CHARLESTON (WCIA) — For someone who just started running the 800 meter run this year, Arcola’s Beau Edwards is a front runner for a state title finishing after first in his heat and fourth overall at 1:56.97. Edwards is hoping to bring home a second state title in the 400 as well after finishing with the eighth best time overall in the event at the Class 1A Boys’ State Track and Field Preliminary Finals at Eastern Illinois University on Thursday.

“I hadn’t run the 800 until like halfway through the season and I started off with a 1:59 with no competition,” Edwards said. “So I thought I’d stick to it and I worked pretty hard and I’m happy I got here.”

Salt Fork’s Nathan Kirby is a person to beat with the chance to bring home multiple medals in Saturday’s finals. As anchor, Kirby helped lead his 4×100 meter relay to victory finishing first overall at 43.08 seconds.
His relay finished first in their heat in the 4×200 at 1:30.53 and fourth overall to advance.

“We were at the line and nervous at first because sometimes our handoffs aren’t the greatest,” Kirby said. “We kind of mess up but all of us you know just got calm and wanted to get that first seed and focus in the finals really.”

Kirby also finished fourth overall in the 110 meter hurdles at 15.05 seconds. Maroa-Forsyth’s Brady Larson will be moving on to Saturday finishing sixth in the event but Judah Christian’s Daryl Okeke was surprised when he beat Kirby in the final heat.

“Gives me more confidence because that was a pretty big PR,” Okeke said. “I wasn’t expecting to beat Kirby there, but that was really good. Yeah I have a lot of confidence for Saturday honestly.”

Pleasant Plains junior Zach Powell and Arthur-Lovington-Atwood-Hammond’s Max Allen finished first and second in the 400 coming in under 50 seconds. St. Teresa’s 4×100 meter relay won their heat and came in third overall, resetting a school record they previously held.

“Our goal is to go to state,” St. Teresa junior Christion Harper said. “We just did that. I’m ready for Saturday, I’m excited for it.”

The Class 2A and 3A preliminaries are on Friday with the state finals for all three classes on Saturday.

 Mens Results

100 Meters 1A – Prelims
1.10Tony Phillips10.72a (1.3)SRKankakee (McNamara)
2.12Tyreke Fortney10.80a (2.5)Peru (St. Bede)
3.12Camden Foesch10.91a (2.5)PRDakota
4.10Joshua Boahene11.03a (1.1)Chicago (Holy Trinity)
6.10Parker Wolf11.06a (2.5)PRNewton
5.10Ryan Williams11.13a (1.1)Chicago (C. Hope Academy)
7.11Danny Carney11.13a (2.5)PRPleasant Plains
8.11Peyton Locke11.13a (1.1)Taylor Ridge (Rockridge)
9.12Luke Jelderks11.14a (1.3)PRPalos Heights (Chicago C…
10.11Jayden Veesenmeyer11.14a (1.1)Pleasant Plains
11.11Adam Pepper11.15a (2.5)Peoria (P. Christian)
12.11Johnathan McPherson11.16a (1.1)PROblong
13.11Jaquan Gause11.17a (1.3)PRVirden (North Mac)
14.12Ethen Siglock11.18a (2.5)Carlinville
15.12Marey Roby11.19a (2.5)PRLena (L.-Winslow)
16.10Keegan Sunde11.24a (2.5)Liberty
17.12Max Allen11.25a (1.3)Arthur (A.-Lovington-Atw…
18.10Supreme Muhammad11.26a (2.5)Winnebago
19.12Austin Henschen11.27a (1.3)Pana
20.11Alex Girardin11.27a (1.1)Liberty
21.12Grant Hunt11.30a (2.5)Princeville
22.11Carter Beyers11.30a (2.5)Pana
23.11Marshawn Ross11.34a (1.1)Chicago (Orr)
24.11Carter Wasson11.34a (1.1)Steeleville
25.11Tyler Burch11.40a (1.3)St. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
25.12Xander Moschenrose11.40a (1.3)Altamont
27.12Colton Oleson11.41a (1.1)Shabbona (Indian Creek)
28.10Reece Curtis11.41a (1.1)St. Anne
29.12Holden Hutchcraft11.54a (2.5)Pinckneyville
30.12Evan Schafer11.56a (1.1)Newton
31.10Luke Wiklund11.56a (2.5)Port Byron (Riverdale)
32.11Dionta McDaniels11.57a (1.1)Chicago (Harlan)
33.11Max Dittmer11.73a (2.5)Carthage (Illini West)
34.12Aiden Jany12.27a (1.1)Chester
11Jeremy WalkerDNS (1.1)Decatur (St. Teresa)
11Jonatha HamiltonDNS (1.1)DuQuoin
12Conner BettsDNS (1.3)El Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
12Calvin ThomasDNS (2.5)Chicago (C. Hope Academy)
200 Meters 1A – Prelims
1.10Tony Phillips22.17a (0.4)Kankakee (McNamara)
2.12Tyreke Fortney22.21a (0.0)Peru (St. Bede)
3.11Nathan Kirby22.40a (-1.0)PRCatlin (Salt Fork)
4.11Alex Girardin22.43a (-1.0)Liberty
5.11Peyton Locke22.59a (-1.0)PRTaylor Ridge (Rockridge)
6.12Austin Henschen22.60a (-1.0)Pana
7.12Luke Jelderks22.62a (-1.0)PRPalos Heights (Chicago C…
8.10Brayden Campbell22.62a (0.0)PRColfax (Ridgeview)
9.12Ethen Siglock22.64a (-1.0)PRCarlinville
10.12Max Allen22.67a (0.0)Arthur (A.-Lovington-Atw…
11.10Joshua Boahene22.75a (0.4)Chicago (Holy Trinity)
12.12Tyron Ferguson22.78a (-1.0)PRAurora (A. Christian)
13.12Camden Foesch22.80a (-1.0)Dakota
14.12Colton Oleson22.92a (-1.0)Shabbona (Indian Creek)
15.11Carter Wasson22.98a (-1.0)Steeleville
16.11Marshawn Ross23.11a (0.4)Chicago (Orr)
17.11Adam Pepper23.12a (0.0)Peoria (P. Christian)
18.11Dionta McDaniels23.16a (-1.0)Chicago (Harlan)
19.11Shayne Gillen23.18a (-1.0)PRWarrensburg (W.-Latham)
20.12Austin Brown23.29a (0.4)Johnston City
21.10Brysen Vasquez23.31a (0.4)Catlin (Salt Fork)
22.11Charles Shaw23.33a (0.0)SIUE Charter (E St Louis)
23.11Kaiden Droste23.36a (0.0)Biggsville (West Central)
24.11Johnathan McPherson23.36a (0.4)Oblong
25.11Adrian Arellano23.40a (-1.0)Dakota
26.12Xander Moschenrose23.44a (0.4)Altamont
27.12Conner Betts23.47a (0.0)El Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
28.11Elijah Marlow23.65a (-1.0)Bluford (Webber)
29.11Max Dittmer23.69a (0.0)Carthage (Illini West)
30.11Jacob Huber23.76a (0.4)Glen Carbon (Father McGi…
31.10Keegan Sunde24.48a (-1.0)Liberty
10Ryan WilliamsDNS (-1.0)Chicago (C. Hope Academy)
400 Meters 1A – Prelims
1.11Zach Powell49.50a PRPleasant Plains
2.12Max Allen49.83a PRArthur (A.-Lovington-Atw…
3.12Cannon Lambert49.92a PRElgin (Harvest Christian…
5.12Evan Schafer50.32a PRNewton
6.12Grant Hunt50.37a PRPrinceville
7.12Cameron Crow50.58aLitchfield
4.11Bjorn Carlson50.59aRockford (R. Christian)
8.12Beau Edwards50.75a PRArcola
9.10Reece Curtis50.80a PRSt. Anne
10.10Parker Wolf50.96aNewton
11.12Joel Weber51.42aWashburn (Lowpoint-W.)
12.12Tyron Ferguson51.44a PRAurora (A. Christian)
13.11Jacob Huber51.70aGlen Carbon (Father McGi…
14.10Tyler Heffren51.70aEureka
15.12Awstace Grauer51.76a SRGibson City (G.C.-Melvin…
16.11Carli Wilson Jr.52.31aMadison
17.12Cesar Huerta52.51aBeardstown
18.11Will Bateman53.04aVirginia
19.11Collin Robinson53.11aPiasa (Southwestern)
20.12Dylan Russell53.32aSherrard
21.12Will Budinger53.61aWilliamsville
22.12Kainoa Lugo53.80aChicago (Latin)
23.12Holden Hutchcraft53.82aPinckneyville
24.10Alika Lugo54.52aChicago (Latin)
25.11Jeffrey Hargrove55.38aMcLeansboro (Hamilton Co…
26.11Caleb Forseth55.59aPeoria (P. Christian)
12Jack PearceDNSPleasant Plains
11Peyton LockeDNSTaylor Ridge (Rockridge)
12Aiden JanyDNSChester
10Caleb HoekstraDNSElmhurst (Timothy Christ…
800 Meters 1A – Prelims
1.12Eli Mojonnier1:55.84a PRBismarck (B.-Henning-Ros…
2.11Julian Aske1:55.99a PREvanston (Beacon Academy)
4.12Thomas Harmon1:56.25aElmwood
3.12Beau Edwards1:56.97a PRArcola
5.11Ryan Hendrickson1:57.11a PRChampaign (St. Thomas Mo…
6.11Tyler Bickerman1:57.20a PRRushville (R.-Industry)
7.12Isaac Stanford1:57.67aFlora
8.12Isaac Jones1:57.98aAstoria
9.12Seth Hamerski1:58.33a PRBluford (Webber)
10.11Daniel Winkelman1:58.54a PRElgin (Harvest Christian…
11.11Landis Musser1:58.70aPort Byron (Riverdale)
12.12Reece Butcher1:58.87a PRNew Berlin
13.11Caleb Kernaghan1:59.19aDecatur (St. Teresa)
14.10Sam Springer1:59.49aDelavan
15.12Christian Rees1:59.79a PRSteeleville
16.11Elijah House2:01.07aManlius (Bureau Valley)
17.11David Peterson2:01.88aElgin (Harvest Christian…
18.11Charlie Bardwell2:02.75aEureka
19.9Ben Gibson2:03.32a PRChicago (Latin)
20.12Ray Habeck2:03.86a PRNashville
21.10Eason Comer2:04.61aGolconda (Pope County)
22.12Cole Kirkham2:05.07aCarthage (Illini West)
23.12Aidan Ward2:05.36a PRBeecher
24.10Isaiah Hill2:05.72aElmwood
25.12Dylan Bledsoe2:05.77aPinckneyville
26.11Brock Richards2:06.20aMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
27.11Nolan Bates2:06.27aWilliamsville
28.10Mason Evens2:06.49aCasey (C.-Westfield)
29.12Jace Green2:06.55aArthur (A.-Lovington-Atw…
30.10Logan Pasakarnis2:08.42aNewark
31.11Ben Hermes2:11.94aNew Berlin
11Owen MahaffeyDNSNewton
1600 Meters 1A – Prelims
1.12Ryan Hardiman4:18.96a PRChicago (Latin)
4.11Tommy Murray4:19.79a PRPort Byron (Riverdale)
5.11Akili Parekh4:22.16a PRChicago (Latin)
2.10Isaac Teel4:23.95aPinckneyville
6.12Kieran Subra4:24.90aChicago (Lycee Francais …
3.12Miles Sheppard4:25.49a PRWarsaw (Hamilton-West Ha…
7.12Mason Stoeger4:28.32aMinonk (Fieldcrest)
8.11Bryson Grant4:28.69a PRGilman (Iroquois West)
9.11Daniel Winkelman4:29.53a SRElgin (Harvest Christian…
10.12Thomas Harmon4:30.68aElmwood
11.12Gavin Hill4:31.24a PRTrenton (Wesclin)
12.12Cannen Wolf4:31.77aLiberty
13.11Landis Musser4:32.77a PRPort Byron (Riverdale)
14.11Logan Beckmier4:33.14a PRArthur (A.-Lovington-Atw…
15.12Eli Mojonnier4:33.19aBismarck (B.-Henning-Ros…
16.12Jace Green4:33.52aArthur (A.-Lovington-Atw…
17.11Griffen Elder4:35.55a PREffingham (St. Anthony)
18.10Weston Forward4:36.08a PRRockford (R. Christian)
19.12Noah Ludy4:37.40aEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
20.12Isaac Jones4:38.08a PRAstoria
21.12Nick Zwilling4:38.12a PRNewton
22.10Camden Quarton4:39.40a PRLitchfield
23.11Brock Richards4:41.35aMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
24.10Sam Springer4:42.31aDelavan
25.12Jacob Gutzman4:42.52a PRWaverly
26.12Noah Stout4:42.54aWarsaw (Hamilton-West Ha…
27.10Isaac Crumrine4:42.83aRiverton
28.10Josiah Hortin4:43.18aTuscola
29.9Evan Cook4:47.56aDecatur (St. Teresa)
30.12Christian Rees4:48.13aSteeleville
31.11Tanner Spence4:49.19aCarmi (C.-White County)
32.12Ryder James4:50.38aPaxton (P.-Buckley-Loda)
33.12Russell Ward4:51.22aBeecher
34.10Jackson Barrett4:52.28aTuscola
35.11Calvin Miller4:56.02aShelbyville
36.10Noah Luke4:56.38aPalos Heights (Chicago C…
12Henry LaufenbergDNSUrbana (University)
10Isaiah HillDNSElmwood
110m Hurdles – 39″ 1A – Prelims
1.12Jadon Robertson14.53a (1.4)Cowden (C.-Herrick)
2.11Jackson Kern14.86a (2.1)PRAuburn
3.11Daryl Okeke14.90a (1.8)PRChampaign (Judah Christi…
5.11Nathan Kirby15.05a (1.8)Catlin (Salt Fork)
4.12Bobby Mogged15.23a (1.7)PRCullom (Tri-Point)
6.10Brady Larson15.46a (2.1)PRMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
7.12Nathan Cain15.60a (1.7)Pleasant Plains
8.11Gage Smith15.70a (1.4)Shelbyville
9.12Michael Doll15.91a (1.8)PRWestmont
10.12Matthew Beltran15.94a (1.4)Forreston
11.12Austin McDaniel15.97a (1.7)Fithian (Oakwood)
12.10Evan Baltzell16.09a (1.4)PRNewton
13.12Owen Scherff16.16a (2.1)PRWaterloo (Gibault Cathol…
14.11Colin Ripperda16.20a (2.1)Williamsville
15.11Justin Phillips16.31a (2.1)PRChicago (Wolcott)
16.12Keagan Newton16.31a (1.8)PRToulon (Stark County)
17.12Christian Meier16.38a (1.7)Shabbona (Indian Creek)
18.11Kameron Hugya16.53a (1.8)PRDuQuoin
19.12Logan Elder16.58a (1.7)El Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
20.11Nathan Canada16.62a (1.4)Elmhurst (Timothy Christ…
21.12Noah Bradarich16.65a (2.1)Sherrard
22.11Elijah Hecox16.68a (1.4)Camp Point (Central)
23.11Kacen Johnson16.73a (1.8)Milledgeville
24.12Josh Bevis16.81a (1.4)Christopher
25.11Wasiu Kasumu16.88a (1.8)PRChicago (Harlan)
26.10Jaylene Williams17.68a (1.7)Madison
27.11Christian Danner17.68a (1.7)Rushville (R.-Industry)
28.10Kaleb Brickner17.69a (2.1)Peoria (P. Christian)
29.12Ethan Gabrys18.00a (1.4)Somonauk
30.12Kenrick Oriyavong18.61a (1.7)Oregon
12Drake DufrainFS (1.8)Staunton
11Brecken HeinrichsDNS (2.1)Aledo (Mercer County)
300m Hurdles – 36″ 1A – Prelims
1.12Jadon Robertson38.90aCowden (C.-Herrick)
2.11Gage Smith40.03aShelbyville
5.11Daryl Okeke40.16a PRChampaign (Judah Christi…
3.11Jackson Kern40.19aAuburn
4.12Owen Scherff41.18aWaterloo (Gibault Cathol…
6.12Josh Bevis41.63a PRChristopher
7.9Jean Luc Aplogan41.79a PRBeardstown
8.12Michael Doll41.83aWestmont
9.12Bobby Mogged41.85aCullom (Tri-Point)
10.11Justin Phillips42.15a PRChicago (Wolcott)
11.12Nathan Cain42.25aPleasant Plains
12.11Adam Hernandez42.30a PRPawnee
13.12Mason Bruns42.54aPaxton (P.-Buckley-Loda)
14.12Keagan Newton42.87aToulon (Stark County)
15.12Colby Carroll42.95aToulon (Stark County)
16.11Nathan Lyons43.12aWinnebago
17.12Ben Lantz43.34a PRErie-Prophetstown
18.10Kyden Boyer43.40aMarshall
19.11Nathan Canada43.46aElmhurst (Timothy Christ…
20.12Logan Elder43.89aEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
21.10Brady Larson44.03aMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
22.12Kenrick Oriyavong44.20aOregon
23.12Breyton Beck44.31aShelbyville
24.11Eli Hinde44.92aPort Byron (Riverdale)
25.10Lucas Harriott45.41aEvanston (Beacon Academy)
26.10Kaleb Brickner45.45aPeoria (P. Christian)
27.10Trey Mason45.77aFairfield
28.10Brayden Hunter48.53aNashville
29.12Devon Salter48.78aPittsfield
4×100 Relay 1A – Prelims
1.10Brysen Vasquez
11Ben Jessup
11Ethan McLain
11Nathan Kirby
43.08aCatlin (Salt Fork)
2.12Owen Lightfoot
10Supreme Muhammad
10Eden Trotter-Krahn
12Michael Cunningham
3.11Brycen Hendrix
12Denim Cook
11Jeremy Walker
11Christion Harper
43.42aDecatur (St. Teresa)
5.12Marey Roby
11Jace Flynn
12Kamron Klever
10O’mar Pasley
43.44aLena (L.-Winslow)
4.11Jayden Veesenmeyer
11Danny Carney
12Nathan Cain
11Tyler Conn
43.46aPleasant Plains
6.12Evan Schafer
12Ben Meinhart
11Dalton Baltzell
10Parker Wolf
7.11Malik Jones
9Triston Webb
11Jonathan Hamilton
10Da’Marion Johnson
8.12Steffon May
10Jeremiah Oliver
10Jon Tobey
12Luke Jelderks
43.88aPalos Heights (Chicago C…
9.11Jaquan Gause
12David Bolletto
11Logan Hammann
11Kaden Brown
43.88aVirden (North Mac)
10.12Brady Wolf
12Thomas Dauphin
12Justice Brainerd
12Alex Anderson
11.12Davarey McClain
11Tristan Phipps
12Marcus Ray
10Ryan Williams
44.00aChicago (C. Hope Academy)
12.10Logan Hughes
10Evan Cole
12Rhett Harper
11Murphy McCool
44.01aBismarck (B.-Henning-Ros…
13.10Jaydon Wright
10Sam Munsterman
12Alan Smith
10Tony Phillips
44.16aKankakee (McNamara)
14.12Camden Foesch
11Tug Dornink
11Adrian Arellano
12Kaleb Morris
15.12Aveory Lamanske
10Wyatt Schemerhorn
12Garret Williams
12Sterling Stotts
44.28aCamp Point (Central)
16.12Mason Pherigo
11Aidan Poor
12J.J. Petty
12Marco Ballinger
17.9Alex Kennedy
10DeByron Boyd
12Daveon Hayden
11Carlis Wilson Jr.
18.12Adrian Landrus
12Lane Dohman
12Reece Stimpert
12Conner Betts
44.56aEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
19.11Tyler Burch
11Aidan McCorkle
11Aidan Moberg
12Jonathan Poulter
44.58aSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
20.10Jack Rouse
12Charlie Kessinger
12Mason Patton
12Ethen Siglock
21.11Bjorn Carlson
12Niko Rosado
12Alex Bugarin
12Adam Santana
44.64aRockford (R. Christian)
22.12Jason Hall
11Denzell Gibson
10KJ Parker
12Antonio Richardson
44.64aElmhurst (IC Catholic)
23.10Tayshaun Kieser
12Denver Hoerr
10Marcel Primera
12Grant Hunt
24.12Michael Carlson
12Trevor Cobo
12Ben Lantz
12Braxton Froeliger
25.12Jared Chandler
12Ja’Kyan Shanklin
11Camden Austin
11Tank Hill
26.12Austin Henschen
10Ethan Hicks
11Carter Beyers
10Carter Edwards
27.12Xander Moschenrose
11Devon Sloan
12Noah Klimpel
10Logan Duncan
28.10Braxton Mitchell
10LeBryant Flagg
11Aiden Riser
12Egan Franzen
44.81aMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
29.11Weston Hails
11Aidan Reed
12Trenton Greenwood
11Elijah Marlow
45.36aBluford (Webber)
30.10David Jackson
12Andrew Xing
12Cole Connolly
9Brian Smith
45.63aWinnetka (North Shore Co…
31.11Damarion Williams
9Arkez Richardson
12Dauntay Merideth
11Torre Lofton
32.11Jake Morin
10Tyler Heffren
11Mason Schoolcraft
11Dakota Wiegand
33.12Kellen McClay
11Isaac Nolan
11Oscar Young
12Lane Grice
4×200 Relay 1A – Prelims
1.12Michael Cunningham
10Eden Trotter-Krahn
10Supreme Muhammad
12Owen Lightfoot
5.11Jayden Veesenmeyer
11Danny Carney
11Tyler Conn
10Whit Maisch
1:30.25aPleasant Plains
2.12Marey Roby
12Kamron Klever
11Jace Flynn
10O’mar Pasley
1:30.30aLena (L.-Winslow)
3.10Brysen Vasquez
11Ben Jessup
11Ethan McLain
11Nathan Kirby
1:30.53aCatlin (Salt Fork)
4.11Jaquan Gause
12David Bolletto
11Logan Hammann
11Kaden Brown
1:31.12aVirden (North Mac)
6.12Camden Foesch
11Tug Dornink
11Adrian Arellano
12Kaleb Morris
7.11Christion Harper
11Jeremy Walker
12Denim Cook
11Brycen Hendrix
1:31.41aDecatur (St. Teresa)
8.10Payton Campbell
12Carter Coffman
11Alec Thomas
10Brayden Campbell
1:31.60aColfax (Ridgeview)
9.12Aveory Lamanske
10Wyatt Schemerhorn
12Garret Williams
12Sterling Stotts
1:31.93aCamp Point (Central)
10.11Tyler Burch
10Spencer Wilson
10Colin Wayland
12Jonathan Poulter
1:32.32aSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
11.12Trevor Cobo
12Braxton Froeliger
12Ben Lantz
12Michael Carlson
12.10Jaydon Wright
10Sam Munsterman
12Alan Smith
10Tony Phillips
1:32.85aKankakee (McNamara)
13.10Da’Marion Johnson
11Malik Jones
11Elijah Jones
11Jonathan Hamilton
14.12Conner Betts
12Reece Stimpert
10Kamren Schumacher
12Adrian Landrus
1:32.93aEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
15.12Casper Powell
12Stephen Roder
12Antonio Cruz
12Austin Knight
1:33.07aMelrose Park (Walther Ch…
16.9Nate Thomas
12Connor Curry
12Alex Bugarin
12Adam Santana
1:33.11aRockford (R. Christian)
17.10DeByron Boyd
9Steven Moore
12Daveon Hayden
11Kameron Trammell
18.11Hunter Branca
12Connor Lewis
12Krish Patel
11Ben Hornaday
19.12Egan Franzen
10Braxton Mitchell
9Connell Doolin
10LeBryant Flagg
1:33.56aMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
20.12Cortez Roach
10Earnest Rice
12Tyquan Sanders
12Elijah Phipps
1:33.77aChicago (North Lawndale …
21.11Hayden Swartz
12Evan Potter
12Carter Conderman
12Owen Griffith
22.11Jeremiah Jackson
12Marco Ballinger
12J.J. Petty
11Aidan Poor
23.12Jason Hall
11Denzell Gibson
10KJ Parker
12Antonio Richardson
1:34.26aElmhurst (IC Catholic)
24.10Hunter Darsham
10Dane Hitchcock
9Jake Martin
11Logan Morse
25.11Jake Morin
11Mason Schoolcraft
10Carson Lehman
11Dakota Wiegand
26.11Isaac Nolan
11Oscar Young
12Lane Grice
12Kellen McClay
27.12Xander Moschenrose
10Logan Duncan
11Devon Sloan
12Noah Klimpel
28.11Weston Hails
11Aidan Reed
11RJ Hargrove
11Elijah Marlow
1:35.36aBluford (Webber)
29.10Matthew Evans
12Justin Weihe
12Conner Garsnett
12Evan Christy
1:35.86aTrenton (Wesclin)
30.12Ethen Siglock
12Mason Patton
12Charlie Kessinger
12Levi Yudinsky
31.12Owen Mcbride
9Cody McBride
11Aiden Batten
12Marcus Williams
1:36.83aSterling (Newman Central…
32.11Dalton Baltzell
9Evan Zumbahlen
11Luis Zavala
10Isaac Flowers
12Calvin Thomas
12Marcus Ray
11Judah Mallete
10Ryan Williams
DNSChicago (C. Hope Academy)
4×400 Relay 1A – Prelims
1.12Owen Lightfoot
10Brandon Wiggan
10Supreme Muhammad
12Michael Cunningham
2.10Parker Wolf
12Ben Meinhart
11Owen Mahaffey
12Evan Schafer
5.12Justice Brainerd
12Brady Wolf
12Thomas Dauphin
12Alex Anderson
3.12Jack Pearce
11Danny Carney
10Michael Carter
11Zach Powell
3:27.25aPleasant Plains
4.11Jeremy Walker
11Christian Brilley
11Cameron Kernaghan
11Caleb Kernaghan
3:27.93aDecatur (St. Teresa)
6.10Carson Lehman
10Gabe Schmidt
11Charlie Bardwell
10Tyler Heffren
7.12Carter Conderman
12Isaac Mondello
11Hayden Swartz
12Evan Potter
8.10Payton Campbell
12Carter Coffman
11Alec Thomas
10Brayden Campbell
3:29.13aColfax (Ridgeview)
8.12Jonathan Thomas
11Aidan Sosnowski
9Nate Thomas
11Bjorn Carlson
3:29.13aRockford (R. Christian)
10.12Marey Roby
11Jace Flynn
11Nick Inden
12Kamron Klever
3:29.19aLena (L.-Winslow)
11.10Tayshaun Kieser
12Denver Hoerr
10Parker Melick
12Grant Hunt
12.11Gage Smith
10Tucker Foil
9Tucker Kull
12Lucus Stokes
13.11Alex Hill
11Noah Laslo
10Caleb Hoekstra
12Ethan Lemkuil
3:30.61aElmhurst (Timothy Christ…
14.12Trayton Anders
11Jerick LeMaire
12Cole Kirkham
12Matt McDowell
3:31.56aCarthage (Illini West)
15.12Reece Butcher
11Landon Williams
11Flynn Tirey
11Ben Hermes
3:32.36aNew Berlin
16.12Conner Garsnett
11Cole Gruenke
12Justin Weihe
12Gavin Hill
3:32.37aTrenton (Wesclin)
17.12Jonathan Poulter
10Spencer Wilson
10Logan Smith
11Tyler Burch
3:33.91aSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
18.11Chase Smith
11RJ Hargrove
11Aidan Reed
12Seth Hamerski
3:34.03aBluford (Webber)
19.11Jakob Etter
11Charlie Terry
11Adam Sipes
11Tyler Bickerman
3:34.14aRushville (R.-Industry)
20.11Jack Duffy
9Ayden Roff
12Samuel Edwards
12Emmett Emmons
21.12Holden Hutchcraft
12Daniel Martin
12Dylan Bledsoe
10Isaac Teel
22.11Jackson Kern
11Elijah Hoehn
9Carter Hunley
11Nathan Barth
23.10Elliott Frisbie
11Conlan Walsh
11Griffen Elder
11Max Sager
3:36.44aEffingham (St. Anthony)
24.11Murphy McCool
11Isaiah Tidwell
10Ayden Ingram
12Eli Mojonnier
3:38.57aBismarck (B.-Henning-Ros…
25.10Derrion Enlow
11Carlis Wilson Jr.
9Steven Moore
12Daveon Hayden
26.10Kamren Schumacher
11Sam Bushert
12Reece Stimpert
12Lane Dohman
3:39.91aEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
27.10Alika Lugo
12Kainoa Lugo
11Finn Kelly
9Daniel Goodman
3:44.69aChicago (Latin)
28.10Lucas Harriott
11Gabe Shapps
10Ian Parsons
11Julian Aske
3:45.69aEvanston (Beacon Academy)
29.9Daniel Yeagle
11Brendan Williams
12Noah Hollis
12Jakoby McKown
9Wyatt Widolff
12Jacob Donald
12Owen Mcbride
10Lucas Simpson
FSSterling (Newman Central…
4×800 Relay 1A – Prelims
1.12Eddie Leslie
10Jimmy Bernaeyge
11David Peterson
11Daniel Winkelman
8:13.71aElgin (Harvest Christian…
2.12Jonathan Thomas
12Adison Elliott
11Aidan Sosnowski
12Ethan Walsh
8:13.97aRockford (R. Christian)
4.10Isaiah Hill
12Nick Feller
11Brendan Williams
12Thomas Harmon
5.12Will Budinger
10Drew Mirabile
11Avery Glasgow
11Nolan Bates
6.12Justin Weihe
11Cole Gruenke
12Conner Garsnett
12Gavin Hill
8:16.85aTrenton (Wesclin)
7.10Carson Lehman
11Gabriel Gerber
11Luke Rinkenberger
11Charlie Bardwell
8.12Jacob Donald
9Wyatt Widolff
12Thomas Powers
10Lucas Simpson
8:19.15aSterling (Newman Central…
3.10Luke Weber
12Nick Zwilling
11Luis Zavala
11Owen Mahaffey
9.11Martin Velchek
9Evan Cook
11Cameron Kernaghan
11Caleb Kernaghan
8:20.66aDecatur (St. Teresa)
10.12Elijah Mock
10Carson Maroon
12Luke Stegall
10Spencer Wilson
8:21.79aSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
11.10Jackson Barrett
12Riley Nolan
12Logan Wallace
10Josiah Hortin
12.10Danny Darrow
10Ben Milner
12Cameron Britton
10Noah Britton
8:25.92aRock Island (Alleman)
13.10Quentin Althar
10Parker Quinlan
12Kendall Meugge
12Noah Stout
8:26.99aWarsaw (Hamilton-West Ha…
14.11Nathan Dahl
10Jack Willenborg
12Riley Flanigan
11Zach Powell
8:31.62aPleasant Plains
15.11Ethan Trask
11Braden Denning
12Eli Dahlhauser
10Alex Maas
16.11Jackson Ballard
10Steffen Charlie
9Daniel Goodman
9Ben Gibson
8:34.05aChicago (Latin)
17.11Chase Smith
12Jeremiah Cramer
9Jaxon Dalby
12Seth Hamerski
8:36.72aBluford (Webber)
18.12Daniel Bradley
11Ravonne Clemons
12Connor Riley
12Jack Hiller
8:41.45aBelleville (Althoff Cath…
19.11Ashton Kraus
11Ryan Gayton
12Russell Ward
12Aidan Ward
20.11Josh Pagan
10Jonathan Prabhu
10Daniel Morris
12Jack Morgan
8:45.05aCentral Catholic (Bloomi…
21.10Owen Keyt
12Robert Hansell
10Aramis Thai-Garcia
12Nicholas Olvera
8:47.20aWinnetka (North Shore Co…
22.12Lucus Stokes
11Calvin Miller
10Aydan Fisher
12Breyton Beck
23.12Nathan Smith
10Conor Gross
10Jayden Fred
9Jaxon VanZandt
24.11Giovanni Bucio
10Elliott Frisbie
11Conlan Walsh
11Max Sager
8:48.97aEffingham (St. Anthony)
25.9Jackson Beer
12Joel Weber
12Luke Getz
11Colin Delagrange
8:49.23aWashburn (Lowpoint-W.)
26.10Ayden Ingram
11Joshua Gernand
10Eli Godwin
11Isaiah Tidwell
8:51.73aBismarck (B.-Henning-Ros…
27.12Trayton Anders
12Nick Manzo
12Matt McDowell
12Cole Kirkham
8:59.59aCarthage (Illini West)
28.10Kaleb Sica
11Henry O’Connor
9Quentin Jarlson
11Tim Rosland
29.10William Scroggs
10Isaac Scaff
10Tyce Albritton
12Colton Knowles
8:59.80aMackinaw (Deer Creek-M.)
30.10Matt Dunn
10Will Meyer
9Kaney Roper
11Hayden Truax
31.10Chris Bandy
11Robby Biesenthal
9Michael Biesenthal
11Jacob Heironimus
9:23.99aNew Berlin
Shot Put – 12lb 1A – Prelims
1.12Daniel Lucas18.25mCowden (C.-Herrick)
2.11Chris Boyd17.43mTuscola
3.11Garrett Taylor16.04mCatlin (Salt Fork)
4.12Jacob Rollins15.94mAuburn
5.12Clayton Leonard15.75mGilman (Iroquois West)
6.12Grant Milbrath15.65mPecatonica
7.12Colton Robinson15.54mCarlinville
8.12Blake Orwig15.14mToulon (Stark County)
9.11Jacob Wickham14.80mNewton
10.12Shamar Williams14.72m PRTremont
11.10Gage Dunker14.52mLena (L.-Winslow)
12.12Markus Miguel14.50mGibson City (G.C.-Melvin…
13.12Peyton Mazur14.37mChristopher
14.12Davarey McClain14.12m PRChicago (C. Hope Academy)
15.10Hank Alvey13.94mGlasford (Illini Bluffs)
16.11Afton Clark13.81mRushville (R.-Industry)
17.12Joshua Gaye13.68m PRMooseheart
18.10Henry Harsy13.67m PRDuQuoin
19.11Mitchel Myers13.62mArcola
20.11Chris Farrell13.55mLisle (Sr)
21.12Magnus Wells13.52mHillsboro
22.11Braiden Damhoff13.42m PRFulton
23.12Daniel Dominguez13.40mOregon
24.12Jakobi Wilson13.34mChicago (Leo)
25.10Connor Keinath13.22mHenry (H.-Senachwine)
26.12Reece Richmond12.93mPort Byron (Riverdale)
27.12Colin Sheldon12.59mSparta
28.10Tanner Gimm12.54mLiberty
29.10Nick Feather12.41mHeyworth
30.10Matt Schumacher11.54mFarmer City (Blue Ridge)
11Johnny KoblerFOULForreston
11Vincent BeatyDNSNashville
Discus – 1.6kg 1A – Prelims
1.12Grant Milbrath50.06m PRPecatonica
2.12Jacob Rollins49.69m PRAuburn
3.11Cannon Leonard47.70mGilman (Iroquois West)
4.11Mitchel Myers47.36mArcola
5.11Garrett Taylor47.17mCatlin (Salt Fork)
6.10Brock Trimble46.83mSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
7.10Alex Zarlatanes46.60mTaylor Ridge (Rockridge)
8.10Hank Alvey46.47m PRGlasford (Illini Bluffs)
9.12Daniel Lucas44.99mCowden (C.-Herrick)
10.12Daniel Dominguez44.69mOregon
11.12Jakob DiPiazza44.66mWinnebago
12.11Jacob Wickham44.52mNewton
13.12Jake Anderson44.31mPecatonica
14.10Nick Feather44.18mHeyworth
15.12Clayton Leonard43.52mGilman (Iroquois West)
16.11Chris Boyd43.34mTuscola
17.12Andon Evans42.96mEureka
18.11Camden Rosche42.50mRockford (R. Christian)
19.12Magnus Wells41.91mHillsboro
20.12Phoenix Cooper41.24mFlanagan (F.-Cornell)
21.11Eric Kollmann40.38mAltamont
22.10John Blumhorst39.98m PRNashville
23.11Afton Clark39.71mRushville (R.-Industry)
24.12Jared Cheline39.67mAledo (Mercer County)
25.11Ben Jessup39.60mCatlin (Salt Fork)
26.12Jacob Dutton38.55mMonmouth (United)
27.11Vaughn Myers37.77mTaylor Ridge (Rockridge)
28.10Henry Harsy37.59mDuQuoin
29.10Carter Thomas37.40mSeneca
30.10Hayden Kettman35.98mBeecher
31.12Ross Stabenow35.96mLena (L.-Winslow)
32.11Patrick Walker35.25mChicago (Christ the King)
33.12Saxton Hoepker34.86mNashville
34.12Harry Juarez34.72mBeardstown
35.11Walt Layman34.42mWilliamsville
36.12Jakobi Wilson33.58mChicago (Leo)
12Konnor DaggDNSFairfield
High Jump 1A – Prelims
1.11Mason Kooi1.88mSpringfield (Lutheran)
2.12Jadon Robertson1.88mCowden (C.-Herrick)
3.12Jake Sarver1.88mWarrensburg (W.-Latham)
4.12Karson Lewsader1.88mGeorgetown (G.-Ridge Far…
5.12Cameron Crow1.88mLitchfield
6.12Beau Edwards1.88mArcola
7.12Trenton Coulter1.88mAledo (Mercer County)
8.10Noah Gilmore1.88mRobinson
9.12Drew Hurelbrink1.88mMacon (Meridian)
10.12Brian Lindsay1.88mAthens
11.12Trevor Cobo1.88mErie-Prophetstown
12.12Connor Moore1.88m SRHeyworth
13.12Dontye Perry1.88mNeoga
14.11AJ Walsh1.88mElmhurst (IC Catholic)
15.12Jeremy Mafhina1.85mBeardstown
15.12Ethan Copeland1.85mNew Berlin
15.12Spencer Wells1.85mMilford
15.12Egan Franzen1.85mMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
15.12Matthew Beltran1.85mForreston
15.12Duncan Lawler1.85mPeru (St. Bede)
15.10Chance Young1.85mCerro Gordo-Bement
15.12Ryan Domin1.85mWestmont
15.12Colton Oleson1.85mShabbona (Indian Creek)
24.11Landon Webb1.80mVienna
24.12Brayden Colwell1.80mWaverly
24.10Brayden Howard1.80mRed Bud
24.12Caleb Woods1.80mMoweaqua (Central A & M)
24.9Ben Roedl1.80mAltamont
24.11Nolan Deitrich1.80mCarthage (Illini West)
24.10Drew Neal1.80m PREl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
24.10Pete Bresner1.80mEureka
24.11Logan Morse1.80mFarmington
10Trent BlissDNSFairfield
9Lance WiegandNHEureka
12Treshaun GibsonNHChicago (Harlan)
10Gabriel SteeleNHChester
10Joshua BallNHChicago (Leo)
12Sterling StottsNHCamp Point (Central)
12Evan PotterNHByron
11Joseph JansenNHOkawville
11Amro ShammakhNHPoplar Grove (North Boon…
11Zach PowellDNSPleasant Plains
12Damon SharpNHVirden (North Mac)
Pole Vault 1A – Prelims
1.12Ridge Willard3.90mBloomington (Cornerstone…
2.10Charlie Gentle3.90mMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
4.12Ivan Favila3.90mUrbana (University)
5.10Griffin Kimbrel3.90mPana
6.12Jd Standish3.90mEureka
7.12Owen Griffith3.90mByron
8.11Brady Schaller3.90mWinnebago
9.12Vander Dransfeldt3.90mBraidwood (Reed-Custer)
12.12Cameron Grohler3.90m PRPaxton (P.-Buckley-Loda)
13.11Parker Holldorf3.90mErie-Prophetstown
10.12Austin Hahn3.80m PRLisle (Sr)
11.11Jakob Eaton3.80m PRDuQuoin
14.11Charlie Terry3.80mRushville (R.-Industry)
3.11Jeffrey Sharp3.65mAuburn
15.10Brayden Morse3.65mFarmington
16.9Marcus Czapar3.50mEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
16.11Christian Duplayee3.50m PRVandalia
16.12Max Beyers3.50mShelbyville
16.9Charlie Schmitz3.50mSt. Joseph (S.J.-Ogden)
20.12Caleb Savitch3.35mSpring Valley (Hall)
20.11Brody Bernier3.35m PRSherrard
20.9Mason Gilpin3.35mCarlinville
20.12Patrick Guilavogui3.35m PRBeardstown
24.12Jacob Cowell3.20mChester
24.11Max Sager3.20mEffingham (St. Anthony)
26.10Eli Nehring3.05mDuQuoin
9Lannin CaronNHChester
9Wyatt ParrDNSChicago (Latin)
12Peter CahillaneDNSChicago (Latin)
10Will FoltzNHTuscola
12Caleb SteinerNHTremont
11David StallerNHRobinson
Long Jump 1A – Prelims
1.12Jadon Robertson6.82mCowden (C.-Herrick)
2.12Luke Jelderks6.71mPalos Heights (Chicago C…
3.12Austin Henschen6.69mPana
4.10Cole Pemble6.68mFarmer City (Blue Ridge)
5.12Jaden Smith6.56mDuQuoin
6.11Cabott Craft6.52mChampaign (St. Thomas Mo…
7.12Ezra Thompson6.47m (0.0)Camp Point (Central)
8.12Jace Bina6.45m (0.0)Georgetown (G.-Ridge Far…
8.12Michael Cunningham6.45m PRWinnebago
9.12Braxton Froeliger6.37mErie-Prophetstown
10.11Weston Hails6.36m (0.0)PRBluford (Webber)
11.10Griffin Kohlmiller6.35m PREdwardsville (Metro-East…
12.12Prentice Myles6.33m PRChicago (North Lawndale …
13.11Austin Henard6.17mBloomington (Cornerstone…
14.12Grayson Haywood6.15mElmhurst (Timothy Christ…
15.11Damarion Williams6.14mSparta
16.11Alex Girardin6.09m (0.0)Liberty
17.12Mitch Ripple6.06m (0.0)Macon (Meridian)
18.12Damon Sharp5.99mVirden (North Mac)
19.11Caden Eller5.88mOttawa (Marquette)
20.9Dante Golden5.87mEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
21.12Jace Bina5.82m (0.0)Georgetown (G.-Ridge Far…
21.12Michael Cunningham5.82m (0.0)Winnebago
22.12Johnny York5.80mElmwood
23.11Amro Shammakh5.79mPoplar Grove (North Boon…
24.11Kaiden Droste5.69m (0.0)Biggsville (West Central)
25.12London Hails5.64mPatoka
26.12Ja’Kyan Shanklin5.63mAthens
27.11Carlis Wilson Jr.5.41m (0.0)Madison
28.11Kolton Wilk5.30m (0.0)Milledgeville
10Shelby DuncanDNSChicago (Fenger)
12Creed WelschDNSEl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
Triple Jump 1A – Prelims
1.12Brian Lindsay13.15m PRAthens
2.12Adam Santana12.96m (0.0)Rockford (R. Christian)
3.11Harrison Guo12.89m (0.0)PRMaroa (M.-Forsyth)
4.12Jake Sarver12.86m (0.0)Warrensburg (W.-Latham)
5.11Dylan Diaz12.85m (0.0)PRCatlin (Salt Fork)
5.12Joe Kerner12.85m PREl Paso (E.P.-Gridley)
7.11Mason Kooi12.77m (0.0)Springfield (Lutheran)
8.12Ezra Thompson12.76m (0.0)Camp Point (Central)
9.12Keagan Newton12.54m (0.0)Toulon (Stark County)
9.11William Leighty12.54mPort Byron (Riverdale)
11.10Vontez Dent12.50m (0.0)Rockford (Lutheran)
12.12Caleb Woods12.37m (0.0)Moweaqua (Central A & M)
13.10Max Milbrath12.32m (0.0)Pecatonica
14.11Gabe Todd12.30m (0.0)PRFairfield
15.9Caden Boersma12.28mPalos Heights (Chicago C…
16.10Noah Gilmore12.27m (0.0)PRRobinson
17.11Judah Mallete12.26m (0.0)PRChicago (C. Hope Academy)
17.11Daryl Okeke12.26m (0.0)Champaign (Judah Christi…
19.12Aaron Gotthardt12.25mCambridge
19.10Connar Turner12.25mWinchester
21.12Zack Bosi12.21m (0.0)Spring Valley (Hall)
22.11Daken Pessman12.18mFulton
22.11Casey Rosenberg12.18mLisle (Sr)
24.10Keenan Powell12.15m (0.0)Litchfield
25.10Joshua Ball12.10m (0.0)Chicago (Leo)
26.11Damarion Williams12.07m (0.0)Sparta
27.11Colby McGahey11.89m (0.0)PRRobinson
28.11Jhyran Roby11.82m (0.0)Madison
29.9Elijah Beaver11.54mGoreville
30.11Carson Gold11.52mEureka
31.12Austin McDaniel11.29m (0.0)Fithian (Oakwood)