Leron Black cleaning the glass for the Illini


CHAMPAIGN — The Illini won their first Big Ten game on Sunday, in large part thanks to Leron Black being a monster on the boards.

Black grabbed a career high 15 rebounds in the game. He’s the fourth Illini player to grab 15 rebounds in a game since 2010.

“I said something to one of the staff guys at halftime, I said ‘Man, Finke is playing really well’ and someone, I can’t remember, said he didn’t have a rebound. He ended up getting three in the second half. And I heard someone say ‘Yeah, because Leron’s getting all of them. So that was the impact he made. He was going up snatching them. That was huge for us, obviously they’re a very very good rebounding team,” head coach John Groce said.
“He sure cleaned the glass up,” teammate Michael Finke added. “I was thinking to myself during the game like ‘Dang I haven’t got many boards. Then I saw on the megatron thing or whatever that Leron had 15, I said well, there ya go.”

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