“I am a believer in the scholarship system,” Whitman’s stance on NCAA athletes getting paid to play

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(WCIA) — Illinois Athletic Director Josh Whitman had a lot to say on the argument about whether or not collegiate athletes should receive compensation for their play.

Recent debates have sparked in interest in the topic, some believing that athletes should be compensated for the profits generated by the NCAA and their sport–or for the use of their image, name, and likeness.

“I think that I am a believer in the scholarship system when it comes to pay for play,” says Whitman. “I think that there are very few athletes in our system–there are only a handful who could make a straight-faced argument that they deserve more than the value of the scholarship and all the associated benefits that they are receiving. So, to me, the pay for play concept doesn’t have a lot of interest, but I think the name image likeness opportunity is more intriguing.”

While Illinois athletes may not find themselves receiving any sort of compensation any time soon, the state of California recently introduced a fair paid-to-play legislation that would allow the states college athletes to be paid for the use of their image, name and likeness.

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