CHAMPAIGN (WCIA) — Big Ten Media Day has come to a close and we’re two days away from football season. WCIA-3’s Andy Olson spoke 1-on-1 with wide receiver Isaiah Williams about this upcoming season.

Andy: “Still here at Big Ten Media Days in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium, now very happy to be joined by wide reciever, Isaiah Williams from Illinois football. Isaiah, thanks for joining me.”

Isaiah: “No problem.”

Andy: “Late add to the players that got their way over here, just how happy are you to get the Big Ten football season started here with the championship game is played.”

Isaiah: “Man, I’m excited. Honestly, it’s a blessing being here. Having a chance to talk to the media, meet different guys that play in the Big Ten man it’s a blessing.”

Andy: “Now, I would say this is your first full off season in the wide receiver group, I know you spent a lot of the spring at quarterback last year. Have you noticed any differences in that, now fully focused in wide receiver in the entire off season leading up to the year?”

Isaiah: “Yeah for sure. I had the chance to just really dive into the mental side of the game. You know, learning how to set up routes, like I said, watching guys like Jackson. Watching guys like Jalen Reed, watching guys like Rakim Jarrett all guys that’s here. Like watching them, see how they do things, see how they get open. I feel like it’s really going to help my game take that next level.”

Andy: “Awesome, Isaiah. Well it was great talking to you. Have fun the rest of the day go talk to some guys. You’re getting to see here. See if you can trade some tips and tricks and we’ll catch up with you again during the season.”

Isaiah: “Alright thank you have a good one.”