Journalist perspective: Arriving in Rio


Getting to Rio De Janiero for the Summer Games is an adventure. From overnight flights to four cities in less than 24 hours, it’s safe to say traveling is never easy and arriving my be tougher. 

Just after sunrise, reporters land in Brazil, then ushered off the plane and start a mile walk to customs. Once journalists officially enter the country, they go to another line, the line for media folks to get their Olympic credentials.

From there, Brazil begins to show off.

The Summer Games gear is the first splash of color you see, from mascots to coffee cups, the duty free shops have you covered, but you can’t buy them until you leave the country. The prices are pretty good.

Then it’s time to find a ride in the busiest place in the airport, but your eye is quickly drawn to the military. The Games and the government have beefed up their security.

Finally you are on the bus and the views start to show off Brazil. Sure you see a few places that you might worry about, but the Rio landscape is the first thing anyone notices and maybe the latest impression as reporters leave the International Airport because now the adventure truly begins.

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