WCIA — You’d be hard pressed to find a time when Bobby Pierce isn’t in a car. Whether it’s on the road to his next race, or on the track itself. During the UMP Summer Nationals, Pierce and the rest of the drivers are scheduled for 29 races in a span of 32 days.

“Hanging out with some of the same people for a month straight, it can definitely wear you out,” Pierce said. “We’re all just trying to have a fun time. When it’s going good, it’s going really good. Then when it’s going back you just got to try to pull together and make the best out of it.”

For the last 12 years, Pierce has made a living behind the wheel. And it’s been more good than bad. He’s one of the best dirt track drivers in the country.

“Racing is more than just a hobby,” he explained. “Back when I was in school my friends would always joke around with me about it, ‘What are you doing on the weekend Bobby, turning left? Yeah, I’m turning left.’ But I’m starting to make a career out of it, this is what I’m going to be doing for probably my whole life.”

So far that’s proved to be a good choice. Pierce has won 12 races in 52 starts this season, 5 of those wins during the Summer Nationals. Overall he has 167 feature race wins on his resume.

“Won a lot of championships, a lot of races so far at a young age and it’s really good to get started young in it,” he continued. “Big shout out to my dad for getting me into it so young because that’s just what it takes. Experience is so important in it.”

Pierce has already started seven races on the NASCAR truck series, While that’s an impressive accomplishment for the 20 year old, he happy right where he is, on the dirt..

“Dirt has always been in my blood and I think a lot of guys argue it’s kind of more fun but NASCAR is definitely where the really big money is,” Pierce said. “But to get there takes a lot of sponsorship and from racing dirt my whole life, dirt is just kind of what I’ve grown up racing so that’s just what I know.”

He will race in the NASCAR truck series on Wednesday night at Eldora Raceway.