornwood)
7.11Ashley Derrick14.83a (2.1)PRWaukegan
8.11Corynn Holmes14.85a (2.9)PRMoline
9.12Paulina Lucer15.03a (3.3)PRRoselle (Lake Park)
10.12Breanne Dunn15.04a (2.1)PRBarrington
11.11Lindsey Kownick15.06a (2.1)PRCary (C.-Grove)
12.12Shannon Lawler15.08a (2.1)SRPalos Hills (Stagg)
13.12Mia Morello15.26a (3.3)Grayslake (Central)
14.9Simone Bernard15.30a (3.3)PRChicago (Whitney Young)
15.9Avery Cooper15.50a (3.3)PRLake Zurich
16.12Grace Misiunas15.50a (2.9)PRChicago (Marist)
17.9Kyla Motley15.53a (2.1)PRPalos Heights (Shepard)
18.10Claudia Sepko15.59a (2.9)PRArlington Heights (Herse…
19.10Brooke Greaves15.62a (2.9)PRAddison (A. Trail)
20.11Makena Coltoff15.91a (3.3)PRWilmette (Loyola Academy)
21.10Sophie Amin16.06a (2.9)PRHuntley
22.11Samaii Hartley17.93a (2.1)Chicago (Kenwood)
10Brooke SawatzkyFS (3.3)Naperville (Central)
300m Hurdles – 30″ 3A – Prelims
1.11Abrielle Artley44.50aEvanston (Twp.)
2.11Ana-Liese Torian44.50aFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
3.12Sophia Barnard45.88aFrankfort (Lincoln-Way E…
4.11Elyssa Chandler46.82aHinsdale (Central)
5.12Breanne Dunn47.13aBarrington
6.10Inara Ukawuba47.31aNaperville (Neuqua Valle…
7.11Ashley Derrick47.37aWaukegan
8.11Indigo Sterud47.38aRockton (Hononegah)
9.9Nickiya Shields47.53aDanville (H.S.)
10.12Janaysia Byrd47.55aBelleville (West)
11.11Corynn Holmes47.83aMoline
12.9Tori Robinson-Thomas47.88aMaywood (Proviso East)
13.9Aisha Kazeem47.89aPalatine (H.S.)
14.12Shannon Lawler47.94aPalos Hills (Stagg)
15.12Natalie Grimaldo47.98aSt. Charles (East)
16.12Aniyah Landing48.25a PRChicago (Kenwood)
17.11Emma Letzig48.61aMt. Prospect (Prospect)
18.12Grace Misiunas48.75aChicago (Marist)
19.12Piper Lindsay49.04aWheaton (W. Warrenville …
20.11Jolena Sites50.07aRockford (Guilford)
10Claudia OuimetDNSChicago (Whitney Young)
12Mia MorelloDNSGrayslake (Central)
4×100 Relay 3A – Prelims
1.12Rachel Robinson
12London Gibson-Purcell
12Jayden Eickhoff-Brown
12Sydney Robinson
47.76aChicago (Whitney Young)
2.12Sydney Weaver
11Jaliyah Shepherd
9Kee’Lani Whitlock
10Harmony Brown
47.79aChicago (Kenwood)
3.10Kyla Smith
11Angela Alozie
11Ana-Liese Torian
12Alexandria Edison
48.06aFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
4.10Victoria Evtimov
11Alexandria Johnson
11Jessie Ozzauto
12Melissa Aninagyei-Bonsu
5.12Rikki Gray
12Jacklynn Okereke
12Dystonae Clark
12Maidson Hardamon
48.55aEvanston (Twp.)
6.11Tolu Aremu
11Chioma Anyaegbunam
10Inara Ukawuba
10Zawadi Brown
48.76aNaperville (Neuqua Valle…
7.11Mia Adeoti
11Sariyah Watson
11Ilanie Castorena
11Heaven Williams
8.10Skylar Sandoval
10Isabelle Taylor
10Madison Wilson
12Jessica Newburn
9.12Janaysia Byrd
11Makenzie Melvin
12Aya Dunn
12Macee Rivers
49.04aBelleville (West)
10.11Kendall Crossley
11Paige Watson
12Sophia Barnard
12Jailee Clemmons
49.10aFrankfort (Lincoln-Way E…
11.10DeAndranay Chism
9Zariah Armour
9JaKariah Bacon
9Takia Tiller
49.16aBelleville (East)
12.10Kristyn Johnson
11Xiana Jones
11Chinenye Ifeajekwu
12Myonica Jackson
13.12Jenna Coty
12Nicole Spytek
12Kylie Spytek
10Ava Lukyan
49.56aVernon Hills
14.11Ava Mabry-Spencer
11Elissa Perkins
12D’aria Christian
11Ally Wojciechowski
49.60aPlainfield (East)
15.12Ariana Ecxford
11Ashley Derrick
11Andreyanna Hicks
11Asia Bush
16.12Piper Lindsay
11Nora Fieweger
12Celia Huelskoetter
12Grace Macabobby
49.96aWheaton (W. Warrenville …
17.12Anastasia Bruce
11Jalin Craigs-Ingram
10DeNiya Gary
11Jolena Sites
50.01aRockford (Guilford)
18.11Rhea Richards
11Saniya Shotwell
10Chloe Johnson
12Darnesha Fraley
50.02aOak Park (O.P.-River For…
19.11Emma Kwak
12Ava Kuhlman
12Nora Gannon
11Rebecca Phillips
50.12aLaGrange (Lyons)
20.11Nia Hyde
9Milan Williams-Booker
11Aayla Adams
9Layla Williams
50.17aBlue Island (Eisenhower)
21.11Mia Foy
11Alayna Lazicki
12Kaci Wimer
12Jocie Waddington
50.23aPalatine (H.S.)
22.12Trinitee McCoy
9Maya Reed
10Ana Hodneland
11Elyssa Chandler
50.40aHinsdale (Central)
23.10Charlotte Deines
11Angelina Agalianos
11Katelyn Parisi
9Anna Niebrugge
50.57aMt. Prospect (Prospect)
24.11Jakiya Baker
9Jayda Walker
9Tykeena Mcdonald
9Anya Matthews
50.88aChicago (Simeon)
4×200 Relay 3A – Prelims
1.12Rikki Gray
12Jacklynn Okereke
12Dystonae Clark
11Dawson Wright
1:41.87aEvanston (Twp.)
2.12Rachel Robinson
12London Gibson-Purcell
12Jayden Eickhoff-Brown
12Sydney Robinson
1:42.01aChicago (Whitney Young)
4.10DeAndranay Chism
9Zariah Armour
9JaKariah Bacon
9Takia Tiller
1:43.03aBelleville (East)
3.12Sydney Weaver
11Jaliyah Shepherd
10Jayla Hardin
10Harmony Brown
1:43.89aChicago (Kenwood)
5.12Ashley Kushner
11Lily Longenbaugh
12Denise Hernandez
12Christina Gu
1:43.89aNaperville (North)
6.10Skylar Sandoval
12Jessica Newburn
10Mariah Wilson
10Isabelle Taylor
7.10Victoria Evtimov
9Dominique Johnson
11Jessie Ozzauto
12Melissa Aninagyei-Bonsu
8.11Ava Mabry-Spencer
11Elissa Perkins
12D’aria Christian
11Ally Wojciechowski
1:45.24aPlainfield (East)
9.10Tammi Foreman
10Katie Kuehn
12Maria Esquivel
12Kiera White
1:45.30aPalatine (Fremd)
10.12Skyllar Greenslade
9Samantha Phillip
12Emma Ponx
11Chaleica Booker
11.12Sydney Anton
12Celia Huelskoetter
11Nora Fieweger
12Grace Macabobby
1:45.56aWheaton (W. Warrenville …
12.10Baelyn Zitzmann
10Anya Farb
9Sydney Lappin
10Riley Betz
1:45.66aLake Zurich
13.10Taylor Poole
12Jasony Starkley
11Laniya Porter
10Janiya Lucas
1:46.04aLansing (Thornton Fracti…
14.11Paige Watson
12Jailee Clemmons
11Kendall Crossley
9Olivia Donaldson
1:46.29aFrankfort (Lincoln-Way E…
15.11Mia Foy
11Alayna Lazicki
12Kaci Wimer
12Jocie Waddington
1:46.32aPalatine (H.S.)
16.12Abigail Streff
10Emily Wittmer
11Veronica LaSota
10Dakota Washington
1:46.42aDowners Grove (North)
17.11Rhea Richards
11Saniya Shotwell
10Chloe Johnson
12Darnesha Fraley
1:46.47aOak Park (O.P.-River For…
18.JrLakhia Morgan
SrCaroline Croft
12Raven Collins
12Loreal Wilson
1:46.54aSouth Elgin
19.11Brooke Gardner
9Noelle Hunt
11Benedicte Tshomba
12Sifa Mondika
1:46.80aChampaign (Centennial)
20.12Karolina Ryzka
11Ella Perrone
11Grace Harris
12Naomi Jones
21.11Nia Hyde
9Milan Williams-Booker
11Aayla Adams
10Kandace Taylor
1:49.57aBlue Island (Eisenhower)
22.12Ariana Ecxford
11Andreyanna Hicks
12Mia Sanchez
12Jamaya Walton
10Elaine Paul
10Margaret Maston
12Erin Powers
11Katelyn Pratt
DQElmhurst (York)
4×400 Relay 3A – Prelims
1.11Abrielle Artley
12Dystonae Clark
12Rikki Gray
12Jacklynn Okereke
3:51.53aEvanston (Twp.)
2.11Sariyah Watson
10Korima Gonzalez
11Ilanie Castorena
11Heaven Williams
4.12Audrey Ginsberg
11Hailey Erickson
11Cameron Kalaway
10Lily Ginsberg
4:02.01aMt. Prospect (Prospect)
3.12Jessica Newburn
10Mariah Wilson
10Isabelle Taylor
12Katrina Schlenker
5.10Abigail Ziemer
12Carina Engst
12Jordynn Griffin
10Allison Ince
4:03.11aNormal (Community)
6.11Daija Brown
11Lonyea Farrell
9Adia Douglas
11Angela Alozie
4:04.18aFlossmoor (Homewood-F.)
7.9Lauren Dellangelo
11Taylor Green
10Alex Eydenberg
11Natalie Liapis
4:04.77aPlainfield (North)
8.12Sophia Barnard
11Kendall Crossley
9Olivia Donaldson
11Paige Watson
4:05.17aFrankfort (Lincoln-Way E…
9.11Asia Thomas
11Jaliyah Shepherd
12Aniyah Landing
10Harmony Brown
4:06.12aChicago (Kenwood)
10.10Lillian Jarrett
12A’Yana Gray
10Madison Harmsen
11Michelle Gasmund
4:06.50aRockford (Guilford)
11.11Sofia Rosenzweig
11Sierra Origer
12Adeline Nichols
12Breanne Dunn
12.12Bryn Sato
11Catherine Guckenberger
12Mia Morello
10Bella Domier
4:07.07aGrayslake (Central)
13.11Jessie Ozzauto
11Sammi Campanelli
9Anna Campanelli
10Victoria Evtimov
14.12Ashley Kushner
9Emma Berres
9Megan Schoenjohn
12Christina Gu
4:07.09aNaperville (North)
15.12Grace Macabobby
12Celia Huelskoetter
12Sydney Anton
12Annie Macabobby
4:07.27aWheaton (W. Warrenville …
16.10Ana Hodneland
12Isabella Terry
11Elyssa Chandler
12Erin Milligan
4:08.40aHinsdale (Central)
17.12Jazmin Visor
9Aaliyah Roldan
11Ava Pardo
11Chaleica Booker
18.11Rebecca Phillips
10Kristina Findley
10Madison Findley
11Claire McVady
4:10.79aLaGrange (Lyons)
19.12London Gibson-Purcell
12Jayden Eickhoff-Brown
9Mia Seaton
10Claudia Ouimet
4:11.14aChicago (Whitney Young)
20.9Lieselle Curry
11Emmy Christopher
12Shannon Jorash
11Makena Coltoff
4:11.29aWilmette (Loyola Academy)
21.9Brooke Bilik
9Lola Satre-Morales
11Sophie Kusserow
10Brooke Sawatzky
4:13.46aNaperville (Central)
22.12Tori King
9Milayna Lewis
11Makenzie Melvin
12Aya Dunn
4:17.04aBelleville (West)
23.9Aisha Kazeem
11Brooke Donnelly
12Kaci Wimer
12Jocie Waddington
4:17.58aPalatine (H.S.)
24.10Elaine Paul
12Erin Powers
11Katelyn Pratt
11Brooke Berger
4:19.11aElmhurst (York)
25.12Stephanie Dominguez
12Patrycja Karpiesiuk
12Jillianne Legaspi
11Olivia Lorens
4:21.55aFranklin Park-Northlake …
26.12Lucca Bibbey
9Bella Brauc
10Willa Aumann
11Saniya Shotwell
4:26.61aOak Park (O.P.-River For…
4×800 Relay 3A – Prelims
1.10Katherine Klimek
12Katelyn Winton
12Allison Fitzgibbons
11Brooke Berger
9:30.73aElmhurst (York)
2.12Jackie Liu
10Sydney Day
12Christina Gu
9Emma Berres
9:31.70aNaperville (North)
3.10Emily Lifka
11Mackenzie Ginder
10Catherine Hany
12Natalia Plewa
9:32.17aArlington Heights (Herse…
4.12Anna Hunter
10Allegra Triner
12Margaret Hunter
11Katie Melzer
9:33.89aYorkville (H.S.)
5.9Veronica Znajda
11Cameron Kalaway
11Hailey Erickson
10Lily Ginsberg
9:36.67aMt. Prospect (Prospect)
6.12Amelia Bellizzi
12Gia Klasa
12Laci Chivari
10Marley Andelman
9:37.69aSt. Charles (East)
7.11Scarlett Lestina
10Anna Bylsma
10Kristina Findley
10Shannon Cranny
9:40.21aLaGrange (Lyons)
8.11Ellie Grammas
9Jane Lynch
11Maeve Norman
10Morgan Mackie
9:40.40aWilmette (Loyola Academy)
9.12Nia Gibson
9Rachael Behrens
10Lydia Gurnsey
11Grace Hopper
9:42.10aChatham (Glenwood)
10.11Kate Roarty
10Charlotte Muller
10Sophie Mullins
11Caroline McCarthy
9:43.09aChicago (Lane)
11.10Cassie Fuhrman
11Gabrielle Kics
12Audrey Boles
12Kathryn Cichon
12.12Ana Barroso
12Madison Zarembski
11Angeles Mendoza
11Sydney Williams
9:44.43aOswego (East)
13.12Kate Guderjan
12Hallie Hoger
10Maura Hanrahan
12Grace Newton
9:44.79aFrankfort (Lincoln-Way E…
14.11Peyton Stinger
11Lynda Rotundo
12Lydia Zancho
11Alyssa Moore
15.10Olivia Marsico
10Lucy Schlachtenhaufen
10Isabella Marsico
10Sophia Lane
9:48.97aLake Forest (H.S.)
16.10Faith Wilder
10Olivia McPherson
11Rachel Soukup
12Bridget Jewell
9:49.80aCrystal Lake (Prairie Ri…
17.10Meghan Semmer
9Maeve Griffin
11Lexi Noonan
12Anna Jablonski
9:50.20aChicago (St. Ignatius Co…
18.12Bryn Sato
10Sofia Witt
12Grace Kokkin
10Bella Domier
9:58.57aGrayslake (Central)
19.12Samantha Duwe
10Samantha Welin
10Lenny Sterritt
11Natalie Quinn
10:00.91aOak Park (O.P.-River For…
20.11Emily Nuttall
10Olivia Coll
10Maya Lueking
11Riley Knoyle
10:03.21aEdwardsville (H.S.)
21.11Brenda Torres
11Gabriela Roman
12Melanie Kehr
12Brianna Ruiz
22.12Stephanie Dominguez
12Mariah Fontanez
11Olivia Lorens
11Janeli Cruz
10:36.51aFranklin Park-Northlake …
Shot Put – 4kg 3A – Prelims
1.12Ella O’Neall13.68mLincolnshire (Stevenson)
2.12Becca Caliendo13.18m PRArlington Heights (Herse…
3.11Maeve Kelly13.15mWinnetka (New Trier)
4.9Courtney Clabough12.56m PRYorkville (H.S.)
5.11Jaclyn Riedl12.44m PRDes Plaines (Maine West)
6.12Madison Payne12.36mMt. Prospect (Prospect)
7.11Antenise Williams12.20m PRSchaumburg
8.11Amaya Hendrickson12.05mHoffman Estates (H.S.)
9.10Emily Sykes12.02mGranite City
10.12Chinemerem Iwuagwu11.87m PRArlington Heights (Herse…
11.10Sofiabella Amirante11.63mBarrington
12.11Kayden Porter11.62m PRPalos Heights (Shepard)
13.11Stephanie Nosike11.48mSouth Holland (Thornwood)
14.12Olivia Whatley11.44mEvanston (Twp.)
15.12Angelina Romano11.16mGeneva
16.12Alex Baumann11.15mBatavia
17.12Maddison Hopkins11.10mBloomington (H.S.)
18.12Jackie Tuzil10.98mSchaumburg
19.12Rachel Afulike10.87mVernon Hills
20.12Kennedi Perkins10.74mBolingbrook
21.11Claudia Conner10.71mBurbank (Reavis)
22.11Amariah Scott10.70mHarvey (Thornton)
23.9Natassja Bowman10.46mRockford (Guilford)
24.11Kaitlyn Rojas10.42mYorkville (H.S.)
25.11Annika Nordin9.89mCary (C.-Grove)
26.9Helena Williams9.16mChicago (Simeon)
27.11Najaa Terry9.02mCalumet City (Thornton F…
11Na’Kiyah RobertsonDNSDowners Grove (South)
Discus – 1kg 3A – Prelims
1.12Marla Hayes42.81m PRNew Lenox (Lincoln-Way C…
2.11Maeve Kelly40.45m PRWinnetka (New Trier)
3.9Courtney Clabough40.13mYorkville (H.S.)
4.12Ella O’Neall39.59m SRLincolnshire (Stevenson)
5.11Kaitlyn Morningstar39.11m PREdwardsville (H.S.)
6.12Becca Caliendo38.03mArlington Heights (Herse…
7.12Lillian Lucansky37.00m PRMt. Prospect (Prospect)
8.11Jaclyn Riedl36.55m PRDes Plaines (Maine West)
9.11Reese Garland35.52m PROak Park (O.P.-River For…
10.11Ally Panzloff34.50m PRHuntley
11.11Mercedes Herrera33.68mBurbank (Reavis)
12.12Gabby Saye33.67mEdwardsville (H.S.)
13.11Nailah Anders33.47mMoline
14.12Claire Kavanagh33.29mBarrington
15.12Olivia Whatley32.90mEvanston (Twp.)
16.11Stephanie Nosike31.75mSouth Holland (Thornwood)
17.12Erica Bunning30.37mVernon Hills
18.11Jasmine Angel29.80mAurora (West Aurora)
19.12Alexis Smith29.20mWheaton (W. Warrenville …
20.12Mary Ramirez28.05mSt. Charles (East)
21.11Lauren Edmond25.67mChicago (St. Ignatius Co…
22.10Veronica Boutureira25.49mChicago (Mather)
12Kyla WilkersonDNSDowners Grove (North)
12Emma RichFOULMachesney Park (Harlem)
High Jump 3A – Prelims
1.12Natalie Buratczuk1.60mSt. Charles (North)
2.10Annastasia Murphy1.60mAurora (Metea Valley)
3.12Eveline Reno1.60mHarvey (Thornton)
4.11Rylee Lydon1.60mCrystal Lake (Prairie Ri…
5.12Karolina Ryzka1.60mHampshire
8.11Meghann Hartmann1.60mBatavia
10.12Madeline Andelbradt1.60mNaperville (North)
6.12Emma Grashoff1.57mPekin
7.12Katie Kempff1.57mSt. Charles (East)
9.12Emily Berglund1.57mOak Forest
11.11Hannah Oloro1.57mRolling Meadows
12.11Corynn Holmes1.57mMoline
13.10Baelyn Zitzmann1.57mLake Zurich
14.9Tori Robinson-Thomas1.52mMaywood (Proviso East)
14.12Kendal Franklin1.52mMinooka
14.12Abigail Milott1.52mGlenview (Glenbrook Sout…
14.12Patrycja Karpiesiuk1.52mFranklin Park-Northlake …
14.12Asianay Johnson1.52m PRCalumet City (Thornton F…
14.12Oreoluwa Oloro1.52mRolling Meadows
14.12Amanda Lisi1.52mWauconda
14.11Jocelyn Trotter1.52mPlainfield (East)
22.9Anna Venvertloh1.47mQuincy (Sr.)
10Christina PoprychNHChicago (Lincoln Park)
12Gigi SnellbackDNSLake Forest (H.S.)
Pole Vault 3A – Prelims
1.12Mia Morello3.30mGrayslake (Central)
2.12Emma Ponx3.30mOswego
3.12Tessani Foster3.30mPlainfield (Central)
4.11Kait McHale3.30mNaperville (Central)
5.10Jaiden Knoop3.30mFrankfort (Lincoln-Way E…
6.12Paulina Lucer3.30mRoselle (Lake Park)
7.12Gwen Berenyi3.30mOswego
8.11Makenna Skoczylas3.30mLockport (Twp.)
9.11Alondra Ortiz-Silva3.30mBloomington (H.S.)
10.12Megan Schulhof3.30mBatavia
11.11Emilia Kubik3.30m PRLake Zurich
12.12Lillianna Ifft3.30mBloomington (H.S.)
13.12Haylee Yelle3.30m PRCrystal Lake (Prairie Ri…
14.12Ella Cook3.15m PRMinooka
14.12Ashley Kushner3.15mNaperville (North)
14.12Nina Wintermute3.15mGlen Ellyn (Glenbard Wes…
14.11AJ Burk3.15mLake Zurich
14.12Emily Shafron3.15mPlainfield (North)
14.11Dana Surwillo3.15m PRPlainfield (South)
14.11Linden Neposchlan3.15mSpringfield
14.12Reagan Schaefer3.15mWheaton (North)
14.10Hailey Soriaga3.15mOswego (East)
23.11Sophie Garrou3.00mWinnetka (New Trier)
23.12Lena Tang3.00mOak Park (O.P.-River For…
23.11Giselle Salom Hamwi3.00mMt. Prospect (Prospect)
23.10Brenna Dunlap3.00mChicago (Marist)
27.12Anika Knipple2.85mMt. Prospect (Prospect)
27.12Annabelle Jung2.85mRoselle (Lake Park)
27.12Caitlyn Garofoli2.85mWilmette (Loyola Academy)
27.12Erica Bunning2.85mVernon Hills
11Gabriella WhitfieldNHHuntley
Long Jump 3A – Prelims
1.11Alexandria Johnson6.00m (0.0)Huntley
2.12Denise Hernandez5.86m (0.0)PRNaperville (North)
3.11Rylee Lydon5.74m (0.0)PRCrystal Lake (Prairie Ri…
4.12Tajana Sims5.66m (0.0)PRChicago Heights (Bloom T…
5.9Gelena Holder-Brown5.63m (0.0)PRChicago Heights (Bloom T…
6.12Janiya Bowman5.58m (0.0)Plainfield (South)
7.12Kiera White5.55m (0.0)Palatine (Fremd)
8.11Makaya Phillips5.54m PRBloomington (H.S.)
9.9Dominique Johnson5.52m (0.0)Huntley
10.10Gaby Manzano5.44m PRWinnetka (New Trier)
11.12Shakayla Riggins5.44m (0.0)Chicago (Kenwood)
12.10Morgan Gillespie5.41m (0.0)Crete (C.-Monee)
13.12Christina Hall5.41m PRGrayslake (North)
14.12Elle Kowalski5.41m (0.0)Downers Grove (North)
15.12Daria Tersina5.38m (0.0)Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
16.12Abigail Milott5.37m (0.0)Glenview (Glenbrook Sout…
16.12Martina Latoria5.37m (0.0)Roselle (Lake Park)
18.12Mazie Gierat5.36m (0.0)Plainfield (East)
19.12Kenna Nord5.35mOswego (East)
20.9Noelle Hunt5.26mChampaign (Centennial)
21.12Keeli Dunaway5.23m (0.0)Lombard (Glenbard East)
22.10Zawadi Brown5.22m (0.0)Naperville (Neuqua Valle…
23.9Simone Bernard5.15m (0.0)Chicago (Whitney Young)
23.10Jahnel Bowman5.15mPlainfield (South)
25.11Mia Maglaya5.11m (0.0)Romeoville (H.S.)
26.11Julia Niemeyer5.10mOak Lawn (Richards)
27.12Olivia Washington5.08mSummit (Argo)
28.12Taylor Finke4.99mCarol Stream (Glenbard N…
29.11Elissa Perkins4.96m (0.0)Plainfield (East)
30.12Katie Kempff4.90m (0.0)St. Charles (East)
31.12Haylee Yelle4.82mCrystal Lake (Prairie Ri…
32.9Livy Tran4.79mVernon Hills
33.11Jaliyah Shepherd4.18m (0.0)Chicago (Kenwood)
12Mariam AzeezDNSFrankfort (Lincoln-Way E…
Triple Jump 3A – Prelims
1.11Alexandria Johnson12.33m (0.0)Huntley
2.9Dominique Johnson12.17m (0.0)Huntley
3.12Eveline Reno11.85m (0.0)PRHarvey (Thornton)
4.12Daria Tersina11.59m (0.0)Mt. Prospect (Prospect)
5.12Keeli Dunaway11.45m (0.0)Lombard (Glenbard East)
6.10Jahnel Bowman11.37mPlainfield (South)
7.12Mazie Gierat11.30m SRPlainfield (East)
8.12Sydney Weaver11.26m (0.0)Chicago (Kenwood)
9.12Kiera White11.20m (0.0)PRPalatine (Fremd)
10.12Kenna Nord11.18m (0.0)Oswego (East)
11.12Abigail Milott11.15m (0.0)Glenview (Glenbrook Sout…
12.12Chloe Dunigan11.09m PRPalos Heights (Shepard)
13.9Harris Amira11.03m PRBerwyn-Cicero (Morton)
14.11Elissa Perkins11.02m (0.0)Plainfield (East)
15.12Robin Lenoir10.96mLombard (Glenbard East)
16.11Raina Wolf10.95mOrland Park (Sandburg)
17.12Ineh Erewele10.87mSpringfield
18.10Madison Basquin10.86mPark Ridge (Maine South)
19.11Lonyea Farrell10.83m (0.0)Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)
20.10Natalie Miles10.78m PRChatham (Glenwood)
21.12Alexis Andersen10.70mGrayslake (Central)
21.12Layla Jessie10.70m (0.0)Schaumburg
23.10Brooke Sawatzky10.67mNaperville (Central)
24.12Ashley Ciezadlo10.65m (0.0)Crystal Lake (South)
25.12Katie Kempff10.54mSt. Charles (East)
26.11Anna Becker10.45mLibertyville
27.12Maryam Reese9.93mCalumet City (Thornton F…