SAVOY (WCIA) — Illinois athletic director Josh Whitman spoke with WCIA earlier this week in a 1 on 1 interview. We asked him about the future of the Savoy golf course, with the addition of Atkins golf course in Urbana, the university now owns three golf courses.

Whitman says the Savoy course is still making money. The course in Savoy was used for several golf outings, but with the new addition, Whitman says they are going to look at their options moving forward and if it is necessary to own all three courses.

“It’s something that we’ll continue to study going forward,” Whitman said. “Obviously Atkins Club is a new player in the market place, at least here over the last few years and so we’re anxious to see how play develops, both at the Atkins Club and what implications that course may have for the Orange and Blue and what kind of activity they’re generating out there. So we’ll take some time and take a whole-listic look at our entire golf course portfolio and figure out what the right strategy is going forward.”

He said he will have more data points after the summer to compare to see what they want to do moving forward.